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( theme music playing )

( birds screeching )

( clattering )

- Man: Use your foot. - ( man #2 grunting )

- Man #3: Push. - How long is this gonna take?

- ( man #2 grunting ) - Man #3: It's not moving.

The lugs are rusted.

Where's Walt Wallet when you need him, huh?

- ( men laugh ) - Man: "Gasoline Alley," right?

Man #3: Yeah, it ain't going anywhere.


Well, it was.

Flat tire, eh?

Lugs are rusted. At least this lug is.

- ( straining ) - I got some 3-In-One in the glove box.

- Maybe that'll help. - I don't know what that is.

It's oil. What else?

Man #3: Let him get the thing.

Guess there's no point.

( oilcan pumping )

Could have been a tool.



"What else?" you said.

Could have been a wrench or something.

I don't see how it could have been a wrench.

- Or a solvent of some type. - Well, naturally, but...

I grew up in Sicily. Sperlinga.

We had olive oil, not-- what-do-you-call-- 3-In-One.

Look, mister, I-- I didn't mean anything by it.

I'm pulling your leg. Relax.

( nervous laugh )

Come on, Regina.

What's her name?

( Italian accent ) Regina?

- Yeah. It means "queen." - ( barks )

Good day to you.

To you as well. Come on, Regina.

( Regina barking )

What else could it be? Here.

Could be this. Or maybe it could be this!

- ( Regina barking ) - Or this!

- ( music playing ) - You fucking piece of shit!

( yelling )

( music continues )

There'll be a change in the weather

A change in the sea

From now on, there'll be a change in me

My walk will be different

My talk and my name

Ain't nothin' 'bout me gonna be the same...

Man: Here you go, kid.

Don't dawdle. Get it over there.

And if that ain't enough

I'm gonna change the way I strut my stuff

Oh, nobody wants you when you're old and gray

There'll be some changes made today

Oh, there'll be some changes made

I'm gonna change my way of living

If that ain't enough

I'm gonna change the way I strut my stuff

Oh, nobody wants you when you're old and gray

There'll be some changes made today...

- Sir. - Oh, there'll be some changes made

Oh, yeah, there'll be some changes made.

Thank you, sir.

Nothing like a hot coffee on a cold morning, eh?

A good breakfast?

I tell you, when I was a kid, I never ate breakfast.

Well, we barely had any food.

But now it's my favorite meal of the day.

My kids-- I make sure they always start the day

with a hot meal.

It's funny, some people--

how they say they'd never steal.

But you've got a family, kids to take care of--

you'll do anything,

which is why I'm not angry.

What's your name again?

- Nate. - Really, I'm not.

I mean, you're a thief, right, Nate?

- Mr. Thompson-- - You steal things for a living.

Isn't that correct?

Answer the man when he speaks.

- Yes. - Nucky: Okay.

So on the one hand we have you, Nate, a thief;

on the other we have Mr. Doyle here

who owns a warehouse in which he stores booze.

One night, Mr. Doyle leaves

the aforementioned warehouse unattended

while he answers nature's call in the outhouse.

The thief, spotting an opportunity to feed his family,

comes in and robs the warehouse

with an unknown accomplice.

Now I ask you, Mr. Doyle, what do thieves do?

- Beg pardon? - It's a simple question.

What do thieves do?

- They steal things? - Correct.

That's their job-- they steal things.

And warehouse owners?

Store things?

- Right again. - ( giggles )

Now, who, in this scenario, wasn't doing their job?

The thief, whose entire reason for being

is to steal things,

or the fucking imbecile

who left the warehouse full of liquor unlocked

while he was taking a goddamn dump?

- The imbecile? - The imbecile.

I'm not angry, Nate.

You were only doing your job.

Thank you, Mr. Thompson.

Who was your wheelman?

- Rowland Smith. - Rowland Smith.

Untie him.

Oh, but, before you do,

put a bullet in his fucking head.

What?! No! No, Mr. Thompson!

Please! No! No!

( grunting ) Please!

Certain people you do not steal from.

( gunshot )

( seagulls squawking )

( faint music playing )

- Set down a doily, please. - Yes, ma'am.

Philip, the serving spoons need polishing.

Right away, ma'am.

"Old Lang Syne."

"Auld Lang Syne."

It's Scottish for "Long, long ago."

- Will we sing it tonight? - Yes, dear.

The moment the clock strikes midnight.

Daddy says I could stay up till 1923.

