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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Speak English words like a Native Speaker

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okay when I'm doing the our sounds I to

initial are our blends and our vowels

the reason for this because sometimes we

have ours that we're good at and some

half times we have our positions that

were not as good at mm-hmm

what I've noticed is your initial order

is good so read these for me right read

run write read run okay and then our

blends do these first three treat price

rate so they're all the same position

for these okay so what's nice about that

is that you have a really strong are now

we got to carry into these are vows so

do this for me start start okay and then

it starts through that relaxing so we

stop stops you know star star okay okay

so we're gonna do car okay so we're

gonna get that that are that we're going

into here we want to pull it into that

ending a little bit stronger with the

ending our egg with that same initial

arm no room so it's almost like your


dinner roll dinner dinner dinner Rome


care room and connected care room room

ear earring okay okay so that was

interesting because earring is obviously

a word yeah when you're breaking it

apart you're going Karen Karen dinner

good car race come again

car race race so you're getting that

aren't that position for the upcoming

are right you're getting that car in

position and then you're moving right

into that next are and then are we need

at the end of words mm-hmm

because what you're doing is you're

dropping that are into practice mm-hmm

in pairing the ending are with an

initial are and over and over again to

get your time your tongue and your mouth

comfortable with that mm-hmm you're

willing to do that Abby I'm gonna put in

a little bit more time the biggest thing

that you can

thing that you can work on that's going

to make the biggest difference is those

ending our sounds okay mm-hmm practice

this is what really will help you get

there and it's just like I mean we're

going to the gym and we're lifting

weights doing you know cardio and stuff

like that or cardio helps our heart gets

drunk this helps our arms get stronger

are stronger so really this vocalic our

lesson mm-hmm these words especially the

ones that have it on the end of the word

and then move in once you feel really

strong with these ones you know and

getting that strong are then moving into

sentence practice and paragraph okay

mm-hmm don't hear it next week okay


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