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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mapo fried noodles at the airport セントレアの海上楼で麻婆焼きそばを食べたのは冬なのに沖縄に行くからでこれは夕食なのかな:Gourmet Reportグルメレポート

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It is winter now.

Why did I come to the airport in winter?

I can't understand that.

Today I will go to Okinawa on the same itinerary.

So is this dinner?

Is this a snack?

It's this that I eat.

Mapo fried noodles.

This is black.

Please see this.

This is red.

This is seasoned with red chili pepper.

This is seasoned with Japanese pepper.

I often save my sauce because I am mentally poor.

I eat noodles with a lot of sauce.


Is that the taste of Japanese pepper?


Please also eat this.

Can I eat this?

Is there difference in those?

This doesn't have the taste of Japanese pepper.

But the spicy Mapo Tofu is good.


This is Fried chicken.

This is a commemoration of the opening of the air port.

Fried chicken.


I eat the central part.


Is that hot?

Please eat this too.


Eat it with many sauces.

Please don't eat my Mapo fried noodles.

How do you like it?

Obviously these have different tastes.

Both are very good.

Which is my favorite?

I find it difficult to decide.

I like it because noodles are crispy.

I like sara-udon.

I want rice.


Oi-meshi is good, isn't it?

We have also ordered potstickers.

Because I didn't think Fried chicken would come.

I didn't even think Fried chicken would come.

I was going nearly to order Fried chicken.

Yu Lin Chi also has this restaurant.

This is juicy.


I want to eat rice.

I prefer rice.

But noodles are also good.

I like this very much.

It is good that this is value.

This is sauce from potstickers.

Would Fried chicken be seasoning like Yu Lin Chi with this?

That's impossible.

This is now such.

For real?

The noodles are gone.

I couldn't eat well.

I should have eaten more noodles and sauce together.

Potstickers are also good.

I gave up Oi-meshi.

I want to order Oi-meshi.

This is an intense taste.


There is only tofu.

I began to feel that this is better.

Please eat.

I eat that.


These are completely different foods.


It is sweet at first.

I think so too.

Black is.

The taste of Japanese pepper from the beginning.

Strong taste.

I will probably be thirsty.

This is good because it is tofu.

There are still fried foods.

The potstickers were also good.

There is also a salad.

That's nice.



The Description of Mapo fried noodles at the airport セントレアの海上楼で麻婆焼きそばを食べたのは冬なのに沖縄に行くからでこれは夕食なのかな:Gourmet Reportグルメレポート