No bragging, Teddy.

( radio static crackles )

Radio announcer: As plucky aviatrix Carrie Duncan

- arrives in South Jersey to prepare for her... - ( tuning stations )

Emily: Where is Daddy?

At work, I imagine.

I made him a card.

Well, you'll see him tonight at the party.

You can give it to him then.

Mama, what's an "aviatrix"?

A female aviator.

A lady who flies an aeroplane?

- Philip: Can you believe it? - Carrie Duncan.

She'll be the first person to fly nonstop

across the entire continent.

She takes off from Cape May in the morning.

Just as soon as she finishes bobbing her hair.

That will be all, Philip.

Radio announcer: Now, at the ripe age of 27, Miss Duncan...

( audio fades )

I've a meeting.

I'll be back in a few hours.

The ice will be delivered at 1:00.

Make sure it's clean and chipped into pieces.

- ( harp music playing ) - ( women chattering )

( laughter )


Ladies, I'd like to introduce Evelyn,

who will be joining us here at the Artemis Club.

- Hello. - Hi.

That was lovely, dear.

Now, a few points of business.

Given the festive nature of the holiday,

we can expect more than the usual amount

of inebriation among our guests,

and requests for you to partake will increase accordingly.

I urge you to resist this temptation,

as an infraction will result in a $25 fine.

Be polite and charming,

and forget what you're here for.

Gentlemen remain gentlemen only when they must.

Try a darker shade of lip rouge.

The Follies are in town,

so we can expect a visit from Mr. Ziegfeld.

I read he's back with his wife.

If it weren't for married men, we'd be out of business, dear.

Can we go to the arcade?

Richard: Come on, now. Come on. Sorry.

Mr. Harrow is our caretaker, a war veteran.

Charmed, I'm sure.

Gillian: Run along, darling.

Take him to Heckler's Flea Circus on the midway.

Come, dear.

See your room.

- ( music playing ) - ( chatter )

- What time's your train? - Not till 6:00.

She's up to 12 trunks already, two more for my mother.

It's Naples, not the moon.

Naples is the moon-- the dark side.

( snickering )

He's here.

Dean O'Banion.

I was expecting you to come down a chimney.

Uh-uh, you've been a bad boy, Alfonse.

( chuckles )

For your wife.

Straight from my shop. Happy holidays.

( speaks Italian )

Four whiskeys over here. Sit.

So, what brings me to the South Side

on a cold winter's day?

You don't mind sending your beer over here.

Whatever could you mean?

It was settled, Dean-- the territories.

Now, Jake says you're encroaching.

- Is that what Jake says? - You deny it?

Without equivocation.

Let's drink.

- Salud. - Slinte.

Good stuff.

Harder to come by every day.

Another reason you gotta respect the boundaries.

As I said, Al--

or you have some mozzarella in your ears?

What's that supposed to mean?

I'm asking you are you fuckin' deaf?

Hey, his kid's deaf.

But I'm sure he meant no offense.

Peace on earth, goodwill to men.

Now, the territories, as I understood them,

was that the north side belongs to me.

The south is yours,

but my pal Spike O'Donnell

runs the Kerry Patch south of here.

Up to Cass Avenue. North of that's ours.

Then I stand corrected.

I believed I was doing business

on Mr. O'Donnell's turf with his consent.

And I believe you're full of shit.

Good day, gents.

Oh, and say hello to your boy,

or at least wave.

- Go. Get him out of here! - You bastard!

( speaks Italian )

- What the fuck is wrong with you? - My fuckin' kid, John.

( speaking Italian )

But is it worth a war?

Behave yourself, okay?

I don't want no problem while I'm gone.

My New Year's resolution.

- I'm serious, Al. - I know.

A lot of money at stake, huh?

Later on, I'm gonna see that fuck.

I thought you made a resolution.

Well, New Year's ain't till midnight.

( laughing )

Get me a drink.

Harry, Jess, how are you?

- Harry: Good to see you, Nuck. - You've met Mayor Bader,

our County Treasurer Damien Fleming.

Your old job.

Those two-hour naps must be grueling.

( laughing )

All settled in at the Blenheim?

Just for the day, I'm afraid.

So you'll miss my shindig.

- Too bad. - Harry: Duty calls.

Or in our case Secretary Mellon,

the grand poobah of the Treasury Department.

We're back to Washington on the express,

and with that gorgeous view of the ocean.

I'd say you fellas are getting splashed enough.

