Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ERUMA SAANI | WEB SERIES | LOCKDOWN KADHAL | EP-2 KAADHU MA(With Subtitles)

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Does the Sun rise at 7 am now a days?

Yes dude

Hey Buddy



What is your problem now?!

They are not allowing me to sleep in my home

And you are not allowing me to sleep here

It is so breezy right

Now a days it has become a fashion for girls to excercise at terrace buddy

If we had knew this before we could've slept here often

Yes buddy why we should sleep in home

We can sleep in terrace itself

Good Morning

Good Morning! Good Morning!

She looks good right!


Don't you feel ashamed

Why dude?

She came to your house

Then she occupied your room

She has changed you as refugee in your own house

And she has made you to sleep in terrace in this sunny weather

And you are admiring her now


Yeah buddy

You are right

Not only that

She woke us up by morning 7 A.M

We shouldn't let this happen

We shouldn't let this happen at all

We have to make her suffer

and we have to teach her a lesson

Maintain this fire in your heart


This plan shouldn't be missed

Hey! buddy

What happened?

You have dropped the banana right?

It won't be missed right?

I've dropped two bananas

It will not miss for sure

She will fall down

and cry for her mom in hindi

You will hear that sound once everything is done

You can go and check after that

Yeah Okay okay Super Super

Why there is no sound yet?

Is she walking that much slow?


What dude?

How did you keep the banana?

I've kept it just like the way it was

Look here



She is eating the banana which was kept on the floor

Why your Mom is having friendship with her mom and all?

I kept friendship with you right?

I should blame myself for that

I will blame myself! myself first.


Eww! Yuck

What happened?

Super dude

You are using the brush which is used for cleaning toilet

Get lost! Die!

Super buddy!

Is it the same brush?

Isn't it ?

Then where is that brush?

Your dad is using that


Hey no wait!

This man deserves this

She ain't getting caught

How to irritate her now?

Hey what are you thinking?

I am thinking how to irritate her

Keep that aside

Corona has come to our nearby apartment

Wherever you go wear mask and roam

What mask is this?

This is Arctic Fox N95 Gold mask series

It has 5 layers of filteration

99% Pollution and virus filtered

100% Safe

And the main thing is that it is DRDO tested

So don't roam anywhere without using mask


How did you get this?

It's available on Arctic Fox's official website

There are black and white colours in Gold Series

You can buy as per your wish

But I don't think you will buy

That's why I bought it for yourself

Buddy it looks good

Can you buy for my mom and dad too?

Get lost! It's a big thing that I bought for you first


Your ideas are old school

She irritated me a lot

You call 'VAARTHAI VARADHAN' (Bad words Varadhan)

Dude! Dude!

She's a poor girl

Don't do like this and all

Poor girl? Dude!

You only told that we shouldn't show any kindness

Call him first!

Buddy think once before you decide

Dude you call him!

Humming'BEEP SONG'

It's Jai seelan

Tell me you ****

Hey! Didn't I tell you

Buddy! It's me Vijay

Hey!***** you too

Buddy!There is a small problem for him and myself

What problem?

One girl is irritating us to the core


I'll give you her number somehow

Please kindly do the honours with bad words

Leave it to me I will see her

Ok buddy! Thanks

Buddy! Should I pay through gpay or phonepe


Oh! PhonePe it is then

We are hearing everything in wrong way if you speak

You send me the girl's number I'll see her

Ok buddy! Ok! Thanks buddy


See after this

She is going to run back to Delhi

Hey! Shoot him There is enemy on left

Who is calling now?


Put him on speaker! Put him on speaker!





What happened?

Speak without crying

You gave me that girl's number right!

Which place she belongs?

She spoke too worse

In south Indian Level

I got gold medal for best word words speaker

Yes buddy!

She made myself to stutter

Buddy! Lastly

She combined Tamil,Hindi,Telugu, Marati and English

and spoke so badly

After hearing the word

I planned to commit suicide along with my family

If there is anything like incarnation we will meet there

'VAARTHAI VARADHAN' here signing off


What is this dude?

Even'VAARTHAI VARADHAN' backed off

What to do now?

How to irritate her?

She ain't getting trapped

Excuse me! This sound is irritating me! Don't repeat this




You get allergic to sounds?

See after this




Get lost!

Hon! Ask him to go and play inside his room

Modi Ji is coming live on tv 8 P.M I have to watch that

You heard that right! Get up and go to your room


Hey all come here Modi Ji has come

(Speaks in hindi)

What is this he is speaking fully in Hindi

I can't understand anything

Dear! You know hindi right! Can you just translate what he is saying

He is saying that tomorrow 5 P.M

Is he going to foreign by 5 o clock?

No uncle!

He is asking us to clap hands by 5 o clock

Will the corona go away if we clap hands?

I don't know aunty! He is saying like that

Buddy! Heard the news?

What is it?

PM has asked us to clap hands by 5 P.M

So what?

Dude! That's what. That girl is allergic to sounds right

Ya I got it buddy!

Wait for tomorrow girl. You are so screwed

Uncle it is going to be 5 Be ready






Let's clap hands

He is insulting me God!

Uncle! Why they are doing like this?

Don't get shocked for this

They lit the house during the time of Diwali


Buddy! Today's performance was lit!

That too I hit hard on this right

She is finished after that hit

I think she will pack all her things and will leave

Excuse me!

I know that you two are trying to irritate me

But please!

Don't irritate me with these sounds


Because I have a small problem in ears since my childhood

If I hear high frequency sounds it will irritate my ears

Buddy! Is she deaf?

And because of that irritation i'll get migraine

So please Don't irritate me using sounds

Why are you doing like this dude?

