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What's up fam!

Today we are doing something a little different.

and I am so fricking excited.

We're not just doing any Gymshark Clothing Haul,

we are doing the Gymshark Black Friday Sale Haul.

And for those of you who don't know, this is big.

In this sale you can get up to 50% off.

of many of the most beautiful Gymshark outfits.

All of the outfits that I'm wearing pretty much

in my daily workout videos are Gymshark.

And a lot of them are going to be up to 50% off.

It blows my mind.

I'm going to be showing you through some of my favorite pieces,

but before we get started, I want you to grab your diary.

Mark the date,

Friday, the 13th of November at 7:00 PM GMT,

that's 7:00 PM UK time.

Literally just chuck it into Google,

work out what time that is wherever you are in the world.

And all I can say is please be ready.

If you haven't been involved in a Gymshark sale before

you may not know that things get a little bit crazy.

I can talk from firsthand experience because

I was in it last year and I think I had about 15 alarms set,

like on the buildup to it, and it was hectic.

It was actually so much fun,

I know that sounds really weird.

And I think I bought about 30 items,

but the sales were ridiculous.

They were so phenomenal and this year is going to be the same.

So please set your alarms, mark it in your diary.

I don't even know, tell a million people to remind you.

Whatever you've got to do just be ready.

Before we get started I just want to remind you guys

that I do have my unique Gymshark link

and I massively appreciate you guys using it.

I know a lot of you already shop through the link.

It is down below in the description box.

I'm also putting it in the comments and then,

basically just like click on it,

copy paste it, save it somewhere.

And then when you are going to shop, be ready,

click on that link,

and that takes you straight to the sale.

Honestly, it really means a lot.

Like more than you could imagine.

Yeah, if you wouldn't mind saving that,

it would be mucho appreciated.

Grab your cup of tea, grab your snacks,

have a little notepad and make notes guys,

because you are going to be getting some epic frickin deals,

and I want you to know

exactly what you're going to be grabbing

so you are ready.

First up, the Adapt Ombre Seamless.

I chose to wear this during the haul

just because I love it.

I love everything about it.

And when I wore this in one of my YouTube workout videos,

you girls went absolutely crazy for it.

This is the good news.

It's not just this outfit that's in the sale.

Five colorways are in the sale!

We have- ow! (laughs)

We have the black gray, we have the raspberry red.

We have the burgundy red.

We have the powder blue,

and we have the pink gray, I think.

Pink gray? Gray pink.

What's it called?


The Ombre is an absolute favorite of mine for a few reasons.

I absolutely love the colorways but I also love the fit.

They just create curves that you didn't even know existed

and they hold you in place in the most beautiful way,

but they're breathable.

This is the pink gray.

The pink gray has 30% off of the leggings and the top.

The black gray has 20% off the top

and 30% off of the leggings.

All of the other colors have 20% off.

So what I love about these leggings

are they're super, super high-waisted.

So they really pull into the waist

and create that illusion of the hourglass.

I wear these for cardio, for weights, for Pilates.

They are super supportive.

One thing that you girls often ask me is,

are they like, cardio proof?

'Cause we do a lot of HIIT together.

Honestly, these are one of the only leggings

that I feel like super, super confident in.

I often like, use the words "jiggle proof".

They hold you in.

So when you're doing some of those crazy moves

that I make you do, they're like, they're there.

Do you know what I mean?

Like they're really holding you in place.

And they are so flattering on the butt.

Honestly, if you are going to snag anything from this sale,

please be ready for the Ombre, because I just love them.

This is the crop that it comes with.

I'm just going to do a little U-turn with this.

You have that scrunch at the back,

which again is just so flattering.

It adds like, a little bit cute,

a little bit sexy, but also sporty at the same time.

Another thing that I love about these,

and you can see it moreso what I'm wearing right here.

They cover you, but they also have just like,

a little bit of skin on show.

So again, it's like sexy, sporty,

shows a bit of skin, not too much skin.

I love the Ombre so much.

So just take a little note of that, Ombre, tick!


The Camo Seamless!

Guys, I just found out that this is 50 fricking percent off!

This is one of my absolute favorites.

For those of you who follow my workouts,

you'll know that I wear this probably once a week,

and Alex gets really annoyed with me,

'cause he's like, "Lil, you have so many outfits!

Will you please mix it up?"

This is a go-to!

This is a staple.

I can rely on this baby.

It is just so flattering!

It'll hold you in place, it is so cardio proof,

and it's also a little bit sexy.

The back of it is so fricking cute.

The front of it is like a little bit of cleavage.

Not too much cleavage.

I love it so much.

Can you tell?

50% off! Like, what?

And you also have the obsidian green.

So this is the black 50% off,

the obsidian green leggings are 20% off.

So guys, these are a absolute steal.

The aqua green is also in the sale, which again,

you would have seen on me so many times,

and I'm going to show you the back of this,

'cause it is so fricking cute.

Look at that.

I just love it.

