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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #117

Difficulty: 0

- I must be on crack or something! What is happening?!

What is happening?! This is gonna be the cold open.

This-- I'm-- D-- I can guarantee it.

I don't know what's happening! Someone call the cops!

♪ (upbeat intro) ♪

- (FBE) This is a laugh challenge. - Oh, no.

- (FBE) Show me what you got. - (laughs) I've lost so many.

- I've won at least...

negative one times. - (FBE) If you laugh or smile...

- Oh, god. - (FBE) ...during or in between

any of the videos, you'll receive a point.

To win the challenge, you must receive the least amount of points.

- Oh. I was like, "Yeah, get more points!" But, no.

- (FBE) Before we show you any videos, we have a special surprise for you.

- Oh, no. What are you-- what are you doing?

- (laughs)

- (FBE) SpongeBob will be joining you today,

but he will not be competing with you.

He will be working against you...

- Oh, come on, man. - (FBE) lose this challenge.

- Oh, no. - (FBE) He'll be allowed to laugh

at anything he pleases. - Okay.

- (SpongeBob laughs)

- SpongeBob, get away from me. It's not funny right now.

- This is gonna be way harder! How am I supposed to do this

with this sitting right next to me? - I'm pissed. (laughs)

This is my "I'm pissed" smile. - Why?! He looked at me.

I don't like the eye contact. I'm gonna be honest with you.

- (FBE) Awww! You've reached the soft spot

in Jaxon's heart. - A lot of childhood love here.

I love it. - Do you need headphones?

- (FBE) SpongeBob hears everything. - (snickers)

He has no ears! - (FBE) And it begins now.

- (Squidward) What are those neanderthals up to?

Don't they know I'm busy? - Do you remember filming this scene?

- (voice-over) And his name is John Cena.

♪ (trumpets blaring) ♪ - (exhales shakily) We're fine.

We're fine.

- (laughs)

I'm so mad! (buzzer)

- I already lost. I'm smiling. Whatever.

Just count that as a point now. (buzzer)

- And it's John Cena. ♪ Do do do do

- I know you don't feel good about that.

- (laughs)

It's not even the video! (buzzer)

- (SpongeBob laughs) - (laughs)

(buzzer) - The great thing is

'cause the audio's going, I can't hear him laugh.

- (SpongeBob laughs) (buzzer)

(SpongeBob laughs)

- (inhales deeply) That's not anything. I'm not...

We're fine here! (buzzer)

- We're okay. We're okay. - I've been on the internet a while.

This is one of the weirder things I've done.

- (SpongeBob laughs)

- Passed the first round. - All right.

- (FBE) Next video.

- Oh! Ohhh! ♪ (dramatic music) ♪

- Oh, no you guys didn't. - (Mermaid Man) Bring it on!

BRING IT ON! - The Aquaman we deserved.

- Somebody spent a lot of time on this.

- (woman) I've been looking for you. - I'd watch this movie.

- (woman) Your half brother... - (Mermaid Man) Barnacle Boy.

- Your nose is so close to me. - (Barnacle Boy) I wanna be called

Barnacle Man! - Barnacle MAN!

- This is incredible. - (Barnacle Boy) ...second banana

to a man who wears a bra. - What a good hero.

- You wanna see me not laugh at this video?

Wanna see me do it again? - (Plankton) Nothing will stop me...

- I am done. - Who made this?!

♪ (playful jingle) ♪ - (Mermaid Man) Ice cream?

I love ice cream.

- (chuckles) [Bleep]. That was so beautiful.

It's a cinematic masterpiece. (buzzer)

- (Plankton) Nothing will stop me from defeating the...

(buzzer) - (Plankton) ...the EVIL!

- (laughs) Stop. (buzzer)

- (Mermaid Man) I love ice cream. - (SpongeBob laughs)

- In the screen, the body just going up and down shaking,

it's pretty-- (chuckles) (buzzer)

- (Mermaid Man) I love ice cream.

♪ (dramatic music) ♪

- The time and dedication someone put into this.

- (SpongeBob laughs) - (laughs) Why?!


(beep) - (Jaxon vocalizing)

(beeping) (Jaxon vocalizing replays)

(buzzer) - (inhales deeply) Okay.

- I'm doing great. Now I'm doing worse.

- Ooh. Ooh. - Oh yeah.

♪ (Black Eyed Peas, "Boom Boom Pow") ♪

- Ayy. That's a funeral. - It's supposed to be really sad.

I'm just also following the dance moves.

