Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FRIENDLY GHOST and Slick Slime Sam

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Aaaaaa! Sue, are you CRAZY?? Oh, ah...


Ooh, I need to lay down.

Oh Sammy!

A panic attack! I'm dying!

Sammy, come on!

Come on?? Who told me to watch the Ghostbusters?!!

Well, me...


Did you think they'd show the ghostbusters but not the ghosts?

It's too much for a fragile slime!

They got teeth! And slime!

But not the good kind! They pop! And they scream! Aaaaaa!

Here. This should help you forget the horror.

Forget that?? It'll take at least 5 of these!

Hey, guys! We've got a problem...

Sam gets spooked so easily now that I'm afraid to blink too loud.

It's only the ghosts that spook me!

Guys, who knows how to fight this fear?

Help me and leave a comment below!

I have an idea. They say fight fire with fire, yeah?

You wanna set me on fire again?

No. Hey guys, give a thumbs up if you remember that video!

No, we'll make a friendly ghost.

Sounds good.

We're gonna need some white school glue,

cheesecloth and water.

And also a special holder but we'll get to that later.

First let's mix glue and water together.

This much glue should be just enough.

And add the water, just a little less than the glue.

And mix it all together.


Saaam, what's going on?

Getting ready for the ghost attack!

They will come, step into the salt and leave the evidence.

Then smell garlic and pass out!

Yeah...that'll do the trick.

Hey guys, do YOU believe in ghosts?

I'm not sure myself anymore!

Let's get back to the craft.

I'll soak the cheesecloth in this mixture.

The more, the better!

And then make sure to remove the excess liquid...



I need a ghost-sucking machine.

Okay...That's it?

Yep. I'll lure them in, knock them out and then what?


They'll wake up and fly away. Or... or decide to get revenge!

Yeah, yeah, sure.

The friendly ghost is almost ready.

We just need to shape it.

I made this thingy out of balloons on sticks, it should work.

Will the ghost be sweet?

Well...Only if you mean delightful.

I'll throw the cheesecloth on the holder like this.

Oh my, it's so sticky!

And here too... Watch out for the wrinkles...

There. Great! Now I'll leave it to dry.

Is it dry yet?

Umm...I think so. Let's see here...

Yeah, looks nice and dry!


Our friendly ghost needs a face.

I'll take black construction paper and draw two circles.

There. Now cut them out...


And there.

Now, we need a mouth.

Not bad, huh?

Now get some glue on the face parts and stick it to the ghost.

Here... And the second one.


Now let's remove it from the holder.

Should I?

Yes, yes, yes!

It won't budge!

Here, let me help you!

Oh wow! That is so cool!

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It looks like...

Was Sue right???

Huh...You're not even that scary...

Cute even! Ha! Wannabe friends?

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