Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fairytale, (buzzG) /ダズビー COVER

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A morning mist like that one day comes into view.

My legs caught on each other,

and you took my hand.

Do you remember

your unsolved magic-like fairytale?

Its continuation still... Mm,

I'll tell it again, 'kay.

So as that a couple floating in a

dark sea wouldn't be lonely,

God surely

for just a little bit

surely permitted the time.

Responding to the

monogram of the overlapping stars,

You are coming.

Raise your voice above their orbit.

I've continued to yearn for the sparkling of yours only,

Despite being unable to return to that time that passed,

pure white as it was.

The time of farewell will come soon,

And the things we wanted to talk about too

will be about half;

The couple that laughed together,

"The day's sure in a hurry",

They hastened their thoughts to the circle of reunion.

Even if you notice both

promenade of the weeping cherry trees

That the charm of time changed and my heart,

do not look over your shoulder, 'kay.

There's no color that's easily dyed white.

It's since I can't shine alone.

There is a continuation to your fairytale. Listen up.

Long time no see,

Our overlapping pulses

teach us of the sparkling of our lives.

Even if you receive someone's love,

it won't vanish.

If I see off the stars

that're going away after a few seconds,

I mean, since we'll meet

even after several thousand years pass,

it's that sort of a story.

It's a promise

It's a promise

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