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Welcome to Spain!

After a long trip we finally arrived.

We are at the Ebro, to fish on catfish and zander.

We're fishing heavy and far away.. casting is impossible.

The thick lines make it extra difficult,

that's why they use boats to get the lines in place.

The lines are located around 250 m ahead.

Tim, my fishing guide helps me fighting the catfish.

Nice that you will help me..

..before you know a strong catfish pulls me from the rock.

They are big strong fish indeed.

One will fight harder than the other.

We will see how strong they will be..

..and what moves they will make, and we'll find a way.

A nice zander or big perch will also be fun. Sure!

Now we will cast some rods to try for carp also.

Meanwhile we remain fishing on catfish.

So, we'll fish for two spieces.

Do we fish with one or two boilies?

What I planned to do.. to use one pellet..

..combined with a boilie underneath.

Like this

Some variation they will like for sure.

I think so too.

First we place the pellet, then the boilie.

Put the the rod on the rodpod..

..and we will go by boat together.

I already prepared a bucket of pellets.

I soacked them in fish oil.

We mix them with some boilies.

You just trow them into the water?

We spread them a bit.

By hand?

Let's prepare this one now.

After a few hours of waiting we have a fish on!

A very strong one!

We really need to do this together..

..I just got almost drawn of the cliff.

And down again.

It really is a strong fish.

I don't know yet what kind of fish is on.

It is swimming to and fro.

Your first Spanish fish!

Yeah sure.

This fish is really strong.


They go mad!

Just pull.

Two at the same time.


Let's hope the other rods remain quiet...

..otherwise we have a lack of hands.

Yes, it is catfish. Nice!

The cameraman has to help a bit.. he placed the camera on a tripod.

It is a really nice catfish.

A fat one.

The line got stuck behind a rock!

We don't know if the fish is still on.

Tim will check now.

Is he still on?

A lot of hustle and bustle.

So! It is a really nice and big one.

My first big catfish!

My first Ebro catfish.

Will you get it from out of the boat?

Nice hooked in the corner of the mouth.

Tim will get it now.. boat.

After that we pull it one shore.

So I can show it to you.

Big fish!

Will you take it to shore?

I will take to the side where we have the unhooking mat.

He is inboard, yes!

Here he comes.

A fatty!

I think i caught the first one bigger than me.

Fortunately a catfish can stay out of the water for a long time.

It starts here... and it is... idea...

It is a different one that I am used to.

At the four...

The four... that is this one.


That is 1.94 meters. So!

Almost two meters!

That is to aim high.

I just rested a bit..

.. and a bell rang again.

Thats is funny.

I don't know what is on, a fights different the the one before.

Yes two in a row, within 10 minutes.


Nice feeling it is eh?

Thats is how we do it.

1.75 meters Boaz!

Nice eh?! Yes.

A little smaller than the other one, but still..

Good job again. Yeah.

It was tough, wasn't it?

Two in row.

I use mud to wash away the slime.

So you won't get flies on it.

Actually it is unbelieveable

that one can catch two fish bigger then yourself.

It is really odd.

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