Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PEW DI PIE- FALL OUT 4 GAME PLAY

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my name is nazmud and today i will show you the two tricks of google so now you can see settings

the first 1 ok so now you can see google instant predictions so put on never show instant results and go full down you can see here save and then put ok

then write google gravity then put mr doob google gravity first one then you can see that you came in the first google now you can see some thing just 1 min let it load ok so now you saw that this became full jumbbled

after going to google gravity mr doob and ok you can throw like this and like this. and second one i will show you go full first and write do a barrel roll

ok see now what happens it just turns it ok guys so this is everything for today i will come everyday with my video you see my more videos and i will show you more nice nice things and say you all the tricks of google ok so bye

Bye and keep watching my videos $$$$$$$

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