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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Machinist Squares

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Adam Savage here in my cave with a spotlight on a tool I've been getting

some questions on lately obviously in any makerspace like mine drawing

straight lines is a very important thing to be able to do and thus I have a ton

of different rulers and things for drawing straight lines but also drawing

perfectly perpendicular lines ie at right angles to each other is also a

super common and super important thing in the shop and for that you need what's

called a square and this right here is a standard woodworkers square this one

actually was my grandfather's this is an old craftsman I believe if I'm not

incorrect it could be wrong you might not be craftsmen specifically but

squares like this abound they're everywhere

however sometimes for prop making this is way too much square for me sometimes

I'm working on a smaller object and that's what I wanted to introduce to you

today is the Machinists square because woodworkers aren't the only ones who

need squares no no machinists have their own entire category of squares

this is a pretty standard machinist core this is a four inch square as I correct

yep wait wait no this is a five inch square sorry

it's a five inch square my powers of estimating or bad today and it's just do

pieces of stainless steel bolted together at a perfect right angle and

the fact is actually they make these in all sorts of different sizes here's a

lose it that's just I'm not trusting anything there's a three inch and here's

a one in three quarter inch machinist square I have another half dozen that I

frequently go to depending on what I need to do marking up on this is one of

those tools that you might not think that you need it but I'm here to say

that if you have it in your shop you're going to use it because when you're

working on a small part trying to bring over a big old square like this and

trying to get it across your part so you can make your right angle mark well

using something like this is a lot easier and using something like this

depending on the size of the part I have multiple squares for multiple

different use cases and I use them for those use cases all the freaking time

this is also an area in which you don't need to get super spendy if you are a

high level machinist you might have squares that are built to a super high

tolerance that they're absolutely perfect and you'd spend hundreds of

dollars on them but you don't need to for really well under 20 bucks you can

buy any one of these will include some links in the comments below after this

video the machinist square falls into the

category of the kind of tool that you might think you've got it covered if

you've got a couple of these both let's say big and small and yet what these

afford you the ability to do vastly outpaces those big ol wooden woodworker

squares and again you could spend hundreds of dollars on these if you were

a super high-end machinist but you don't need to you could spend ten bucks on one

of these made in China remainin pullin and they are just fine for the average

maker don't drop them when you drop them they can get thrown out of whack and

then you got to label it not square J Jamie had a square in his job labeled

not square and it was there for the entire 25 years I worked in Jamie's shop

and it drove me crazy why keep it if it's not square it literally doesn't do

the one thing it was built to do so why are you keeping it around he never threw

anything out

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