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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ITCH.IO GAMES - BARRELS!! - COMMAND ANT CONQUER?

Difficulty: 0

Red ants

Unite we have been training for this for three years

We will kill all the purple ants


Well that didn't go,well did it

Hey, what's going on guys Ssundee here and welcome back


There's you remember this I've done this two other times. I hop on this website. There's as you can see here eighty-three

Thousand results of games we're gonna scroll through a bunch of these new games

Find some good ones and play a few these and I already found one of these games it is sick

We're gonna play it at the end of this video. It is actually pretty fun. I have to beat the game

I have yet to beat it. I have to beat we we will beat that game but first let's look around

Let's scroll through this

Let's find a good game and while we're looking again dudes if you still enjoy this random series from time to time

Show me some love hit the like button down below us get to eighteen likes

Also hit the subscribe button, and I yes, okay, let's go what the Freak is this?

Some FPS. Is that a vampire lady eating a hamburger?

That's disgusting

Oh, let's keep looking is that supposed to be Donald Trump with his toupee flying off in his brain showing

The ridiculously unhinged mutant president

Anyways , let's keep walking Oh

Does that see

Bowl if but bullets

Did the game developer typo bowling

Because the f key is right next to the G key they typed in Bolin's

Is this to be a good game, let's try this okay here we go ah

Space to shoot enter to restart well, I'll let me zoom in on this okay

Okay, I'm all zoomed in if I hit space okay here we go

They ask you how you are you just have to say that you're fine, and you're not really fine

But you just can't get into it because they would never understand

games in 2017

Bowling lazy ladies and gentlemen now. Let's hit an - let's try this again. I will get a strike here

We go Russell if this takes me forever making awesome montage if not

Second attempt and we got ourselves a strike

What happens if I throw it straight up in the air hold onhold on those straight up in the air

It goes straight backwards on a hook ooh

Is it gonna hit I

Almost hit a carpet bomb that is sick, I mean

Bullinf you ladies and gentlemen

games of 2017 done right

let's go to the next game Yeet on my feet a

game about our friend Yukon

made in 1.5 hours

I'm not playing that one you are

What is a Yeet on my feet let's keep going

Anything else barrel ramp? Oh, this is to put two players one keyboard

hold on I

Could play against Madeline in this yeah,hold on

Let me make sure this is a good game really quick, and then I'll go get Madeline. We're gonna do a 1v1

I mean this looks pretty sick barrel rampage. Just got nice 3d, okay, let's do play

How to play you must destroy more barrels than your enemy to win can you take him out of your way, okay?

We got a bunch of controls. Okay press base to continue round one. Yeah, this looks sick

Okay, hold on. Let me press W. A s and D

Okay, so I control the the the blue car I?

Have points player one zero, and it said destroy barrels shoot


So don't run into him no. Let me figure this out. This is sick

I'm gonna do a 1v1 versus battle into this. We're gonna do like maybe the best of three

I don't know. Let's do this alright Madeline you ready I

Guess so we're playing barrel rampage whoever destroys the most barrels wins and is the best doesn't have to cook dinner oh?

You can do that too, okay, so what this is

How to play you must destroy more barrels than your enemy to win you can take him out okay?

You're him out of your way, so

Player one these are my controls right player two those are your controls you got it. Okay? You're good

Yeah, okay, okay, okay, okay?

So we're gonna do the best of three whoever kills the most barrels wins I've had a list through the space to continue

Okay, here we go okay

Loading whoever kills the most barrels wins okay, so I'm on the left. You're on the right. I'm blue. You're red. Okay. We're good

That's my parrot

How do you already have two you don't even know how to play this game?

Okay, so if you look top center, that's all this time we have left

I have one point you have two okay any more barrels any more bales any more


Have five tier two overs were down here

Seven to your 2 turn around and we try to snipe you

So I had like seven - you're joking okay new round new round we got to do this

We're doing the best of three through the best of three. Okay, got it

No, I can't


Oh wait that didn't give me a point

Madeleine get your butt back here get your butt back here

Okay got it okay. I met I met you. It's two to do. Did you go this way?

