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(upbeat music)

- Hey friends. - Hey everyone.

- Welcome to Cook With April, on Tasty Tuesday

with my taste-tester, Justin. - Yes.

- Today we are going to make baked potato soup.

This is really great if you have like

leftover baked potatoes, you can just cut 'em up

in cubes, and cook 'em, and make a delicious soup,

so let's go ahead and get started.

So let's go over the ingredients.

You will need cheddar cheese, I have medium cheddar cheese

but you could also get sharp cheddar cheese if you prefer

that flavor, and then you'll need flour,

this is all-purpose white flour, butter that we cubed,

sour cream, salt and pepper to taste of course.

And then for the green onions, we chopped them up

and separated the whites and the greens,

but this is about maybe five whole green onions.

And then for bacon, we crumble the bacon,

I already baked it

and the way that I like to bake my bacon

is I bake it at 375 degrees and then I put it in the oven

on a sheet pan, lay it flat, and bake it for about

10 to 15 minutes at 375.

And then for the potato, these are already baked and cubed

and if you guys are interested in knowing how to

bake a baked potato, what I do is

I wash all the potatoes first.

This is actually three whole potatoes.

I wash it, I dry it, I cut up the potato in half,

and then I cover it with foil, each half of the potato

I cover with foil, and then I bake at 425 degrees

for 40 minutes, and it's a perfect consistency,

it's not like soggy or anything like that, or too soft,

because we're gonna be cooking it in the soup

so we don't want it to be extra soggy,

and then the last ingredient is milk.

Alright friends, first things first,

let's add that butter and melt it real good

in that giant pot of ours.

So the next step is to add the flour

and whisk it in the melted butter until it thickens,

and it thickens pretty quickly if you guys notice.

(upbeat music)

So now that it has thickened, you're ready to add the milk.

So now that the flour and butter mixture has thickened,

you're ready to add that milk, pour it all in.

And now you're gonna wanna increase that heat to high

'cause you're gonna wanna get it to boil.

So here we are mixing the flour, the butter, and the milk,

and you're ready to add green onions.

I'm going to add all of the white sides of the green onions,

and then I'm going to add half of the green sides

of the green onions.

I'm gonna save a little bit for garnishing on top later.

So here we're just mixing it all in.

Alright friends, so now we are ready to add

all those potatoes in.

(upbeat music)

And we're gonna wait for this to get to a complete boil.

Alright you guys, it reached a boil and now

you're ready to lower it

and add that sour cream.

Lower that heat so that it's not boiling anymore.

So go ahead and mix that sour cream

and then you're ready to add the shredded cheese.

I'm gonna leave a little bit left just to garnish

the soup later, and you can even get more cheese.

Then you're gonna wanna mix that all in until it's melted,

and while you're doing that, you can add your bacon too.

So let's go ahead and add that bacon you guys.

I'm gonna save a baby bit just to garnish again.


So we're just stirring to get the cheese

completely melted in there, you guys.

Almost there.

(upbeat music)

The last step is salt and pepper to taste.

So you're just gonna add as much salt and pepper,

and you can do this after too, like on each individual

bowl of soup, but for now let's just add a little bit.

(upbeat music)

We have our taste-tester here.

- Excited. - And we have soup for days.

- Oh my gosh it's so cheesy. - Right, right?

'cause I'm all about that cheese,

that get in the middle,

get inside-- - It looks good, I don't wanna

ruin it, I feel like I'm ruining it by doing that, okay.

- That's for you, boo, do what you want with your soup.

- Okay, okay, okay, I'm gonna get a big potato.

- Okay, okay. - Here we go.

- Go for it.

Yeah it's hot, hot.

(upbeat music)

- Oh my God, this is bomb.

- (laughs) I already tried it but I wanted some.

I saw his face, I say give me some.

- This is very rich,

it's really, really good though.

You know, making my evaluation again.

- Dang, this is so good.

- The crunch of the green onions, the crunch of the bacon

with the cheesiness and the sour,

just the creaminess of the whole soup.

And the potatoes turned our perfectly,

they're not too mushy, you know?

They got the perfect consistency when you bite into it,

it's still kinda solid but also like not too hard.

- You know what I would add?

Hot sauce.

Like some chili oil.

Oh add some chili oil - That's actually a great idea

- If you want some deep-- - Or maybe actually

a little bit of Sriracha would be good on this.

- Oh Sriracha too, but that is like a topping

after the fact, you know what I mean?

- I am really impressed.

- Are you shook?

- Shooketh,

I would say actually. (laughs)

No, but for real, perfect wintertime dish.

- Yes.

- This is gonna go for days, you know.

- Oh my God, for days.

So yummy, you guys.

- This is really impressive, I must say.

- Dang Justin was like, wait,

there's a piece right on the table.

- I know, sorry it's so good. - Let me eat that.

- I never choose baked potato soup.

- I do at Panera a lot,

oh my gosh. - She gets it at Panera,

but anywhere when I'm going

it would be not a soup that I would pick.

- Right?

- But if it tasted like this?

- Panera who, just kidding. - Yeah, exactly.

(both laughing)

Oh my God. - Just kidding,

we go there all the time. - Kidding, not kidding.


- Anyways friends, thank you guys so much for watching.

I'm so sorry I took a long break but a lot has happened

in life and I just could not maintain everything,

so it was the cooking channel that went for awhile.

But guess what, we are back and we are thriving.

2008, no, not 18. - 2019.

- 19, we are gonna do this dang thing.

Next week there's also another Tasty Tuesday.

It's a dessert, like a really easy dessert

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Bye. - Bye.

- Is this good?

(April snapping)

- [Justin] Try again.

'Cause the-- (beep)

- Hey friends. - Hey everyone.

- Welcome to Taste, (mumbles)

what channel is-- - Cook With April.


- Okay let's do this again, this took a while, ready?

(beep) (upbeat music)

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