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Somewhere close to Münster

Buldern, City of Dülmen, Coesfeld County

That is 2.60 in return. Have a nice day. Thanks. You too. Bye.

Let's talk about Münster. What do think is essential to the image of Münster?

Hm... bouldering.


Bouldering! Yeah, of course!


Oh. We're not living here...

Professor Dengel: Here at the department we have been working on bouldering for years.

Well, bouldering is climbing in low heights with an average of 5-7 moves.

André: Bouldering is just life. Bouldering is everything.

Bouldering is only about finding a solution.

Bouldering is about being outside with your friends.

Having fun.

And it is a bit communicative... too... so.

Bouldering teaches coping with problems and defeats.

Well, it is not a defeat. Rather, the realization that ...

...there is something that is stronger is important, too.

You cannot find a solution to everything. Sometimes you just have to accept.

Humbleness is the keyword here... humbleness.

More than any other sport bouldering advances interpersonal relationships...

... and a healthy mutual trust among the sportsmen.

Ramona: As his girlfriend I sometimes am worried, whether the projects he does will go well.

And then I am scared. I sometimes wish he would do something else ...

...such as collecting stamps.

The positive side about climbing, I have to say:

It does form a nice body. I can't complain.

We'll see you then. Bye!

Bouldering has something to do with happiness, yeah.

I am happy to be a boulderer.

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