Sorry we didn't know that you are a handicap



It is just a minor problem ok?

It is not handicap


You idiots

Should I keep the volume high or low?

Excuse me!

I can hear you

No need to talk using sign language

Get lost

Buddy! Shall we check whether she has problem in right side or left side

Stay connected. I will check and tell

Don't hang up buddy!


Buddy left one is so gone


What? Nothing!

Buddy! Right side is in good condition

Excuse me!

I have an important PUBG match

Can I borrow your headset?

Can't you see that I am hearing songs?


Hearing songs?

What is the use of headset if deaf uses it (Mocking proverb of Rj Balaji)

What did you say?

She came! she came!

(Speaking in sign language)

Can't hear you

We didn't even talk

Shit! Idiots!

Go away!

{Keep your hands on the speaker}


Let's play a game

Find out what song are we playing


Play it dude

{Playing Vadi pulla vadi song HipHop Tamizha}

Don't know ?

You don't know this song?

Dude how will she know tamil songs play hindi songs

{Breakup Song playing from AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL}

This is breakup song from Ae dil hai mushkil

Play the next song

Bala from Housefull 4

Play next song

This is Tum hi ho from aashiqui 2

Hey what you are guessing it all just like that

Touch the speaker and find out

By touching the speaker but why?

Yes. Those who can't hear will touch here and will find it through vibration right

Even in Mozhi Movie Jyothika finds out like that

Idiots! I am not deaf

Dude she can hear it seems. Get away from here

We were enjoying in lockdown without going to college

Now they are going to torture us in the name of online class


How come all are present?

Yes dude

You gotta be kidding me

Whose period is this?

Ding ding Mani's period

His period?

Oh shit! It's him who has got beaten by us

Buddy! I will mute the audio and the video

If sir asks tell him that my device have problem

Ok buddy ok


Why is she always staring?

Go away!

Vijay I can't see the video

I can't turn on sir

Vijay unmute yourself

Sir Sorry sir I can't

I will do that

Hey Vijay!


Got caught right! Die


You beat me that day right?

No! Who beat you sir?

You and your friend beat me and tied my hands with your ID card right

My ID Card is it

I won't forgive you

I want to meet your parents immediately after this lockdown

Parents? Okay sir!

Anyways you have to come to college after this lockdown right

Come here! I will teach you a lesson

Oh no!

Dude you want chips?

Mom get me that chips packet

Let me go that side

Mom! What mom?

Then what?

Since the lockdown has started you guys are eating like pigs

Don't you have concern towards your body?

Hey! Why are you laughing?

Aunty I will do my Yoga daily

I will see to that my body is fit

See guys see her and learn from her

Always eating,sleeping and playing games

That is your job

Have to learn from her it seems! We will

She came ! She came !....

Dude dude! She is coming ! She is coming !....


Actually you see we will do 1000 if it is not quarantine

Since it is quarantine we reduced to 500

Ah! It is paining!

Hello Hello!

What are you doing?

Yoga! Don't put the mat there

We are lifiting weights right!

We will continue doing heavy workouts

And suddenly will throw the weights and it will be a problem if it hits you


Ok buddy ! Now it's time for you to workout

What? Yes

Do like I taught you

If I do 500 he will do 250

He can do

Ready ready come on come on Push push

Straight up your head Straight up your head

Lift dude lift dude

Go down

Down more

I have taught him another thing See he will do that with weights



Why is your head down?

He is not dead yet Just unconscious

It's been long since we did workout right that's why


You idiots!

If you do workouts wrong without proper training

You will get cramps in your muscles

You are so dead tonight

Dude it pains everywhere

Buddy! Did you notice one thing

Everytime we plan something to damage her

but in the end it reverts to us

Yes dude Yes dude

My intution says that we can't send her out from home

I think before she leaves we are going to reach heaven soon

{PM has requested to lit candles, lamp and hold torch,mobile flash light

continously for 9mins starting from 9 P.M}

What he is upto? That day he told to clap hands and now telling lit lamp

I can't understand what he is upto

Dude! Don't you get it

He is asking us to lit the lamp

He is giving us ideas to chase the girl out of your home

I don't get it. You will know tomorrow

Dude What is this?

You decided to throw acid?

Hey idiot

This is water

Water it is .. right right

Okay! What are we going to do with this?

We will mix it with chilli powder and will fill it in water ballon

However she will come to terrace for lighting the lamp

That time we will throw the ballon on her face


Without being able to bare the irritation she will go back to Delhi

Super! What should I do now?

Take that chilli powder and mix it in water without measuring

Chilli Powder Chilli Powder!..

Is it enough?

If you put less she will go to banglore and return

If you want her to chase her till Delhi don't measure it.Put more..

I'll put more..I'll put more

Buddy! Will this plan workout?

Idiot. Go wash your mouth

You know how much effort I have put for this plan ?

Now put another spoon come on! come on!

Buddy! I am feeling bad for her

Good Samaritan

She didn't give place to stay in your home and made you to sleep in terrace

Don't show kindness for her an all

Put few more spoons

I will put buddy. I will put...!! Yes few more and more...!!

Girl you are so dead today



You stay there

You shouldn't miss it even if I do

Hit her on face without showing any kindness

Yes! Check whether she has come?

She came...she came!

Has she come? Has she come?

Honey! Please have coffee!


I have opened the PUBG game on device

You play it meanwhile I will prepare tiffin

Okay Dear!

I have decided

She will be my girlfriend

I have fixed it

Buddy! The plan is cancelled


Dude! Dude..!

Yes! Headshot!

Buddy! It is a headshot!

Oh no!


You! Bloody Idiots!..

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