That article in the "New York Times"?

Untermeyer's got an axe to grind.

If Untermeyer were the only woodsman.

The Veterans Bureau, this business with the oil company now--

- Sinclair. - You boys are quite popular with the press.

'23 will be better.

It's '24 I'm worried about.

Harding's got a snowball's chance.

So I'll see you boys tonight?

Sure thing.


Eddie, why don't you show Mr. Smith here the cigar stand?

The Fatimas are quite nice.

( door closes )

Let's cut the bullshit, shall we, Harry?

You fellas are going down, and you're not taking me with you.

- Come on, Nuck. - "Come on," your ass.

40 grand a month in protection,

- and that's not even counting the others-- - 40 grand a month

- is not 5% of what you're making. - Remus, Rothstein, Torrio.

And every time I open a paper,

there's a new goddamn investigation.

Maybe it's time you dismounted that high horse.

I seem to recall a few articles

about your legal troubles as well.

A year and a half ago. I'm a philanthropist now.

You're a gangster, plain and simple.

- I run a tight ship, Harry. - You run an open-air bazaar--

alcohol to the highest bidder.


People being murdered on the roads?

Tabor Heights is nearly 60 miles from here.

Well, how long before this place hits the headlines?

You're telling me how to conduct my affairs?

All I'm saying is you live in a glass house.

Then let's leave it at that, shall we?


About the money--

in an effort to keep the press hounds at bay,

starting soon, I will be accepting cash directly.

- I'll pay Jess? - I'm backing Jess off this.

I have a middleman. He'll be in touch.

- ( chuckles ) - ( liquid pours )

What do you make of this lady flier?

She should spread her legs

and leave spreading the wings to her husband.

( chuckles )

While we continue to expand our surgical capabilities.

Last week a thoracic surgeon was added to our staff,

and he performed a revascularization.

I won't pretend to know what that is.

Dr. Landau: The pericardial sac is opened,

and upon closure, the scar tissue that forms

sends oxygenated blood to the ischemic heart.

And to the left we have our brand-new

Enoch and Margaret Thompson Pediatric Annex.

No longer does St. Theresa's play second fiddle

to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Thanks to the Thompsons, first-rate pediatric care

is now available right here in Atlantic City.

- Well done. - We're quite pleased to have been able to help.

As we continue to modernize our facilities,

we plan eventually to affiliate with a major university.

We envision a day when Penn Medical students

will have their first clinical experience here...

- Woman: Someone help. - St. Theresa's.


- A teaching hospital-- - ( dripping )

( gasps ) Oh!

Oh! Dr. Mason! Nurse!

- We need a gurney. - Orderly, get a gurney.

I'm very sorry you had to witness that.

McCaully: Let's adjourn to the boardroom.

The new landscaping for our courtyard-- we're choosing hedges.

- We need a lady's opinion. - Man: Are you thinking cypress or boxwood?

Man #2: My wife is partial to hydrangeas.

Dr. Landau: Ah, well, the lady will know better...

( music playing within )

( knocks )

( music continues )

( knocking )

- Mr. Posner? - Yes?

Good day, sir. My name is George Mueller.

I represent the Faraday Electric Iron Company.

Is the lady of the house in as well?

What? No.

What is it you're selling?

Your wife requested some information

on a product that could save her hours of backbreaking--

It's New Year's Eve, bub.

Yes, sir. If I could just come in--

What'd I just say?

If you want, come back next week.

The thing is, sir, the company's holding a sales contest.

Today is the last--

- Mrs. Posner: Who was that? - Mr. Posner: Some peddler. I don't know.

A real lummox.

( music playing )

Barker: Hurry, hurry!

Step right up, boys. Win a prize.

Ladies, does your man have a steady hand?

Fellas, are you aiming to impress your gal?

- ( pops ) - Well, come on over and take a shot

at the Great Plains Shooting Gallery.

One dime is all it takes.

Two nickels, 10 pennies.

You like animals?

( barker continues indistinctly )

That's enough, pal.

( mutters )

Here we go.

Did your dad teach you to shoot?

Actually, it was my sister.

Your dad was a good shooter.

- He killed bad guys in the war. - That's right.

Rudy, the Congo Creep.

Hoppy, the Frog Boy--

been here since he was just a tadpole.

- ( trumpets ) - Ladies and gentlemen, Baby Henry...

One time, his leg got hurt and he had to go to the hospital.

- Who told you that? - My mama.

