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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ark Skull Island Map Tour

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Hi i`m Age of Darkness the creator from the Skull Island map

Now i gives you a Skull island Tour, there was some request that i can make a video tour over this map

Now i will show you the map and tell you some about this areas, this will be a longer video and i hope you have the time for it.

This map is very big and we need a lots of time to show you all the places.

I will show you the map in the spectator mode, this is the fastes way

OK let`s starting the map tour

First i show you Mystery Island

Now i show you some of this area

and i tell you some about this area

give me a second to activate the spectator mode

This is Mystery Island this area is a little friendly and a good place for beginner players of this map.

Here you can see thats spawns dinos like on other maps in the beach zone.

This is the only special place in this area, here you can find the griffins and metal and crystals. Only here spawns the griffins of skull island.

Now i show you the way to the Mystery Underground. Through this cave you can go in the underground.

So you can see this is the underground area an this is created in the aberration style.

Here you can found some aberration stuff like mushrooms and plant z, gas veins and some aberrant dinos.

and in this zone you can find the charging stations for battery`s.

here you can found some more items from aberration like blue, green and red crystals

in the underground you can find 2 special creatures

First special spawn in the top you need climbing equipment or flying animals or a revanger.

here you can found the rock drakes and the eggs from it

and here you found the red crystals

this area of the rock drake are very small and have no radiation.

but make not easy to get an egg.

this was the first special area here and now i show you the next interessting spot

and here you can find the phoenix from scorch earth

on this lava like spawns sometimes s small group of it

sorry but in the spectator mode the lava lake is a little buging.

thats was the first part of the map and now i go to the next

the most islands on this map have a underground area

the phoenix in the underground are very rare but you don`t need a heat wave to find it like on scorch earth

the next place that i show you is the forest island

i think some players know forest island this was the first island that was playable

here you can see the ocean on this map but this is not other like on other maps and i don`t will show you the ocean zones.

here you can see a little of the floatind islands

i dont show you the small floating islands

the floating islands are very small and have not really interessting places

this islands are only for players that play ark first time

there can only 1 tribe build a base.

i have some more to show you and here you see the forst island

here you can found beaver dams in the forest area

this island is the same like other redwood bioms

loot crates is all on the map

about this cave you come in the sunken jungle area

a special here is the big trees that you can use same like mamothtrees

here we have the next part of the jungle

on the top you have some stone platform`s and can found some items

it is possible to build a base on the plarforms or on the ground

here is the jungle temple i only show you the last part of it and if you play my map you can explore all of that.

and here is 1 of the terminal, this is the terminal for the forest titan

i dont show you the places that you can found the artifacts you must find it self.

in the moment you can fighting with 4 mini bosses.

that`s is the forest, desert, ice tiatan and the god reaper

this area is the poison forest and is a very dangerous place in the jungle area

and here you have some crabs from aberration this spawn only here in the jungle

and in the complete jungle area you can found the deinycus and the eggs.

now i go to the next place on the fastes way

in the forest island you have a river and in the river spawns leeches and fishes

the same is in the big lake

and you will see in the forest area you found the most forest creatures like gatchas and other

on my map you can found all crearures from tghe different ark maps and dlc`s.

the desert island is the desert biome of my map and here you will found the most dessert creatures from ark.

here is the special place of desert island, here you can found in the small houses weapon chest`s and on the roof of the big building you have rthe desert titan terminal

you can see skull island have some terminals youz must only find it

i dont show you the way to this hidden place you should find the way self

and this is the hidden oasis area, i think this is a interssting place for PvP players.

now i give you some motivation to find this place

i must only short go in this cave to the right place

here you find 1 of the artifacts on my map

in this area you can build a base thats very safe

but you need go often to the other areas to get some other stuff

this is the wyvern hall and on this you can find wyvern eggs

you can find 2 types of wyvern nest 1 have a inventory and the other is the same like the normal wyvern nest

so i left this hidden place and go to the next i wish you some fun to explore the desert area and found this place

i forget you to show this geysirs on the desert

the time of it to shoots water is random

and you have here water veins

you have some small caves here in the cave you can build structures

this is tek island

this isle is in the style of extintion

you have in the first part the wasteland area

now i show you tek city this is the save zone here

in the wasteland part you have only corrupted dinos

in the tek city you find the mechanic creatures

some players have in the tek city the problem thats the city can not load complete and only part of part is loading in the moment i don`t find a way to fix it

i show you the underground area under the tek island now

the way to come to the nightmare island is not easy

you need diving equipment

go to this cave to come in the next area

this is nightmare island, here you will found seekers, reapers and some more........

here you have the god reaper terminal to call the god reaper

lets go to the next place

is now fogy and raining and we can not so far look

this is the lost island and here you have some ghost creatures

you can only good see this creatures on the night and on raining or fog times.

here is the lost castle

please don`t go in the castle for this time

it is not complete and if you go in you will catched in it and never come out without your death!

the castle is not finished but you will read if it finiash in the patch notes

the thing with that castle is thats closed the door and you must fighting through the castle to come out

i work on this in the moment

here is now the lava island you see this is a fire and lava area

this is the second biggest isle of the map

is a mix of raknarog map and the center of the volcano areas

on this island you will find lots of dangerous creatures

in this part you have the change to find wyvern eggs too

and here give a underground area too

i show you the way in this area

in this lava cave you can found the hellhounds thats exclusive on this map

this creatures very nice on pvp servers

and you see we have only a small part of the map and have some more areas that i will show you

the next island that i show you is now the dead island, here you can find all bone dinos and the catacombs.

here a the spooky trees thats some player searched

on this isle the vegetation is very dead and dusty

here the only place there you can find the creatures from the ark fear event from halloween.

not any animal is tameable here

now we look short in the catacombs area and i show you the next terminal....