And the top has like this little scrunch bit at the front,

which is just so flattering.

So this is 30% off, and these babies are 50% off.

Let's go a little bit deeper.

The reason why I absolutely love these babies

is because they have that thick waistband again.

So they're pulling into the waist.

They're helping to create that illusion

of the hourglass shape, and they're cardio proof.

I don't know what it is about this material,

but it like, sucks you in,

and holds you in place, but it's also breathable.

I can't work it out because,

it's breathable, it's moveable,

but it also holds you in place.

They're just, they're phenomenal.

And then the back ... look at this!

You have this cute little scrunch bum.

If you haven't tried one of the scrunch bums,

it's so amazing for shaping into the butt.

By the way you guys,

I wear a size small in all Gymshark,

and it literally fits perfectly.

I'd say these are very, very true to size,

and they're nice and long.

Obviously they're super stretchy.

So depending on how tall you are, I'm pretty tall.

And they nearly come down to my ankle.

Which is like, quite unusual for me.

Onto the sports bra. I love it.

I would say this is probably a medium support.

It's got relatively thick straps,

which gives you that nice amount of support.

However, it is quite low cut.

For those of my girls who have bigger boobs than me,

you're very lucky, number one.

Number two, you might not like this very much,

because it can get quite like, pow!

In your face!

If you know what I mean.

But, if you're kind of more humble in this area,

you might like that little bit of cleavage.

I think this gives you like, a nice amount of cleavage,

but not too much.

50% off, you guys.

Like ... I love this bra so much.

Just look at the back.

That is so sexy.

Oh my gosh! Look at it.

Got like, the odd little hole, the crossover.

It just looks so good on the back.

And I love ...

And I ... strappy back.

Couldn't think of what I was saying,

but I think you know what I mean.

These babies have 30% off,

and I already know that you girls

went absolutely crazy for this

when I first wore it in a YouTube video,

was it like three months ago?

Maybe longer.

I love it.

I think it's the contrast, to be honest,

like that bright pink with the gray,

and also the waistband.

The waistband on the leggings,

coupled with the waistband on the crop top,

is so fricking flattering.

Again, it's pulling into the waist.

It's like creating that illusion of the hourglass shape.

Let's just pop them there like that.

Like, to be honest, I would mix and match that.

I think they go together.

I'm hoping you can see.

They are silky soft.

The one thing I would say about these

is you're not going to want to do

crazy amounts of cardio in them.

Certainly not my like, cardio HIIT sessions,

because they are brutal.

I wear them for Pilates.

I wear them for weights.

The sports bra isn't as supportive, in my opinion,

as the other sports bra that I just showed you.

I think it's because it's just, it's not as tight.

It's not like as compressive.

This for me is like,

really really beautiful for lounging around the house,

attempting to look like a cute little sports girl,

or like, your lower impact workouts.

The fit from a style point of view is like,

one of my absolute favorites.

And I know you girls love it too,

because I just got so many messages

when I wore it last time.

I am in absolute shock.

The New High-Waisted Flex are in the sale.

These for me, they were like a game changer.

I think it's the colors, also combined with the contour,

also combined with the thick waistband,

also combined with the design.

I love them.

And I think you already know that,

because I wear them in so many of my videos,

but all of these leggings are 20% off.

If this isn't on your wishlist,

I think you're a little bit crazy because they,

they are phenomenal.

This actually comes as a set.

The charcoal ruby pink leggings and the strappy sports bra.

This is the only one that comes as a set at 20% off.

Otherwise it's just the leggings on their own.

I would be ready for this.

This is, in my opinion,

one of the most sexy, beautiful Gymshark outfits there are.

The gray, you already know, is so flattering on the booty.

I absolutely love that contouring under the bum.

It's like, so, so flattering.

The ruby pink contrast of the writing on the gray,

I just think looks so cute.

The strappy sports bra is,

I would say like low to medium support.

Actually, more medium,

because it comes pretty high,

but obviously the straps mean that it's not like,

super super supportive.

But it's adjustable, and it's got removable pads.

Most of the Gymshark bras do have removable prad-



So this is my favorite color, the navy gray.

And if you look from the front,

you can actually see that it has that darker contouring

down the side, which creates that shape into the hips.

These leggings are one of the most

flattering Gymshark leggings.

You've got that really high waist, which is kind of,

like it's quite tight.

It's not too tight, but it really does pull you in.

I'm wearing a size small.

They're nice and long as well.

And they're like, super supportive.

A hundred percent for cardio, I will be wearing these.

So these for me are an absolute steal.

Mark it down and don't miss out.

I just literally can't believe there's 20% off of these.

While I got you on Flex,

these are the Flex High-Waisted Leggings, which are 30% off.

These are two of my absolute favorite colors.

The ones that I just showed you

were the New High-Waisted Flex.

These are the Flex High-Waisted Leggings.

And this is, I think flame red claret.

Sorry guys.

Flame red cl- (stutters)

I'm losing it.

Just beautifulness.

