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- [Jennifer] Hey guys, welcome to The Family Fudge

and welcome back to Bunches of Lunches.

This week, I am going to be making lots of tasty sandwiches.

I'll be using some new lunch boxes.

And by popular request, I'm also including

a special Harry Potter-themed lunch that is so easy,

anyone could make it.

Now, you guys, before we get started,

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And now, let's get on to the lunches.

Okay, guys, this week, I'm kicking things off

with a lunch idea that has been requested

for a long time, and that would be a Harry Potter lunch.

Now, you guys probably know I am a huge Harry Potter fan.

Now, actually, I was planning on making this lunch last week

for McKenzie's birthday week of lunches.

And if you haven't seen that video, I'll go ahead

and link it down below so you can check it out.

But the reason I ended up not making it last week

is because I was waiting for this.

Check it out, you guys.

This is the unofficial Harry Potter cookbook.

Now, I found this on Amazon, hashtag not sponsored.

And if you are a true Harry Potter fan and you love cooking,

this is such a fun book.

If you'd like to see me make more

Harry Potter-themed lunches or recipes in the future,

let me know in the comments down below.

So now, back to today's lunch.

Now, for this lunch, I actually started

by making the special treat last night

just so it would have enough time to set up.

For this special treat,

I only needed one ingredient, which is chocolate.

And to make it even easier, I went ahead and picked up

some of these Wilton candy melts

instead of just regular chocolate.

So now, all I had to do is add these little chocolate pieces

to a microwave-safe bowl.

And once it was nice and smooth,

it was time to add this chocolate

to this really fun frog-shaped silicone mold.

That's right, you guys, I'm making some classic

Harry Potter chocolate frogs.

Now, I actually found this mold on Amazon,

but I've never used it before.

So I'm hoping that these frogs turn out nice.

Now, I did go ahead and wash this pan,

and I made sure it was completely dry

before I added any chocolate.

And you guys, to make it a little bit easier

to get the chocolate into the mold,

I did add the chocolate to a piping bag.

You could also just use a Ziploc bag for this.

And that really did make it easier to get the chocolate

into these little delicate pieces.

And you guys, anytime I'm working with batter

or melted chocolate, I do like to tap gently on the tray

just to get out any air bubbles

that might be trapped inside.

So there you have it, guys, a very easy two-step process

for making chocolate frogs.

Now, this chocolate will harden up pretty quickly,

but since I made these the night before,

I just stuck them in the fridge.

Okay, guys, so now that it's the next day,

I'm ready to put together the rest of the lunch.

So for this sandwich today, I decided to go ahead

and use some of this naan style sandwich bread.

This naan bread is fluffy.

It's also a little bit chewy.

It makes an excellent sandwich.

And of course, I like that their bread is already round

and it's nice and sturdy,

which is exactly what I want for today's sandwich.

So as you can see, I already started

by adding a thin layer of cream cheese

to each piece of bread.

And then for the sandwich filling itself,

I'm adding a couple of slices of roast beef.

On top of that, I'm adding one slice

of English style cheddar cheese.

And then I'm gonna top it all off

with just a few slices of English cucumber.

Now, I'm gonna go ahead and close this up,

but I'm not quite done with this sandwich yet.

I'm actually going to be adding one more layer to this,

kind of like an open-faced sandwich.

So on the top piece here, I'm going to add

one more thin layer of cream cheese.

Then on top of that, I'm going to add a big nine,

followed by a small three and a small four

to make it nine and 3/4.

Now, of course, this nine and 3/4

is in reference to platform nine and 3/4,

which is where you can find the Hogwarts Express.

Because I wanted these numbers to be darker in color,

I actually made them by cutting out pieces

of pumpernickel bread since it is nice and dark.

Now, my kids have never tried pumpernickel bread,

so I'm not quite sure if they're going to like it.

You guys will have to let me know in the comments down below

if you're a fan of pumpernickel bread or not.

So there you have it, guys.

