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alright guys back with another tutorial

in this tutorial I am going to show you how to do the mike will effect

i see a lot of people asking questions on the internet

how to do this its really simple

hold on let me show you

lets get this started

okay this is the beat with nothing obviously

mike will wasnt really the first one doing this i dont know i saw a video of him

talking about

anybody doing this is copying him

uh... i dont know everybody not everybody but a lot of people have been using filters way

before he ever

started using them but now that he's popular at the moment

people are

calling it the mike will effect

but alright so, he uses fl studio to by the way

umm where was it?

ok so go to love philter

ok and if i want to do it at the beginning these are

the piano is kind of on a higher frequency so

i'll usually do it like this, i'll show you

alright i already selected that i had to create the automation clip

if you want to hear me go a little bit more into detail about how to do this

the automation clips

go to the other tutorial i have up

the johnny juliano dropout effect tutorial

Okay so

I would leave this like this, turn that down

i'll let you hear what that sounds like

you can kind of hear how it phases in and out thats one of them

if you wanna mess with it so the drums sound let me see, let me show you what it would sound like

on the drums on this I don't like what it sounds like

i like better

uh i'll show you how i like it (no homo)

this is more just the high frequencies then it cuts out to the drums

you cant really hear them

what i like to do when the drums come in if theres a part i wanna use them where theres drums

i use the same thing but let me just

instead of opening another one let me just do it like this

go to the low-pass

simple triangle low-pass

i'll let you hear what that one sounds like

let me just delete that part

alright I'm going to let you hear what that sounds like

I should of put the whole thing again

See now you hear the drums going through it

mike will made it


turn on the lights I'm looking for her too eehwiovrevwvrhm Im gone do - future voice

sorry, um

yes thats pretty much it, it's very simple

i don't really think

theres anything else i can really show you

oh if you want it this is kind of obvious but if you want it to come in a little lower then

then higher just do that with the volume just a little bit there

let it play i'll show you

so it kind of goes deeper and deeper into it

its gradually getting more filtered

there its fully under it

alright guys thats pretty much it, no reason to make it more complicated then what it is

alright until next time

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