And this is the gray black.

And to be honest, really similar.

Just so flattering.

The contouring, the colors.

I love this.

You already know I love a bright color.

It's just so cute!

How many times can a girl say cute in a clothing haul.

The last collection I'm showing you

is the Vital Seamless.

In my opinion, the Vital Seamless is a classic.

It's like a little black dress.

It's something that every girl

should have in their wardrobe.

I love the simplicity of it.

I loved that it just fits like a glove

and there's nothing overly complex about it.

There's no like, crazy contours.

These are just classic.

So I've picked out some of my favorites.

There's a sports bra in Cherry Brown, and that's 20% off.

Also the sports bra in black.

And then you've got the long sleeve crop,

which is also 20% off in black.

And then I've got two of the Vital Seamless Leggings here,

which are in red heat and black.

What I love about the leggings is that they're compressive,

but they're also breathable.

They're stretchy, and they're not overly thick.

They're nowhere near as thick as like, the Flex.

But they're still compressive.

They're super, super flattering.

If you're going to buy just one from this collection,

I'd recommend the black,

just 'cause it goes with absolutely everything,

and then you can mix and match a little bit.

Again, you've got that super thick waistband,

which helps to pull into the hourglass shape,

into the waist, nice and tight.

I wear a size small and it fits absolutely perfectly.

They're full length.

They got a nice stretch to them.

They are, in my opinion, squat proof.

And then if you want a nice pop of color,

this actually goes really really nice with the black.

I tend to mix and match.

Mix and match?

Heat red.

I personally think that it looks like orange,

'cause each time I go to look at it,

I'm like (stutters).

Heat red looks really really nice with the black crop.

What I love about the crop is that it's really thin.

So it's so much more breathable than say,

for example, the Ombres.

If you are someone who gets really pretty sweaty

and you want to wear this throughout your workout,

this is way more breathable.

It's a lot thinner material.

You've also got this cute little thumb section,

which for someone like me,

I don't wear all the time because I have

excessively long arms.

You can actually just fold them back,

but this one actually fits me.

And then the crop top.

Absolute classic!

I would say medium to potentially high support.

I find these come up a tiny bit big, actually.

That's just my opinion.

So I'd recommend if you're kind of in between sizes

sizing down.

You've got the thick straps again,

so really nice and supportive,

particularly when you're doing cardio.

Removable pads.

And they're really comfortable,

'cause it's really really stretchy around the waistband,

so it's not like super compressive

where you feel like you can't breathe.

You've got loads and loads of room.

And I think that's probably why I tend to size down.

And then it's just got a really nice,

simple, like, racerback on the back.

On the back, of course, it's a racerback.

I keep saying last thing,

and I promise this is now the last thing,

but there's so much more I could show you guys

because there's so much in the sale

and I really don't want you missing out.

I couldn't miss this off.

You know how much I love this crop top.

It's called the Fraction Crop Top.

I have now completed my collection.

I've got it in every single color.

This is the powder blue.

The burgundy.

There's also the,

I think it's called the light gray, and the black.

And the light gray and the black I wear

absolutely all the time.

They are so cute!

They kind of lift into the waist, and like,

when you lift your arms up,

it kind of shows a little bit of the waist,

just like super super flattering.

And then with these wide shoulders,

it like creates that wider shoulder look,

which then again pulls into that hourglass shape.

They're kind of like a little boyfriend T-shirt,

but cropped.

And you can play around with them a little bit,

how far you wear them back on your shoulders,

or more so forward,

if you want a little bit more waist

or a little bit less waist.

If you wear them with a really

high-waisted pair of leggings.

They're like (grunts).

That little bit of skin, you know?

And it's like, not too much skin,

but it's like, ooh!

I completely forgot to mention, 20% off all of the colors.

Put that on your list.

Okay fam, we made it through

my first clothing haul in a year.

I hope you enjoyed it.

I hope I didn't mess up too much.

I really hope you managed to get your list together.

You can basically be ready, set your alarm.

You can get all of the beautifulness on sale.

Please please, guys,

don't forget to use my link.

Honestly, it means way more to me

than you could ever imagine.

Obviously things have really blown up

over the last couple of months for us on YouTube,

and everything just doesn't like, quite feel real.

Working with Gymshark for me was an absolute dream,

and now it's happened,

I'm still like kind of pinching myself,

if you know what I mean,

and I'm like wake up from this dream.

Using my link massively supports me,

way more than you could ever imagine,

so if you wouldn't mind just clicking on it,

saving it somewhere, getting it ready for 7:00 PM.

GMT, that's UK time on Friday the 13th of November.

That's not long away guys, so get ready.

I really hope you enjoyed this video.

Please do smash that thumbs up button if you did,

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We're nearly at 1.5 million, which is pretty crazy.

Which one's your favorite Teddy?

He's looking right at the animal one.


Just in cause you thought you didn't get some

Teddy love in this video.

He's so sleepy.

Bye guys, we love you!

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