I think the kids are going to love these sandwiches,

and I think they turned out super cute.

So now that I have the main course done,

I can move on to the rest of the lunch.

Now, for the fruit today,

I'm going to add a combination of both blueberries,

blueberries, of course, to represent

the Ravenclaw house colors, and raspberries

which of course represent the Gryffindor house colors.

I'm just going to fill up this section with both berries.

And then to add even more Harry Potter flair to this lunch,

I also have some really cute cupcake rings I want to add in.

Now, you guys let me know in the comments down below

which Hogwarts house you think you would be sorted in.

Then in the back here, I'm gonna go ahead

and fill up this section with edamame.

Of course, that bright green color

definitely represents the house of Slytherin.

And I'm just gonna top the edamame

with a few pieces of carrot.

I went ahead and cut out an H and a P,

symbolizing Harry Potter.

I think that looks so awesome.

It's definitely something

my kids would enjoy eating as well,

which is pretty important for this lunch.

Next up, I'm going to be adding today's snack.

I thought it'd be really funny,

since this is a Harry Potter-themed lunch after all,

to add some cheese puffs.

These, of course, remind me of Hufflepuff house,

and they are the perfect color as well.

So I'm just gonna add in a handful of these.

And then for the treat section, of course,

I'm gonna break out those chocolate frogs

that I made yesterday.

Now, these didn't come out perfectly.

I definitely lost a couple of frog toes.

But overall, they're still really cute,

and I know the kids are going to love them.

Now, for each lunch, I'm just gonna add in

one of these chocolate frogs, and that's because

I wanna leave room for some gummy snakes.

I feel like you can't make a Harry Potter-themed lunch

without some kind of snake, right,

since Harry Potter himself

knows how to talk to snakes, and most importantly,

the snake is a symbol of Slytherin house.

Now, these little gummies are actually called twin snakes

because in the package,

you actually get two stuck together.

Now, to finish off this lunch, I'm also adding in

a special Harry Potter-themed drink.

But I'm not making butter beer.

Instead, I'm gonna make a drink

that I'm calling Gillyweed juice,

and that's because this drink is bright green.

Of course, Gillyweed is from Harry Potter

and the Goblet of Fire.

The first ingredient for this drink

is some of this no sugar added orange flavor fruit drink.

Now, this is actually a drink concentrate,

and I found it in the British section of my grocery store.

But to make this green, I'm going mix it

with some of this green Gatorade.

Now, I know that might sound weird,

but trust me, it's actually a really tasty combination.

It's basically orange plus lime.

Then I'm gonna fill up the rest of this bottle

with some sparkling water just to add a little bit of fizz.

And then there you have it, guys.

Check it out.

This Gillyweed juice is delicious and refreshing,

plus I think that bright green color

is perfect for a Harry Potter lunch.

And there you have it, you guys.

Now, I would love to make an entire week

of Harry Potter-themed lunches in the future.

So let me know in the comments down below

if that would be something

you would be interested in seeing.

(mysterious music)

What did you think of the Harry Potter lunch?

- [McKenzie] It was good.

- [Lily] My favorite was the gummies,

but my least favorite was the pumpernickel bread.

- [Jennifer] You didn't like it either, Kenzie?

- [McKenzie] No, I like the rest of the sandwich.

My favorite was the Gillyweed juice.

- [Jennifer] Good morning, guys, and happy Tuesday.

For today's lunch, I'm going to be making

a trio of super tasty peanut butter sandwiches.

Honestly, these aren't gonna be

just your regular PB&J sandwiches.

I have something a little bit more interesting in mind.

My plan is to make three different sandwiches

and then each kid could get a third

of each of the sandwiches.

I hope that makes sense.

For the first sandwich, I'm gonna be combining

peanut butter and Nutella or Nutella,

however you like to pronounce it.

For the second sandwich,

I'm sticking with good old peanut butter and strawberry jam.

