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As everyone heard that the tickets

sold out in 30 minutes.

It's definitely a hot ticket.

We have UMaine coming in to play UNH at the Whitt.


It's definitely our biggest rival of the year.

As soon as the schedules come out, it's definitely something

that everyone looks for.

I think just, naturally with the rivalry, it amps up.


It's a very special game.

This is the biggest rivalry in Hockey East.

Hold on a second.

Yeah, that'll happen.

White Out the Whitt.

It's White Out the Whitt.

White Out the Witt.

Stop the game in their zone.

Let's win that draw.

No turnovers in the offensive blue line.

Physical all night, too, huh?

Better play some D here, boys.


Just concentrate on this first shift.

Let's have a great first shift, good first period.

Everybody, let's have a great night.

Everybody have a great night, tonight.

Start it off.

OK? Team on three.

One, two, three.


Here we go boys.


We got one of the best attendance in the NCAA.

The student section's full every game.

They're all excited to be here.

That's what we pride ourselves on, is playing at home and

having a good home record.


Let's go, Hank.

Here we go, Paul. here we go

Everyone gets in their same line up before every game, so

everyone before they hit the ice is going to

be in the same spot.

Let's take it right away here, boys.

Take it right away.

Austin Block here.


We look forward to all the fans at the

White Out the Whitt.

I think the first time you get on the ice it's like, wow.

It's really happening.

It's definitely a special thing.

When I was maybe 14 or 15, I came and I

watched a game here.

And I just thought it was the greatest thing ever.

And I didn't think at that time that's I'd be able to

play a place like this.

The atmosphere tonight was awesome.

It's probably the best it's ever been

since I've been here.

And it means a lot to us to have the crowd like that.





When the crowd gets behind us, in general.

Whenever they get loud, we love and feed off that energy.


When the fish is thrown, it's always fun.

It's a cool tradition we have here.


I'm part of the Zeta Phi fraternity.

We've thrown it for the 30 years.

And I'm the lucky brother with a car who has to go pick it up

every Friday afternoon.

And it's just always a fun time.

After you score the first goal, you're celebrating with

your teammates, and then in the corner of your eye you'll

see a fish flying out.

It's just a different thing to see.

It smells kind of bad, so I'm glad I play defense and don't

have to go down towards their net front too much.

Good draw.

Good draw.

Get it on.

Nice play.

Nice play.

Shoot it.

Good play, boys.


I'm a senior, so I've played at a lot of a college venues.

Sieve, you suck.

My favorite place to play is here.

Our students are great, our regular fans are great.

It's, honestly, the best atmosphere I've played in my

whole life.


Some of those chants that the students got are pretty


Hey, John.

How much time is left?

One minute left to play in the period.

One minute.

Thank you.

My favorite one is--

Hey, DiGi, we're all behind you.

I hear that one.

That one makes me laugh, because it's pretty funny that

they do that.

All alone in front.

Save made by Di Girolamo.

Of course, when you go to other places, they call me a

sieve everywhere.

So, of course, they do that here to the other goalie.











Coach Umile is a great guy.

Watch your sticks, boys.

When he's on your good side, it's definitely good to have

him on your good side.

You don't want to have him on your bad side.

I've seen that a couple times.

No turnovers.

He has a lot of intensity on the bench.

Come on, boys.

We got a 20-minute hockey game, here.

Let's go. Don't be playing on our heels.

We got to go for it.

He's definitely a great coach and everyone

loves having him here.

There's no question it gets revved up with Maine.

And, obviously, we compete hard against each other.

I wouldn't say we like each other, but there's definitely

a whole lot of respect.

The excitement, the fact that's it's on TV, the student

section and everybody in white, it makes it special.

And we're fortunate with our support and fans.

And it's what college hockey's all about.



We love UNH hockey.

It's our biggest sport, and it's great source of pride for

UNH students.


All I want to do is win for this school.

Especially because it's not just my

school, it's our school.

All the students here, we're all doing the same thing.

We're trying to earn a degree.

But I'm just blessed with the fact that I can

play a sport here.

And it means a ton to me, knowing that 6,000 people come

to watch, tons of students.

It's awesome.

OK, boys, great night.

Enjoy this one.

After a win, we have our traditional song in the middle

of the locker room with the team.

It's a nice tradition that everyone learns as a freshman.

And once you know the words, you can belt it out.

A one, a one, two, three, four.


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