I don't know what I'm doing three two - okay here. We go, okay

Any more barrels any more barrels go look barrel a barrel

Alright, let's restart this round. It's the final round best of three hold on final round Madeleine. You're you're gonna lose

Let's do this bring it your freak why am I always afraid here, we go redwood. I'm blue. You're red, okay

Okay, all the barrels all the barrels will be mine don't get mad pharaoh

Help you see under the Eiffel ah kill keep battling, don't you okay?

Okay 2 2 1 2 2 1 17 seconds left. I got this I got this. Where are the barrels

There's bears down here. I know there's bears down here

I'm gonna snipe you

Get the barrels no no Madeleine don't you kill me?

It's 5 to 1 5 to 1, okay, I need all the barrels

You have five save you five to - photo - nutter. Oh Madeleine stop. It stop it stop it

No, no, okay. I got it. No you got it

That was so close

You know what that means Madeline I went you have to cook for three years

So take out

Well whoever wins this night batter wins Oh? Everyone's just sniper battle winds

backwards !!!!!!!

Hi, Madeline, I win what's new all right, I got more games to play Gert girl no girls lap no



Yeah, so I think what I'm gonna do now since that last game took a lot longer than I thought

We're just gonna go to the last game, which I already found it played a little bit off

But I just can't frickin beat it okay hold let me go back to the top

I'll go back to the top wants to a search this game is called command


Conquer right here, this is so sick command & Conquer right here hold on. We've done, though

I already downloaded a hold on let me see which one. I'm supposed to play yeah. This is the game right here

Okay command & Conquer

It looks really it looks really like the graphics are Carolyn. This is a really fun game hold on

Let me show you what this is about so this is the game what this happened to be the red team right okay?

Let's load in here we go

This is actually really fun. So it's the first so I'm in the bottom left right here

I'm the red team you see this and there's three other teams pink orange and purple as you can see here

I'm controlling the center and of those red five

That is the queen ant my job is to?

Control the small ants like I'm gonna control these red ants to the center

they're gonna grab those dead little nothing eise and then bring them back to my

Colony over there as you can see I have 4 out of 200, right

My goal is to whoever gets to 200 points first wins

but here's the deal I can use my green ant go over to my my home and

Lay eggs and now I am growing or up

Repopulating more ant look at the purple look how many ants there are for the purple look at this now

I just I just made two or four more ants for more ads that I can control these four to go up here

To get even more and you just keep growing your colony growing your colony, but check this out

What's this odor grab all of my ads? I'm gonna grab all of my ants, right?

Let's go attack the purple team

We're killing all of the purple ants

With this zipped out all of the purple side now check this out, I can use these my red ants look at this

We'll get that right out right there. He just stole one of the purple eggs

So that's the goal of this cave

Run around you get a bunch of the seeds the nuts whatever you want to call them and build a massive

Colony the first to 200 points wins but every time you make an egg watch this watch this whenever I make an egg

It uses two of my points so

It's like oh no pigs company pitch coming. I don't have enough. Eye

So let's do this what I'm gonna. Do I'm gonna build a massive colony every time they throw seeds in there

I'm making more ants let's do this. Okay as soon as I get four I'm gonna go up to the top left farm

Okay, we have two

Let's send two up. Okay. We have three four okay

We have four let's go up here

So now we have four ants going top left for ants going towards the center here

We go and I'm just gonna keep making more ants the longer

I set my queen ant here the more ants I make and we're soon gonna go on the offensive and start attacking look at this

Look how many eggs I have down there. Okay, okay? Let's bring these ants to the center

What's this active purple attack the purple take them out?