And then for the last sandwich,

I'm using peanut butter with some marshmallow fluff.

So this one's gonna be more of a fluffernutter sandwich.

Now, of course, these sandwiches would be delicious

just as they are, but my kids really enjoyed

that grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich

I made last week.

So I'm gonna go ahead and add these

to my sandwich press as well.

Not for too long.

I don't want these to be super dark,

just a little bit crispy.

So now, I'm gonna go ahead and remove these,

and I wanna let them cool down before I cut into them.

Otherwise, the contents would probably

just melt all over the place.

Now, check it out, you guys.

This trio of sandwiches looks awesome.

Now, I would love to know in the comments down below

which one would be your favorite.

Now, I'm just adding these sandwiches into the lunch box.

Now, I know this looks like a lot of sandwich

but it really just works out to just one sandwich per kid.

Next up for this lunch, I'm also gonna be adding in

some slices of cucumber.

I started by removing about 50% of the cucumber peel

in a pattern just like this.

I just use a regular paring knife for this.

Then I just cut the cucumbers into slices.

Then by turning each slice either forward or backwards,

I'm left with this really fun checkerboard pattern.

To go along with the cucumber, I'm gonna be giving the kids

a little bit of ranch to dip them in.

Then to this front section of the lunch box,

I wanna add in some fruit.

And for this lunch,

I thought strawberries would go really well.

And you guys, right now, my favorite thing to do

with strawberries is just to cut them into heart shapes.

Maybe that's because it's close to Valentine's Day,

which by the way, I am planning

on making some Valentine's Day-themed lunches pretty soon.

I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing yet,

but I have been collecting ingredients for those lunches,

so stay tuned for those.

Now, you guys, these lunch boxes are looking awesome so far,

and it looks like I have just enough space

for a very special snack I want to add.

And this is something the kids have never tried before.

I recently found some new flavors of Goldfish crackers

at a grocery store called Publix,

and these are the Goldfish veggie crackers.

So far, I've only seen two different flavors.

One is carrot, and the other one is tomato.

So apparently, these are just like regular Goldfish crackers

with a little bit of vegetables added in.

I'm not quite sure if the kids will like them.

So I'm just gonna go ahead

and add in one scoop into each lunch.

And of course, after the kids get back home,

they'll let us know whether they like them or not.

And then last but not least, for the kids' drink today,

I'm going to be packing them

a bottle of this fruit and veggie juice.

This is in the strawberry-kiwi flavor.

And just like the Goldfish crackers,

these also have some hidden veggies.

And there you have it, guys.

There's everything in today's lunch.

(upbeat music)

Okay, guys, out of all the peanut butter sandwiches,

which one was your favorite candy?


- [McKenzie] Nutella.

- [Lily] The white one.

I don't know what it's called.

- [Jennifer] The marshmallow?

- [Lily] Yeah, marshmallow.

- [Jennifer] And Jackson?

- [Jackson] Marshmallow.

- [Jennifer] What was your least favorite thing

of this lunch?

- [McKenzie] The tomato Goldfish.

- [Jennifer] Did they really taste like tomato?

- [McKenzie] Kind of.

- [Jennifer] They didn't like taste like pizza?

- [McKenzie] No.

- [Jennifer] Hey, guys, and welcome to Wednesday.

For today's lunch, I am breaking out some new lunch boxes.

Now, you guys know I love trying new lunch boxes

as often as I can.

I actually bought these back on Black Friday,

so they were a super good deal.

They were like half priced.

But just to give you an idea of the difference,

this is the Bentgo box that I normally use.

This is called Bentgo Fresh.

And you can see it is quite a bit larger

than the Bentgo Kids box, but I don't actually think

that's a bad thing, especially if you have younger kids.

Now, you guys, since this is sandwich week,

I am gonna be making kind of a sandwich

but these are definitely not gonna be

a boring regular sandwich.

I'm gonna be putting together

something that I like to call sandwich sushi.

But don't worry, you guys.