- If my funeral isn't like this, I'm pissed and I'm gonna

come back from the dead and be like, "Do it again" and die again.

- I don't know why I'm laughing. I have no idea why I'm laughing.

(buzzer) - I hope this guy shows up

to my funeral. This is [bleep] funny!

(buzzer) - Okay, Spongey!

Yeah! Get it, boy! Come on! Hit it, Fergie!

♪ (rapping gibberish) ♪ Oh! This is the best thing

I've ever seen. (buzzer)


- Ah! You have that one uncle at that party that you go to.

(buzzer) - He's got moves, though.

- I would want that at my funeral. In fact, I would want you

at my funeral. - I'm trying so hard.

I'm putting all of my energy into this,

and I'm starting to sweat.

- (Squidward) Okay, what's going on here?

- God, I really like all the SpongeBob stuff.

- I hear the song. Something's gonna happen.

- I don't want the alien. Don't give me the alien.

Don't give me the alien. Don't give me the alien.

♪ (dance music) ♪

You gave me the [bleep] alien.

- See, now I just wanna watch SpongeBob.

I'm giving you that one. I'm throwing you a bone.

And I'm smiling, so I lost. (buzzer)

- I'm pissed. (buzzer)

- I almost had it. (exhales shakily)

No, get outta here. - (SpongeBob laughs)

- Get outta here. - (FBE) Is that a laugh, Tom?

That's a smile. - That's-- DAMMIT!

(laughs) (buzzer)

- You can't even do it with your little--

(laughs) (buzzer)

- Can I see this button? You give me that b--

you give me that button. You stop that. Spongey! Hey!

- Didn't really make me laugh. - (SpongeBob laughs)

♪ (dance music) ♪ - ♪ (humming along) ♪

Okay, we're fine. - When we bust into Area 51

and this is all we see.

- ("cat") What the hell is this thing?

Yo, what is this thing? What do you do with this thing, dude?

- ("crab") Pinch. - ("cat") OW! GET OFF!

("cat" yelling fervently) - Oh, [bleep].

- ("cat") Crab, what the [bleep] was that?!

- (laughs)

(buzzer) - Mr. Krabs-- (gasps)

- ("cat" yelling fervently)

Dammit! What the [bleep] was that?

- Okay, wait! (laughs) I wasn't-- I held it in

during the video, but afterwards, the more I thought about it,

the more I liked it. (buzzer)

- ("crab") Pinch. - ("cat") Ow! Get off!

("cat" yelling fervently) [Bleep]! Dammit!

Crab, what the [bleep] was that?! - You paired me with the person

that laughs even more than me!

Yeah, you. - (SpongeBob laughs)

- You bitch. (chuckles) (buzzer)

- ("crab") Pinch. - ("cat") Ow! Get off!

("cat" yelling fervently) [Bleep]! Dammit!

- Why?! Why is the [inaudible]?

I literally just see the eyeballs shaking in and out

in the reflection of the stupid computer.

(buzzer) - (gasps)

- ("cat") Get off!

("cat" yelling fervently) [Bleep]! Dammit!

Crab, what the [bleep] was that?!

- I'm not gonna laugh. Not at all.

- (SpongeBob laughs) - Stop.

- (SpongeBob continues laughing)

(buzzer) - ("cat" yelling fervently)

[Bleep]! Dammit! Crab, what the [bleep] was that?!

- (inhales deeply) Did I make it through that one?

SpongeBob, stop! I have a girlfriend. Please.

Don't let her watch this. (buzzer)

- ("cat" yelling fervently) - Oh, yeah. Mr. Krabs.

- ("crab") Pinch. - Oh, no!

Ah, that's not funny! [Bleep] you, Mr. Krabs.

That's your boss. - (girl) Can I get a fry please?

- (worker) You're saying the sausage biscuit?

- (girl) Fries. - Fries.

- Why is she so sad already? - (worker) One sausage biscuit.

- Oh, no. - Boy!

- (girl) Fries, please. - What?!

- (worker) I'm sorry?

- She rolled the window straight up! She was like, "Forget it.

We can go to a different [bleep] McDonald's. I'm done."

(buzzer) - (worker) I'm sorry?

- (laughs) (buzzer)

- (worker) I have one sausage biscuit.

- (laughs) (buzzer)

- (worker) I'm sorry? - (laughs)

(buzzer) - (girl) Fry.

