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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Speak English Fast ????? |10 + ways to say you agree | American Accent | Peppy Pronunciation 38

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hello hello hello everybody my name is Steve Ford welcome to your English

lesson today I have a wonderful lesson teaching you different ways that you can

say yes are you ready let's go

so I have a great lesson here for you today in case you haven't done so you

can hit that like button you can also subscribe to my channel and today we're

going to be talking about the many different ways of saying yes absolutely

for sure you got that right yes indeed I couldn't agree more you can say that

again you're telling me you know Sherlock talked about stating the

obvious I hear you I feel you nice weather we're having now there's two

ways you can answer that you can answer the standard way yes but how else could

you agree with someone but you're having nice weather

absolutely so as you can see there are many other ways that you can say yes in

this case absolutely used all the time absolutely

and you'll notice that I don't pronounce the T on the end there for absolutely

and the syllable stresses on the loo absolutely absolutely

there's a bit of a dual syllable stress there absolutely now let's say that the

weather isn't so absolutely wonderful and somebody says to you what it should

be summer we're having what crappy weather we're having if you feel the

same way you could say tell me about it so we use this when we share somebody's

complaint it's only used in negative situations tell me about it

you can link tell me tell me tell me and then about it becomes about it

so once again like I've said in other lessons you can take that T on the end

of about and you can relax it into a flap T about did and you really want to

try and inject some complaint and that's some emotion into that that you're

complaining on tell me about it tell me about it

you could say it's easy to gain weight but it sure is difficult to lose it hot

tell me about it do you agree with me let me know in your

comments if you think that it's easier to gain weight than to lose weight heck

there are some people even when they look at food they start to gain weight

so many people would like to travel to so many different places would you like

to travel around the world for sure now there are two ways that we can say it we

can say it in its full form for sure or when we say for very quickly for becomes

fur can you hear the difference for fur for fur so when we say it fast

it's for sure it has the same r sound as sure for sure for sure for sure so I

guess you want a party this weekend after working so hard you got that right

this is a very informal way of agreeing with someone you have got that right and

that's the only time I've heard it a very informal friendly way of talking

you got that right you got that right now a more formal way

going in the opposite direction when we want to agree with someone as we can say

yes indeed this is very formal some people here

will use it jokingly there are other ways that you can say that you agree

with someone in a normal way you could say oh I think she's the nicest person

in the world and then you could answer if you agree I couldn't agree more

now one of my favorites when you're agreeing with someone is when you say

you can say that again so for example you could say wool that dessert was

delicious and if you want to agree with a person you can say you can say that

again now I'm saying that in its full form but

when we say it fast you can becomes you can kin can becomes kin you can you can

and then that again links together that again and we use a flap T on the end of

that that duh duh that again so all together you can say that again now if

you're in the middle of a party and you say oh this party is the best I've ever

been to you could say you're telling me it's another way and we have in the full

form you are telling me it means you agree with the person you're expressing

your enthusiasm or you can use the contraction you're you're telling me or

in a much more friendly way you can say tellen but you would only use this with

close friends you wouldn't be using this in a more formal situation so all

together you're telling me other ways you can

agree with someone in an enthusiastic way in a less formal way you could say

you bet so you could say to somebody are you having a good time you pat and even

more informally and by the way I didn't pronounce the T there you've bet you

could say you betcha now this is extremely informal similar

to that rural English I was talking about somebody would say you betcha and

we put a yeah on the end there you bet yeah you betcha you betcha now we have

ways of agreeing with someone when we want to say kind of in a sarcastic way

that it's more man that buildings the ugliest thing

I've ever seen if they're really close friend you could

say no shit Sherlock or you could say in a more formal way

talk about stating the obvious both of these are sarcastic and they

mean well it's obvious talk about stating the obvious no now when we say

talk about stating the obvious you can notice how that links together

talk about talk about talk ah talk about okay everybody I hope that you found

this lesson useful and you can practice these as many times as you like you can

subscribe to my You Tube channel you can watch more of my lessons and I hope to

see you in our next English lesson bye everybody

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