If you're not fans of fish, this does not have any at all.

To make these, I'm going to start by removing the crust

off of all of my bread.

I am cutting out two pieces of bread per child

which is what I would normally use for a regular sandwich.

And before I move on to the next part,

I am going to scoop up the sandwich crusts

so that I could save them for later.

And now, I'm gonna take each little piece of bread

and I'm going to very carefully

roll it out with my rolling pin.

I want this to be a little bit flatter

but I don't wanna press so hard

that the bread falls apart either.

Now, you guys, if you don't have a rolling pin,

you can also do the same thing

with a cup or like a water bottle.

That would work too.

And now, once I have all of these pieces rolled out,

my next step is to add some cream cheese.

I really feel like cream cheese

works a lot better for these versus mayo.

I feel like mayo would make these a little bit soggy.

And really, you can use

any kind of cream cheese that you like.

Today, I'm using garden vegetable

because that's my kids' favorite.

And I'm just adding a thin layer of cream cheese

all over the bread.

Today, I'm doing our favorite combination,

which is just a little bit of smoked turkey

followed by some carrot.

I did go ahead and shred up this carrot nice and thin.

And then lastly, I'm just adding

a very small piece of lettuce.

Now I'm going to carefully roll these up.

You wanna roll these nice and tight,

but you don't wanna tear the bread either.

And then before I add these into the lunch box,

I'll cut each little roll into three pieces.

And check it out, you guys, this sandwich sushi is so cute.

All of my kids love when I make these.

And to make sure they don't fall apart in the lunch box,

I did go ahead and add them to some skewers just like this.

Now, in this back section, I'm going to add

a separate little silicone liner,

and I'm going to fill it up

with some of these green pea crisps.

These are super delicious, you guys.

Then in this back section, I'm going to add

a combination of strawberries and grapes.

I'm just gonna arrange these in a fun pattern.

In this next little section here,

I'm going to add some carrots.

I just took a whole carrot, peeled it,

and then using my crinkle cutter, I cut them into slices.

And it looks like I have just enough room here

to add in some pieces of celery as well.

And then since the back section didn't really hold

that many grapes, I'm gonna go ahead

and put a few more in this front section.

And then the center section of the lunch box

is perfect for things like little treats or dipping sauces.

For today's lunch, I thought it'd be really tasty

to add in some hummus.

This is just some good old classic store-bought hummus.

Okay, guys, now for the special treat,

it looks like I'm gonna need a separate container.

And to these, I'm just going to add a handful or two

of this new Shopkins cereal.

Now, you guys will have to let me know

if you've ever tried these.

Apparently, they're somewhat new.

I've only ever seen them at Walmart.

And apparently, I cannot pour them into a container

without spilling them everywhere.

(upbeat music)

So now, I have one lunch done.

It's time to put together the other two.

And of course, when the kids get back home,

they're gonna let you know

what they liked and what they disliked.

(upbeat music)

Okay, guys, what was your favorite part of this lunch?

What was your least favorite part?

- [Lily] My favorite was the grapes.

- [McKenzie] My favorite was the sushi sandwich.

- [Jackson] My favorite was the grapes too

- [McKenzie] Nobody liked the cereal?

I'm pretty sure you liked the cereal.

- [Jennifer] What did you guys think of the Shopkins cereal?

- [Jackson] Hmm.

- [McKenzie] I don't really like it.

- [Jackson] It kinda tasted like,

I mean, it smells like something like Jell-O or something.

- [Jennifer] It smells like Jell-O?

What'd you think?

- [Lily] It was pretty good.

- [Jennifer] Pretty good.

- [Jackson] Like the Jell-O powder.

- [McKenzie] I don't really know if I like it.

- [Jennifer] No?

Hey, guys, and happy Thursday.

For today's lunch I am bringing out my OmieBoxes,

but this is actually not going to be a hot lunch

since this week is all about sandwiches after all.

