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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Phrasal Verb Magic 3 - How to Learn Phrasal Verbs like Native English Speakers

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well hello again guys I was getting lots

of requests for more phrasal verb videos

so let's do some more phrasal verb magic

remember it's so important to learn

phrasal verbs physically in the way i'll

be showing you in this series of videos

and if you want to see more do let me

know but instead of just looking at a

bunch of things written on a whiteboard

that aren't going to help you remember

them you need to understand phrasal

verbs just like a native English speaker

does so little kids when they're

learning the language and this is the

same way I teach my daughter I take

physical things and show them so they

can get the kind of the basic

understanding of how phrasal verb works

and then once you understand that you

can start using it in more difficult

situations or in more figurative ways so

when we're talking about two things the

most important ways of understanding

phrasal verbs you got the physical sense

like i'm going to show you today and

then we've got the more figurative idea

and this just means it's not something

physical but it comes from the physical

idea so let's start let's get started

this video was requested by MC thank you

very much marie-christine so she wanted

to know more about hanging videos and

since I've got this lovely bar right

here I can hang on this bar do some do

some some pull-ups look at no hands

I'm awesome anyway this is not very high

this is just a coatrack a coat rack and

I do have one hanger on this coat rack

so let's talk about some phrasal verbs

with hang now first of all we just have

something where we have a general bar

like this and we're hanging something on

that we're just using gravity to hold it

down but you still have some movement

where you can maybe if this the wind

blows or something you can still move

something the hangar would move to the

left or to the right so it's just

hanging on something so if you're just

hanging again the general idea is you're

holding something but it's not a

physical thing where you're you're stuck

in that one spot now again this is just

hang and you can move something from one

place to another

now if we want to talk about hanging


up again we've got like an idea of

having a hanger and we put our code on

it like i have my coat over here and I'm

just hanging my coat up so if you go to

someone's house and you take off your

jacket this is another phrasal verb so i

take off

I'm taking something but off of myself

so if i put it on i'm doing the opposite

put on my jacket like this for my best

in this case and I'll take off my jacket

and i'll put the jacket on a hanger and

then I hang up my jacket or hang up my

coat now to hang something on it's

really the same thing is hanging

something up it doesn't really matter

it's just more kind of the way you can

do it you can see a little hook on this

side here so when you have a hook you

can hang your jacket on the hook so hang

it on the hook or you can just hang it

up which just refers to the location of

where the jacket is so if the jacket is

on the table or it's on a bed or

something that I'm moving it from a down

position to another position i'm hanging

it up hanging it up now just ate a very

quick thing talking about how phrasal

verbs that were created many years ago

are still in use to date so right here

this is kind of the way old phones used

to work there would be hanging up so the

actual phone is not down on a table you

can have that but this phone is up on

the wall

now if i pick up the phone i'm picking

up the phone again I'm touching the

picking and choosing it and then I'm

moving into an up position so I'm

picking up the phone now after I'm done

talking on the phone hello hello I'm

going to speak to someone then I would

hang up the phone again

so this is why on machines where we have

like an image of on an iphone you

actually have a little looks like an

image of a phone like this because

you're actually hanging it up on

something you're either hanging it up on

a wall or if you're looking at an old

phone that used to sit on the table

usually the receiver that's the name of

this here this is the receiver for the

phone you hang that up on something so

you're actually putting it on the top of

the phone

that hangs up the phone that stops the

the phone connection now another thing

you can see there are also buttons on

this phone i can push the buttons 12345

if I want to call somebody

but before many years ago the old phones

used to have a rotary dial and this just

means there's a circle maybe you can

look for one of these online basically

just has a circle and you would spin the

phone to different parts of that if

you're young you probably have not seen

that before but older learners probably

remember it anyway uh this is where we

get the idea of dialing a number so if i

push a button I'm not dialing a phone i

mean this is what we call it but I'm not

physically dialing anything so phrasal

verbs will often be introduced from some

kind of old technology or old physical

action that we're doing and then they

will be moved to even a new device like

this we're pushing buttons but we're not

actually dialing anything so when you're

thinking about phrasal verbs try to

imagine if you can't understand why we

would use something like especially in

the case of a phone try to look back at

older technology and you should get a

clear idea of how we're using things

from the past so again with the phone i

pick up the phone hang up the phone

again the phone is hanging right now

it's actually it's on the device but

it's hanging right now if it falls oh

they could fall down they could fall

down so right now I'm hanging up the

phone and when i pick up the phone I can

dial my numbers now finally I'll give

you one last figurative usage and this

is to hang up your career and this just

means to finish something so if I'm a

professional boxer I've been boxing for

many years and then I stop it's time to

hang up my career so in the same way i'm

not using my coat anymore and I hang it

up you can hang up your career you can

talk about a friend that may be retired

or they quit doing a job after a long

time they decided to hang up their

baseball mitt they hang up their boxing

gloves they hang up their career so

they're hanging up something

well I hope you have enjoyed this if

you'd like to learn a lot more about

phrasal verbs and how you

learn them visually you check out our

visual guide to phrasal verbs and you

can learn more about that in English

anyone com actually can search right

here on YouTube and find some great

samples of that video program but if you

do have any questions or you'd like to

see more of these phrasal verb magic

videos magic magic remember to learn

everything physically and actually see

how it works because it's much easier

for your brain to remember it that way

if you have any questions put them in

the comments down below and i look

forward to seeing you in the next video

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