- (snickers)

- (worker) I have one sausage biscuit. - (laughs)

(buzzer) (window motor whirring)

- (chuckles) "Can I get a fry?" "One sausage biscuit."

(chuckles) You go, "What?!" (buzzer)

- Ah! (snickers) - (SpongeBob laughs)

(buzzer) - (worker) I'm sorry?

- Fries!

She's so-- no. (buzzer)

- To be fair, though, it's super hard to hear

through a drive-through. - (worker) I'm sorry?

- I'm sorry. (inhales deeply) You are the second meanest person

I've met wearing a tie. (buzzer)

- I'm not doing well in this episode at all.

- (boy) At first, I thought it was a leaf.

- It looks like a leaf. - (boy) But if you look closer,

it has a leg. - Only if you wanna laugh,

turn up the audio. Here, SpongeBob. You gotta listen.

- (boy) Should we touch it? - It's gonna fly into the camera.

- Oh, he's gonna scream.

- (boy) I'm scared. - Oh my god.

- (boy) Oh. It's--

AHHH [bleep]! - Ah! (gasps)

- (SpongeBob laughs) - I knew it was coming...

and it still made me laugh. (buzzer)

- AHHH [bleep]! - I saw that coming,

and I still got scared. - (SpongeBob laughs)

Just the... (buzzer)

- Oh. It-- AHHH [bleep]!

- (laughs) (buzzer)

- It-- AHHH [bleep]!

- (SpongeBob laughs) - You're a jerk.

(buzzer) - Oh, oh, oh, no! Don't touch it.

(screams) (laughs) Okay.

(buzzer) - (boy) AHHH [bleep]!

- It scared me and made me smile. (buzzer)

- (boy) AHHH [bleep]! - (SpongeBob laughs)

- Oh my god. Woo. We're good. - (boy) AHHH [bleep]!

- Mm-mm. Mm-mm. - (SpongeBob laughs)

- (boy) AHHH [bleep]! - That was not funny. Didn't laugh.

- (FBE) Before we show you this last video, I want to

surprise you again. - Is it Patrick?


IT'S PATRICK! Hi, Patrick!

(buzzer) - Oh my god!

I can't do-- (laughs) (buzzer)

- What the hell is happening?! (buzzer)

- Oh. - Whoa!

- (FBE) Thank you so much for joining us, Patrick.

- Come on! Just three bros!

(buzzer) - (FBE) Thank you so much

for joining us, Patrick, for this last video.

I know your schedule's super busy. - (laughs)

- (Patrick) You're welcome. - What's that saying?

Three's a crowd? Yeah. That saying is true.


- (Mr. Krabs) Yes! Hello. I was wondering if you could

play that song again. - (fish) Hm, which one, man?

- Oh my god. - (Mr. Krabs) The one that goes...

♪ (Toto, "Africa" melody) ♪

- ♪ (hums along) ♪

- I've actually seen Toto in concert.

- (fish) No, man. You're thinking of...

♪ (Toto, "Africa" chorus melody) ♪ - ♪ (hums along) ♪

- Whoa.

That was epic. Don't you la-- - (SpongeBob laughs)

- (laughs) Okay. We've all gotta laugh together.


♪ (Toto, "Africa" chorus melody) ♪

- (laughs) NOOO! (buzzer)

- Now it's gonna be stuck in my head allll night. You guys suck!


- I hate everyone. (laughs) (buzzer)


- ♪ (hums along) ♪

I swear this is a-- this is-- I'm on crack.

What the hell is happening?! (buzzer)

- We're hitting the dab? All right. I guess that's the generation.

Come on! Woo!

Yeah. Can I quit yet?

(laughs) (buzzer)

- ♪ (hums along) ♪ I like the song.

- (FBE) All right. So, you lost.

- Oh. (sarcastic) No, really?!


- (breathing hard) Okay. You guys being here

changes everything. - (FBE) So, you laughed

at a few videos, but you have the lowest score,

so you're today's champion.

(ding) - Ooooh! Hell yeah! Hell yeah!

- If I'm gonna go down, at least I'm going down with friends.

- You guys are amazing! - (FBE) A lot of these videos

made you laugh. What was the hardest?

- I think-- you know how you just nervous laugh?

This has been this entire episode. - All episodes have been normal

up until now. Laugh challenges, react videos, memes...

crack... drugs, rehab.

- (SpongeBob laughs) (sighs)

- Thanks for watching me try not to laugh on the React Channel.

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- Got a funny video we should see?

Let us know in the comments. - Hey, guys. Miya here from FBE.

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