So I'm gonna go ahead and remove

the thermos section of the lunch boxes.

And you guys, honestly, that's one of the best features

about the OmieBox is because you have the option

of using the thermos or not.

So for the main course, I'm going to be making sandwiches

that don't actually look like sandwiches.

And for these sandwiches,

I'm going to start by making the filling first.

So I'm gonna show you guys how to make

some absolutely delicious chicken salad

using canned chicken.

Now, I know this sometimes gets a bad rap,

but before you knock it, you've got to try it.

This canned chicken is really an easy way

to make chicken salad if you don't already have,

you know, cooked chicken in the house.

Plus, this one can of chicken will make sandwiches

for all of my kids with a little bit of leftovers.

And you know who's gonna be eating the leftovers.

And then my secret ingredient for this chicken salad

is onion, but instead of putting chunks of onion,

I'm actually going to be grating it into the chicken salad

using this tiny grater.

Now, if you don't have a fresh onion,

you also can use onion powder.

That will work totally fine.

And how much onion you add is really up to you.

Again, I don't really measure.

And now, this chicken salad would be delicious just as is,

but for today, I thought it'd be really delicious

to add in some sliced almonds

and a handful or so of dried craisins.

The almonds add a little bit of crunch,

and the craisins add a little bit of sweetness.

And I just think that combination

with the chicken salad is so delicious.

So now, I'm just gonna stir this all together.

You may, at this point, wanna add a little bit more mayo.

That's totally up to you.

But you guys, that is everything

in this almond cranberry chicken salad,

super easy, super delicious.

In fact, I could totally go for some right now.

It's so good.

Okay, so now, like I said,

I'm not just making a regular-shaped sandwich.

For these, I'm gonna be making some sandwich dumplings.

So to make these, the first thing I'm going to do

is cut out some big round pieces of bread.

I'm just using my round cutter for this.

And of course, I do like to save the bread crusts,

so don't worry about that.

I don't just waste them.

And now, once I have all of my rounds cut out,

I'm going to get out my little dumpling maker.

Now, this makes folding the dumplings really easy,

but honestly you can make these dumplings without it.

But what I'm going to do is take my little round of bread,

place it in my little dumpling maker,

and then I'm going to very carefully

push down on the center of the bread a bit.

This is just gonna give us more space

so we can fill as much chicken salad in here as we can.

I do wanna have a good amount of filling in here,

but if you put too much, it'll just leak out.

So I'd say I added about a teaspoon and a half.

So now, I'm just going to squeeze this

until the edges are crimped together.

And check it out, you guys,

a chicken salad dumpling sandwich.

Super cute.

My kids will love these.

And it's something that's just a little bit more interesting

than your regular sandwich.

So now, to dress up this lunch box,

I'm going to start by taking a cupcake liner.

I used to use these all the time when making lunches.

I'm just gonna go ahead and flatten it out

and add it to the bottom of the lunch box.

Now, I can just place these little dumplings right on top,

and I think they look super cute.

Now, in this back section here,

I'm going to be adding in just some slices of apple.

These are some really delicious gala apples.

They are super sweet and crisp.

I like to slice them up

and add a little bit of lemon juice to them

so that they don't turn brown.

And then right next to the apples, I'm also gonna place

just a tablespoon or so of peanut butter

so that the kids can dip their apples right in there.

Such a tasty combination.

And of course, if you don't wanna use peanut butter,

you could also use nut-free butters.

That would work too.

Now in this front section of the lunch box,

I'm gonna add in some celery sticks.

Those also would be delicious

dipped in the peanut butter as well.

And then in this back section here, I'm gonna go ahead

and fill this up completely with some veggie straws.

And these ones are my kids' favorite.

These have a little bit of ranch flavoring to them,

and they are super delicious.

And then you guys, last but not least,

I'm also including one little treat for today's lunch.

This is a strawberry yogurt muffin,

and one of these little muffins fit perfectly

in this little Lego container just like this.

