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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Stop Saying "SHUT UP", please!! 15 Way Better Expressions!

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hello and welcome to another video from

real English with real teachers today

we're gonna be telling you different

ways to tell somebody to shut up

shut up Harry you shut up you bloody

shut up oh there we go

you bloody shut up that's a bit better

so we want to vary our ways to tell

somebody to be quiet before we get into

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let's get on with the show the first one

we've got for you is it's fairly fairly

formal and it's it's maybe you would say

this to somebody you don't know so if

there were people in the cinema being

loud or maybe in the library places

where you shouldn't be be loud you could

say please be quiet please be quiet so

it's fairly it's fairly polite isn't it

it is yeah you could say this in in many

formal situations that makes you seem a

reasonable human that just wants a

quieter environment so Charlie please be

quiet I'm trying to watch the film and

then instead of that you could also say

could you keep it down yes you could go

to your sister Charlie who you live with

and say hey could you could you keep it

down I'm recording a live video come on

could you keep it down please exactly

yeah I would actually go for that one

more than please be quiet to friends my

family I would say could you keep it

down for the next hour maybe yeah if

slightly softer isn't it slightly softer

it's not please be quiet it's it could

be perceived as slightly aggressive

maybe please be quiet or just a little

bit stricter it's like you have got to

make less noise rather than keep it down

it's just like don't make lots of noise

and another one is is useful to begin

the sentence you could say would you

mind and we could say would you mind

lowering the volume of maybe the TV or

the music or something or lowering your

voice a bit always like a bit don't wait

a bit mm yeah I guess that a bit you

could add it to the others could you be

could you be a bit quieter could you be

a bit quieter could you keep it down a

bit so just softens the you know your

order for them for them to be a bit

quieter oh yeah and it's a nice one yeah

would you would you mind lowering the

volume a bit or would you mind lowering

your voice a bit no that's a good that's

a good one charlie I think this one

we're getting slightly more slightly

more aggressive on me yeah yeah you

could be a little bit more polite with

the delivery like and that that's

suggesting like oh we've got to be quiet

in this situation yeah yeah it's always

like you're coming home drunk and you've

got to be quiet because the parents are


gonna get caught you're not allowed to

be in my bedroom

who's in your bedroom with the cat no I

don't seem Broughton Hatt would

understand brought a very sexy person


can I'm gonna have my way with them have

have my way meaning have sex with them

I'm going to have my way with them and

then we don't mean many people just just

one person it's one person impersonal

then yes so we could say like that in a

funny way but then if you are angry this

is quite typical when I did this charlie

I went to see and a comedian a couple of

weeks ago Jim I can't and there were

some boys in a couple of rows a couple

of rows of in front of us and they were

being really loud they were talking so

much and it was really really annoying

and I couldn't focus on the comedy

because they were talking so much they

were ruining it for everyone exactly

they're really of everyone so I've had

enough and I said Shh and that hole and

deep within that was the hole of your

vocal cords active for that well it was

full lung capacity yeah exactly I see my

vocals weren't active I didn't go as I

said so that's important this is an

unvoiced sound Shh I don't know if

people do it in other countries Charlie

I just don't know so tell us in the

comments do you people do you shush it's

actually a verb do you shush people in

your country yeah yeah that'd be

interesting and another alternative to

shushing someone is is by saying stop

talking we just just stop talking so you

might have said it to those boys yeah I

could have yeah it could stop talking

stop talking or could you stop talking

please could you stop talking please

it is quite direct isn't it like you've

had enough you've definitely not just

heard a few murmurs you're annoyed to

the point where you are going to not be

British and be direct

that's it I'm letting go of my British

ways now you must be quiet stop talking

and then the next ones and up number six

and this one

I'm trying to have a conversation here

so this is maybe a phrase that you would

say to someone you don't know and it's

it's to show that you're you're really

irritated by them by them being so loud

so you could just turn to them and say

I'm trying to have a conversation here

and that clearly signifies to that

person they are being too loud but you

could also add it onto another

