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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn English With Queen

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Hey do you like making learning English fun?

Then you will love our fluent with friends course.

In this forty eight week course you'll learn with the first two seasons of friends

using our methodology.

You will greatly improve your English comprehension vocabulary

and fluency and you can try it for free right now all you have to do is sign up

for our three-part master class by clicking up here or down in the

description below

Every single week we help learners like you understand fast speaking natives without

getting lost without missing the jokes and without subtitles

just like Manonmani who said that he can't go to sleep without watching one of our lessons and

you can learn tons of vocabulary and improve your comprehension too all you

have to do is hit that subscribe button and the bell down below so you don't

miss a single one of our new lessons.

Hey music lover!

After you finished this lesson you might want to check out all of our lessons teaching you English with songs

in this playlist.

All right I hope you have a lot of fun learning with one of the greatest bands

of all time and if you want to keep the learning going then be sure to check out

one of these videos here and sign up for that three-part master class I told you

about now it's time to go beyond the classroom and live your English aww yeah

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