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jbjb Examiner: Good afternoon. My name is James. Could you tell me your full name please?

Pedro: My name is Pedro Tiago __________ Examiner: And Pedro, can I see some identification,

please? Pedro: Of course. Examiner: Thank you. Here you are. Pedro: Thank you. Examiner:

Pedro, let s talk about what you do. Do you work or are you a student? Pedro: I m a student.

Examiner: Ok, and, erm, what subject are you studying? Pedro: I m studying law at university.

It s very interesting and it s the thing that I, I, I want very much to do well in my future.

Examiner: Ok, ok. Is it a difficult subject? Pedro: Yes, some subjects are very difficult

(uh-huh), er, such as er, administrative law, it s very difficult, cos we have more laws

to, to, to, to see, to compare with some other, other readings and stuff like this. Examiner:

Ok, and what s, what s the most interesting aspect of your subject? Pedro: The most interesting

aspect. Ok, it s very, it s very interesting because we, we can see the reality outside

and erm, do, do some things that normal people that, that aren t studying law cannot do.

Examiner: And why did you choose law? Pedro: Er, in parts, because my family (ok) and it

s just because I, I like very much that political passions and questions and stuff like that.

Examiner: Ok. Let s talk about sport. (Sport, yes.) Erm, are you interested in sport? Pedro:

Yes, since I was a child. Examiner: Ok, and what sports did you do as a child? Pedro:

Er, football, table-tennis and swimming. Examiner: Ok, and, erm, what sports are popular in Portugal?

Pedro: The number one is football, (uh-huh) but we have another kind of sports that has

been development, there s types such as basketball, handball. Examiner: Ok, and erm, which sports

do you think are the most difficult to learn? Pedro: To learn? Table-tennis, I think, in

my case. It s very difficult because we have a lot of techniques to, to, to, to play with

another, er, another person and we have to have great skills to, to do that kind of sport.

Examiner: Next, I m going to give you a topic and I d like you to talk about it for one

or two minutes. Before you talk, you ll have one minute to think about what you are going

to say. You can make some notes if you wish. Do you understand? Pedro: Yes. Examiner: Here

s some paper and a pen. And I d like you to describe someone who works hard. For Parts

2 and 3, please visit the HYPERLINK "" iPass IELTS website hkrB hkrB Examiner: Good

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