expression couldn't you you could say

I'm trying to have a conversation here

or could you keep it down I'm trying to

have a conversation here

yeah so it's explaining why why you're

wanting to them to be quiet I'm trying

to have a conversation here and it's the

same as the next one I can't hear myself

think you could you could reply after

saying stop talking I can't hear myself

think that's interesting so this one

this one here you do have it's very

important that you are actually having a

conversation when you say that you can't

say it's very obvious but you can't say

it if you're sitting on your own you

know yeah that's true that's true

and also we realized when we were

thinking about these you wouldn't say

this in a movie would you or in the

comedy gig you've never seen I can't

hear myself think

wait where would you where would you say

this where would you say a library or

somewhere that you're studying or

somewhere that you're working somewhere

that you're thinking it's fairly

passive-aggressive this it is yeah so if

you don't want to be passive-aggressive

you could just say pipe down make pipe

down this is full full aggressive so if

some some group of people being too loud

on the train pipe down guys yeah I feel

like a teacher of a secondary school

would use this pipe down lads where

we're trying to have a lesson here we're

trying to demonstrate something here

pipe down or maybe in a football

football environment you're trying to

coach some football and the boys are

being too loud

pipe down oh if you're a boss if you're

a boss company

pipe down get on with your work yes yes

very and you probably don't want to use

it to a to a group of strangers in the

pub because it might lead to

confrontation that you don't want and we

don't want you ending up in fights

because of us but if you do want to

fight this next one is a good one to say

and if if you want someone to be quiet

or to stop misbehaving you can also mean

that if someone is behaving badly

they're being naughty they're messing

around like a child you could say give

it a rest so my parents used to say this

to me I would be playing around running

around the living room being a little

idiot and they would say give it a rest

Harry come on we're trying to watch

Coronation Street and the next one is

button it I don't use this this much but

do you use this yeah I think so yeah

this one's kind of funny it's a little

bit funny I'd say so I'd say it's a

friend's you couldn't say this to

someone you don't know so if you want

your friend to be quiet I'll burn it

burn it mate you're being really

annoying I would probably say just per

sock in it yeah I would say that so the

next one put a sock in it is synonymous

in context right yeah yeah very informal

these ones up both expressions they're a

little bit funny they've got some humor

to them put a sock in it so it means put

a sock in your mouth so that you can't

speak so put a sock in it it's a nice

funny way to say shut up to somebody

have you ever put a sock in somebody's

mouth I don't think we should talk about

that in the video wasn't meaning

sexually oh you dirty man Dirty Harry go

shut your face mate shut your face yeah

so that's getting ruder now that's

that's really quite starting a fight if

you if you wanted to shut your face

whenever we start saying shut it starts

to get quite rude

so if you say to somebody shut your face

you're not gonna get a good reaction

unless you say it with a kind of jokey

tone of voice like shut your face shut

your face that is quite calm

for people in Essex to say this isn't it

shut your face and so shut your face

very informal also quite funny next one

shut your trap shut your trap I'd say

same level of offensiveness this one

Charlie yeah last one yeah very similar

and as is the next one shut your piehole

but a little bit more comedy

maybe I again wouldn't use this one

because I'm not very funny but shut your

piehole it's a bit a bit ridiculous the

hole that you put your pie in yeah that

being your mouth just like the place

where you put your socks so shut your

pie hole shut your pie hole shut your

pie hole so the next time and this is

the the rudest one the rudest one we've

got next one is shut the F up

you know what the F is we don't need to

say it we don't need this video being d

monetized so shut the F up

very very rude it's when you're really

annoyed now they've really tested your

patience you've had enough shut the F up

so there you go guys

lots of new ways to say shut up I hope

you found them useful hope you can put

them into practice perhaps you could

write some situations in the in the

comments below of times when you could

use these expressions and tell us which

ones are your favorites which ones are

you going to use definitely yeah you

were a shut that shut your pie hole or

you more of a shushing kind of person

last night all right so I hope you

enjoyed that guys see you in the next

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it's hurrah for now

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