We just took out the purple, okay, let's go to the center grab all those grab all those

Look how many seats I have coming back. I currently have how many

4037 we're just gonna spam more ants here we go my colony is growing so much

Okay, okay what I'm gonna. Do I'm gonna take some ants over here take some ants over here

Let's take out the pink take out the pink

Take him out take them out come on full-on attack okay now get all the seeds

We are destroying

right now

Okay, okay, pink is making a move pink is making a move. I'm gonna make more

Oh pink and purple or pink and uh hot pink pick it hot pink or on each other and

Burt will flank it from the back


Let's go get all of these seats in the center there. We go. We just got all the seeds in the center

Okay, what is purple doing Purple's making moves Purple's making moves? I don't like this. Okay, okay?

Pigs make your moves put top okay take out pink take out pink

Yes, okay. We just took out hot pink now. It looks like purple is gonna make a move towards us

I don't know. Let's make more babies make more babies

purple and pink

Okay, okay, okay? We're good. We're good make more babies make more babies okay

Purple's Purple's coming from the backside okay kill all purple now. Here's what I'm gonna

Do I'm gonna go off this hot pink I'm gonna take all of hot pinks babies

Give me your babies

We just took five of their children

Okay, let's go up here. Let's grab all of these seats grab all the seats there we go

Purple is making always purple gonna attack me

Purple's attacking me we gotta win this come on take about red

Would you eat it

It's mass-murder

Purple, but hot pink is growing I need to grow up my farm now

Okay, I needed to send these four guys to go to the center to grab these seeds

There we go

So I have three going to the old Oh hot Pink's making moves hot Pink's making moves run retreat retreat retreat

We could do this everybody come to me

Hot feet now purple purple is converging Purple's converging

Okay, let's go purple

We took out purple there we go, okay

Let's let's make some more babies. Let's make some more babies

We have 84 points hot pink has five points pink has 27 purple has 40. Okay. Let's make a bunch of babies

Let's make a bunch of babies. Let's go up here. Let's set out some runners to get some seeds here we go

Let's take out hot baby. Let's take out some a hot pink

We're taking a hot pink

Yes, okay, we're taking a hot pink let's grab the seeds, so let's go back

Okay, okay. Here we got this we got this let's go on our let's go on our ant Island. Let's build up a farm

Let's build up a farm. I have some runners going to the left farm. Let's go to the center farm now


have a good army coming up to the center now grab all the seeds grab all the seeds now come back to the base I

Need to make babies

Here we go

We have the most points so far

We have runners going everywhere. Oh, no it looks like hot pink is making moves

Oh look at the top right purple and pink are going oh

Hot pink is making moves come on take out hot pink

Here we go

Hot pink don't mess with me

Okay, I'm gonna make some babies make some babies

Let's take this army down to purple. We are gonna take all of Purple's babies. Give me all your babies. They are all mine

Here we go take all the babies kill all the purple people

We are running rampant right now

We have a hundred and six


Look at our army

Let's go back down to purple. Let's take all of Purple's babies

Purple all of your babies belong to me

Okay, over here on the right hand side look at all these seeds. We're gonna take all of these seeds

Yes, okay that that farm is gone look at this Center. I have all pink hot pink is forming hot pink is forming

We have to take down the hot pink army

No, okay, it gets converge. You got hot pink pink is converging on hot pink come hoppy or pink. Okay, okay?

Let's go to the center grab this

We're at a hundred and sixty points

Hot pink is making moves. Hot pink is making moves opaque is making moves. Okay? We have to go kill pink

Come on kill big take out pink. Yes. We took out pink okay?

We're at a hundred and seventy-one points. We need 30 more seeds

Okay, I might need to make more baby stone

Hold on. We're 179 180 180 720 190

Can we win our first game ever?

195 one daddy said what did he?

There we go we won our first game of command & Conquer

That is what I'm talking about


Anyways dudes for now I'm gonna end this here if you guys have enjoyed of course hit the like blood sample if you want me

To play this ant game again. Let me know I hate to like my da this game. It's fun

Maybe I could play with some friends like I can get Madeline in here and some other people. I don't know

Anyways, hope you guys have enjoyed hit the subscribe button. We'll see you dudes next time this was fun