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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Puri, Indian Puffed Flat Bread by Manjula

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Today I will be making puris.

Puri is fried flat bread.

The recipe I am giving you can make 10-12 puris.

It depends on the size you would like.

So for that I need, 1 cup of whole wheat flour.

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1 cup of lukewarm water

And now we are going to put this together and make dough.

Dough is almost ready.

I am going to knead this dough with little bit oil in my hands.

This dough should be made at least 15 minutes before

when you are ready to make puris.

Comes out much better and its easy to roll.

So I am going to leave this for about 15 minutes.

After I made the dough I had covered that with wet damp paper towel.

So my dough is ready it has been sitting for 15 minutes.

I will just knead it for about few more seconds.

Divide the dough in about 10-12 parts.

It depends how thick you want to make.

I like to make small puris.

I am going to do right now 4 of them.

These puris are very popular among young adults and children.

I am going to make ball.

They should be smooth so they roll better.

I already have my oil on stove on high heat.

So while this is getting ready I will roll them.

I will just put little bit oil on these balls

so it's just easier to roll.

Its not very hard to roll but still it needs little bit practice.

So I will roll all 4 of them before start I frying.

And see the thickness I have kept very thin.

So these are medium size not very small and not very large.

I am going to check if my oil is ready.

To check that I will take little piece of dough

and put it in my frying pan.

You see this dough has come up right away.

So if it doesnt come up right away then oil is still cold

and you dont want to use the cold oil to fry the puris

they become very very oily.

So I will fry these puris.

When my boys were young, their friends, they loved these puris

and they loved watching making.

Because they thought it was kind of magic.

I put it in and they puff up.

It didn't matter from what nationalities they were.

When doing these puris make sure that they are light gold brown.

And you tilt them before you take it out.

And I take them out on paper towel

so extra oil is out.

When you put the puris just slightly press it with the spatula.

See how nice they are coming.

And they are very light gold brown.

You see from the other side also it should be gold brown.

Now my all these 4 puris are ready.

They are ready to serve.

These puris are ready to serve.

You can serve them with any vegetable

like palak paneer, mutter paneer, okra or spinach.

I hope you enjoyed watching making these puris.

If you have any comments email me to

Thank you.

And I will see you again with a new recipe.

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