I just love the way this turned out,

and I know the kids will love it too.

(upbeat music)

All right, guys, what'd you think?

- [McKenzie] I loved the chicken salad.

- [Lily] I really liked the muffin.

- [Jennifer] Oh, the strawberry yogurt muffin?

- [Lily] Mm-hmm.

- [Jennifer] And Jackson?

- [Jackson] My favorite part was the apples.

- [Jennifer] Did you dip them in the peanut butter?

- [Jackson] Mm-hmm.

- [Jennifer] Hey, guys, and happy Friday.

So for today's sandwich lunch,

I'm going with a little bit of a football theme

since this weekend is the Super Bowl after all.

Now, you guys will have to let me know

in the comments down below

if you're watching the Super Bowl.

Who are you rooting for?

Now, of course, I'm rooting for the 49ers.

Since I grew up in the Bay Area,

the 49ers were totally my team.

So for this lunch, instead of using regular bread,

I thought I would switch it up

and use this wheat and honey bread instead.

And that's basically because I want the sandwich

to look like a football.

So since I can get two little football shapes

out of one piece of bread, I'm actually just gonna give

each kid half a sandwich today, and that's totally fine.

Once I put that with everything else in the lunch,

it should be enough.

So to these little football-shaped pieces of bread,

I'm just gonna add a little bit of mayo.

I'll go ahead and spread that out.

Next, I'm gonna add

some slices of salami and cheddar cheese.

Now, I'm gonna top this with just a little bit of lettuce,

and then I can close these up.

Now, on the top of the sandwich,

I do have a few more things I want to add.

I'm just taking some pieces of white cheddar,

and I'm going to try to make the top of these

look like footballs using little pieces of cheese.

Now, I know that real footballs

don't technically look like this, but it's pretty close.

So now, I'm gonna go ahead

and add these into the lunch boxes.

And just to make sure that these sandwiches

don't fall apart, I'm just going to add

one little sandwich pick down inside just like this.

Now up in the top section, I'm going to add

a little container of ranch dressing

which will go really well

with some sugar snap peas and carrots.

Then I'm going to take

these really cute little football rings.

These are cupcake rings, actually.

And I'm just going to stick them down

inside some mandarin oranges.

And for right now,

I'm going to keep this little section empty.

I have a treat that I wanna add in there later.

But first, I'm going to be adding a snack

to this separate container.

I thought with the Super Bowl theme,

some chips and bean dip would be perfect.

I've just added a little bit of bean dip

to this small section of this container,

and I'm going to top it with a little bit of cheese.

So I'm sure you've heard of a seven-layer bean dip.

Well, today, I'm just doing a two-layer one.

And to go along with the bean dip,

I'm also gonna be adding in some of these Tostitos Scoops.

These are the multigrain ones,

so they're a little bit darker.

But they are in the perfect shape for scooping up the dip,

and I know the kids will love them.

And now, last but not least, I'm also adding in

a very, very simple but cute football-shaped treat.

Now, you guys, these treats are definitely

going to be semi homemade, and that's because

I'm starting with some store-bought cupcakes.

Now, these are the Tasty cakes,

and I picked out these ones because they don't already have

a squiggle of white frosting across the top.

They're just plain.

So to make these kind of look like footballs,

I'm just gonna take a little bit of white frosting.

And the idea is to draw some football laces right on top.

And you guys, I am totally not worrying

about these being perfect.

I'm just throwing these together quickly

so we can get out the door, plus my kids really won't care.

And there you have it, guys,

a super cute but super easy football-themed lunch.

All right, guys, what'd you think of the football lunch?

- [McKenzie] Really good.

- [Jackson] My favorite part was the football sandwich.

- [Lily] My favorite part was the football cupcake.

- [Jennifer] (chuckles) And Kenzie?

- [McKenzie] My favorite was the football sandwich.

- [Jennifer] Yeah.

Now, you guys, don't forget to give this video

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Thank you guys so much for watching,

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