here you can found a special crate, the tombs there you can find some high quality weapons and armor stuff

and here you can find wyvern eggs too

here is the next terminal

now we can not see the next island, the sun is to hard

so i give you a short look in the ocean area to the way to the next place

here you found all ocean creatures

this is ice island the snow biome on my map

and this is the last isle that i show you

i say again i don`t show you the 2 floating islands this area not special and very small

here on ice island you can found all snow creatures like snowowl and ice jumpers

and pinguins and the other creatures

here is very cold and you need the right shirt and boots for it

here is the ice titan terminal

now i show you short the ice cave and the place rthat you will find the ice wyverns

this cave is the smallest one but this is a very importent place for the players

in tghis cave we have a second part but this is a water cave

and there you can found a special item

off all of this islands you have player spawn points and now we go to the last area in this level....

here you see floating island and titan island but i will not go to this but you have a short look of it.

and on the titan island you can fight with the king titan the first boss on this map

this area is skull island and here i show you the specials

this is a danger isle and this one is the only that have no player spawn points

i don`t think any player will build a base here but it is possible if you want

on the hill you will found the giganoto and lots of metal rocks but is very dangerous to go on the top of this mountain

here is the skull cave and this is the way to the first underground area

you must go this very long cave to come in the second underground.....

but is the only way to get in the next areas

now i show you the areas in the underground that are playavble in the moment

this is the half of the undergound that i show you now this are not complete and will more bigger than yet.

this is the desert area and is the main hall of this very big cave system

the next place is the fortest cave

this place is a little hard for players that have not a good graphiccard in the pc, there is some of trees and plants and some players have problems with fps and loading the meshes.

here is the place who spawns the brachio

it have the double stats from a bronto and have 2 saddles normal and platform.

it only spawns in this area

that`s is the only water place in the forest

the map border that you have see here is only visual i must fix this in the next time but any player will not blocked from this wall

here is the fallen city biomeand i will show you the next special crearure of this map...

here is a small city and here you can found special loot

this is the gorgone this creature is from the game atlas but it have other attacks and features like that one from atlas.

it have a very bad special attack and is not tameable...

now i show you the last thing in this area the rest is not playable in the moment in this area

this big gate can you open with a item and you can go in the next area but this time the area is not finished

we go back to the forest and i show you the next parts

here it gives the poison mushrooms from aberration too

in this are you can found a special item but i not show you the places find it self.

you will find the special plant if you play my map this is all of this section on the map lets go to the next

in this area you have a daycycle but not all areas have this

this is the crystal forest and from here you can go in 2 other areas and here you can harvest some crystals and find some glow animals

this is a dangerous area and the second one thats have rock drake egg spawns

and this is the plave where you find the big skeleton and here you can see there spawns egg too

i give you a look of the big skeleton

in this areas you have not radiation

this is the next jungle biome from my map

here you can go back to the crystal forest and you must not go in the rock drake area to come to this place

ther is a small mountain with a lake in the top

if you leave the jungle you come in a swamp area with many poison plant`s and here is a place that you can find the plant x

the swamp area is a big part of the areas and you have enought place for a base on this area, Here you can found the frogs and other swamp creatures

from the swamp you can go to tghe next place the crystal lake area

from here you can go in the mashland area

this area is a little more peacefull like the other areas

and here you can found dinos if you use a dino mod with other modded dinos, here i used the dino spawns from the grassland. Is a big area that have some hills and grassland and marshland elements

the marshlands are in 4 rooms of the big cave here

you have a longer walk to come in the next areas

i don`t know every dino mod but the most dino mods use the grassland spawn entry and this is also the are that spawns dinos from the most mods.

the second level of my map you can see is a very big cave system with some other areas

this is like on the aberration map from ark

but you have here some areas that have night and day times.

this is now the small paradise area and this is complete peace full but i have here some to do with the ceiling decoration it is not finished at this time

every thing in this area is glowing

i like to finished that area with rthe next update from my mod map

this area are 3 halls with different styles

this is a area that i created for PvE players and if you like more of so areas you can tell me this in the com,ments and i will build for you some more places like this one here.

but this is not a safe zone raids in this are possible if you have the pvp option active on your server

and this is a place for all fans from the glow creatures

here you can found all of the glow creatures from aberration

this is the only place in my map thats only have peacefull creatures and with only glow plants and other things.

If you want more places like this tell me that on steam in the comments.

i have a lots of place to make more areas like the small paradise

that you can have more areas like this

in the moment you can style with me my map

we are back in the crystal lake are and now we go to the next one

this are called the hall of fears here you can found reapers, nameless and other nightmare creatures

this place is not for solo players please stand out of this area if you don`t have a tribe to play or you will fast die here.

here you can found a tek basis with a very special loot but i don`t show it. This loot very nice for PvP players

is a big area with a lots of dangerous things.

from here you can get in the sulfur area

here is very hot and you can found a lots of sulfur in this place

you can build a base here if you want

but you need a lots of water here

and it is danger to be here

is a big area too you can see

everything here is in the sulfur style

this is the last chamber that i can show you

and here you can found the stone lizards

this creature more interesting for pvp player, it can only get damaged on the legs and other places without armor,.

now you see we need 1 hour for this map tour

now i can show you a spoiler, if you don`t like to see stop the video here.

and the guys that like this to see watch the end

now this is the last part of the second underground called the Hellgate and from here it will possible to go in the last area from may map. But this place are complete unfinished.

if you like the map and this video don`t forget to give me a thumb up here and in the workshop! No

Now is time to say goodbye and i hope we see us on my twitch chanel or in the next video. If you want more videos from the other areas in the future tell me that in the comments on this video.

have fun with that map

The Description of Ark Skull Island Map Tour