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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ep1. 발렌타인데이 대비해서 초콜릿 만들기! 저처럼 만들면 안돼요!

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hello this is Dani

It's been a while since I've been filming a video.

It's been a while since we last shot this past year.

I've had some work to do, so I've decided to shoot a new video this year.

today's video is

we are heading to the valentain's day

so we gonna make chocolate for valentain's day

Actually, I have no one to give it to

but i have no contents to make vid

im first time to make chocolate do'h

today im gonna make 'praline chocolate'

like 'Royce' chocolate

let's start it now

first of all. ingredients are dark chocolate base

cocoa powder


and butter. right? butter

with condensed milk 21 00:01:14,540 --> 00:01:17,200 two bouls for heat in boiling water.

knife, cutting board 23 00:01:21,400 --> 00:01:23,400 At first, dark chocolate

(guess not)

First, I'll boil some water in a big bowl for water bath


if we screw up..what shall we do?

fight with chocolate later

can you make it?

do my best

This should be well made

have a big significant

meanless action

poor the cream in this boul



so far so good

Is this how the cream comes out?

Isn't it spoiled?

winter+parcel service=auto whipping

This is November 11th.

last year

Expiration date. 2019/11/11

It's called manufacturing date, not expiration date.

First, pour in the cream.

You've got a pretty big one.

This is a big bowl.

Should I add some more whipped cream?

Get your hands off the cream.


I'm going to put some chocolate in it.

Human uses fire and tools.

And then degenerates.

The chocolate melts like this.

boiling is done now

let's pour on the mold

pour it

chef's habit

(pepper paste)

it's good!

really good

I don't think so

We're gonna have to put it in the fridge

i think we screw up? (im from future)

you said good before

yes it tastes good but shape..

we have missed something?

Haven't we?

a butter.

buck buck

First, I brought the chocolate that I made earlier

I'm running out of time.

That's why I don't think it's hardened yet

I should take this rap off.

It's falling apart unexpectedly


Royce sized


praline chocolate and codensed milk chocolate are done like this

praline chocolate and codensed milk chocolate are done like this

but is messed up praline chocolate

I'm cutting this in less firm shape,

and the shape is falling apart.

If there's anyone who's going to follow me

You shouldn't do this.

for this reason i buy chocolate

I failed, but it's for Valentine's Day.

Those of you who're going to make it know already.

Try it like me

And the bitterness of failure

untill you make it

Let me taste it 94 00:07:25,360 --> 00:07:26,740 glabella tells it

It tastes like a very strong hot chocolate

and strong cocoa.

taste is nice but it's shape

is little bit error

This is the first time Ive made chocolate.

You can also make chocolate with your friends or lovers

It would be good for making memories

Actually, there's no way we can do this on Valentine's Day

Take the chance to make it with your friends

I hope you guys can try it out

So that's it for today

see you next time!

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