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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Took Her Magnet Fishing For The First Time & You Have To See For Yourself!!

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he's an idea whoa whoa whoa did you see that big black snake welcome back to

another episode I did bring the 3600 pound magnet again I am at a new spot I

did bring my daughter with me she's never a magnet fish before so we'll see

how it goes so stick around

I just water all right we got part of it there's your big fine right there good

job oh it's big too oh I got a sign oh yeah

yeah thank you guys we just found a sign of I've never found a sign I've been

wanting to find a sign for a while all right guy who's got a very first sign

thanks to my daughter she let me get it out so never found sign before it's

really long let's figure out how I'm gonna get that in a car but I'm

definitely taking that with me

hello ladies found I just found a pocket knife and shell case the two shell


what oh yeah take a look at that guys it's not a pretty nice knife right here

and two shell casings Hey look at that

yeah we'll definitely add that to the bucket all right let's see what Lexus

found what'd you find right there some type of lid that's really cool

check out that oh that's a foul ball that's real cool oh yeah what was that

rock that you found big old piece of iron ore yeah yeah big piece of iron ore

all really good finds good job oh yeah just found me a spring and trout

line or something stuck to it all right my daughter Alexis just found her first

now congratulations on that I know it's not a whole lot to some people but this

is our first time going so she's excited

like something's right here oh what'd I get

oh yeah really good fine check out this right here some type of bar pretty cool

found something so yeah I know a little piece of wire nothing big but something

oh okay yeah oh yeah look at Lex this is my first key I've never found a key Oh

congratulations heck yeah I'll add that to the bucket

ring oh all right look Alexis just found the spring she's doing pretty good all

right guys take a look what we found today my daughter's gonna show us some

Springs this is this all really good finds I'm curious on what do you think

this might be on to I count down if you think what do you think might belong to

maybe a mystery we did find something big over there but we couldn't get it

out quite yet wait I will definitely come back we'll see we can't find it


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