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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MyAirBridge drag and drop

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Hi, Im David from

and today Im going to show you how to send or upload files more easily using Drag & Drop.

Open the site,

reduce the window size so that you can see the folders and files in your PCs file manager,

and lets go!

Click and drag to select the desired files,

then drag them to the browser window and hold until the screen darkens and offers you three options.

Your options aresend data using email”, “send data using link”, andsend to storage”.

Release the mouse above the option you want to use

Im going to choosesend data using link”.

The application opens a new window forsending using link” - just click to send.

If youd like to add more files to the package,

just select the new files and drag them to the application window and choose the same option.

The same is for sending data using email.

If youd like to upload files to your storage area, choosesend to storage”.

If you already have the storage area open, drag and drop will offer you a fourth optionsave to current folder”.

Here we also have the standard options to add or remove files before sending.

Sending files using this option means we can send files directly to the last folder we were working in.

Once thesaving to the storageprogress meter disappears,

the files are ready in Storage in the desired folder.

We can open the folder to check and, yes, the files are there.

By using this function you can simplify and most importantly speed up your work with MyAirBridge.

Have a great day.

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