Practice English Speaking&Listening with: League of Legends Champion Spotlight - Zed The Master of Shadows (ENGLISH SUBS)

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Hey Solidius here and i am doing this video to show you Zed the master of Shadows.

One week has passed since riot released Elise and riot is releasing a new champion! (riot tries to sabotaze my effort to collect all the champions)

Now lets go see zeds's abilities.

and we start with zed's passive which is called "Contempt for the Weak"

When zed is attacking an enemy with less than 50% HP he causes additional magic damage equal to 8% of the enemy HP

Also their is a 10 seconds cooldown per auto-attack (on the same enemy) That means that if you hit the same enemy twice the extra magic damage will only be applied for the 1st auto-attack.

Now lets go see Q which is called "Razor Shuriken"

Zed and his shadow throw a shuriken that causes physical damage every shuriken deals less damage after the first one.

His W now which is called "Living Shadow"

As long as you activate this spell zed throws a shadow infront of him which last for a short time if you re activate W you can teleport at the location of the shadow.

Also the shadows mimics zed's abilities , when you and the shadow hit one enemy you do extra damage and slow the enemy.

His E now is called Shadow Slash.

When you activate it zed and his shadow perform a spin around their selfs dealing physical AoE damage and Slow.

Also everytime you use Shadow Slash the cooldown of Link Shadow is being reduced.

Zed's Ultimate is called Death Mark

As long as you activate it zeds is doing physical damage to an enemy and place a shadow behind the enemy also zed leave a mark on the enemy which explodes after 3seconds causing damage equal to the total damage of your previous attacks.

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