Your mother was a beautiful woman.

- She painted pictures. - No, she doesn't.

She did.

She painted the one in my room.

She's taking me to the movies tomorrow.

- Who is? - My mother.

You mean Gillian.

That's what I said.

Can we get some cotton candy?

( elephant trumpets )

Gentlemen, Mrs. Thompson, thank you for a terrific year.

- Always a pleasure. - Happy New Year.

- Margaret: And to you as well. - We'll see you tonight, then?

We'll be looking forward to it.

Dr. Mason?

I'm Margaret Thompson.

We met at the holiday luncheon.

Yes, of course.

I was wondering, the woman earlier--

how is she?

She's resting, but unfortunately she miscarried.

I'm so sorry.

It was unnecessary.

Her baby's death, it could easily have been prevented.

She miscarried most likely due to an E. coli infection.

If someone had told her to avoid raw milk,

her baby would be alive.

You're on the board of this hospital,

Mrs. Thompson, are you not?

- I am. - Then you might be interested to know

that we do not provide even the most elementary prenatal care.

We do not instruct women in nutrition or hygiene.

They are ignorant about their bodies,

and what you saw today is the result.

And what do you expect me to do?


Mickey: Move it along, fellas.

I wanna finish up early, bid adieu to '22.

( giggles )

Well, look who's slummin'.

- Where's your partner? - Eating his lunch. ( giggles )

Munya, we got company.

You don't tell me when the boss comes around?

I just did, for Christ's sake.

Nucky. What brings you?

I put some feelers out.

This Rowland Smith-- he's hiding in Willow Grove.

Your old neck of the woods.

Outside Philly.

Spare him the interrogation

and leave the body as a message for anyone else who'd like to rob us.

These fuckers need to learn respect.

Is there a problem, Manny?

New Year's Eve.

My wife makes a little party.

( sighs )

You were destitute and desperate.

Do you remember how I helped you?

And I helped you as well.

I do this for you,

but I want my own still,

my own operation.

Friends should not become partners.

Mickey? He's your friend?

What else to call the putz?

Okay, Manny. You have yourself a deal.

You won't be sorry.

Three months from now,

I'll be stuffing your pockets with money.

Rowland Smith--

just make sure he's dead before tomorrow.

- Girl: No, no, no, no, no! - Van Alden: Oh, excuse me.

- Excuse me. ( chuckles ) - Ow!

- ( girl shrieking ) - I'm very-- very sorry.

- ( shrieking continues ) - ( chattering )

"Every day in every way I am getting better and better."

"Every day in every way I am getting better and better."

Good afternoon. My name's George Mueller.

I'm with the Faraday Electric Iron--

I thought you were the grocer.

No, ma'am, I'm with the Faraday--

Take it on the arches.

Happy New Year.

( music playing )

- Woman: Hi, Nucky! - Hey, great party, Nucky.

Thanks, Damien.

Man: Hey, Nucky, great to see you.

Woman: The party's swell.

Nucky: Thank you. Hi. How are you?

- Woman #2: You look lovely, Margaret. - Woman #3: Hey, Nucky.

Nucky: Nice to see you.

- Terrific night, Nucky. - Thanks.

- You look beautiful, Mrs. Thompson. - Well, thank you.


If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was in Egypt.

- How did you manage? - Oh, we simply studied the photographs.

Afraid I'm getting credit where credit's not due.

My wife is responsible for all of this.

Imagine it-- a worthless desert far as the eye can see,

but right there underfoot, a treasure of untold millions.

I can imagine it, actually.

Excuse us.

- Excuse me a moment. - What is it?

Bring him down.

- Just for a few minutes. - ( sighs )

Why not?

There he is--

Pharaoh himself!

Eddie. Glad you could make it.

Make it? I wouldn't miss it.

Easier than a schlep to Egypt.

And better libation, I'd wager, too.

- Probably a safe bet. - Only one way to find out.

You must be the Boy King.

My boyish charms went out with the horse and buggy.

- Now this lad here... - Mm!

Hello, handsome. And who would you be?

Theodore Thompson, ma'am.

Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Well, I'm Lillian Kent, but you can call me Billie.

All my pals do.

He is darling.

Oh, when he chooses to be.

- Is that a real leopard? - Teddy.

With what that furrier dunked me for, I should hope so.

All right, then, back upstairs with you.

Ready to sing for our supper?

One more and I will be.

Oh, make that a double.

Here's how.


( muffled music playing )

You see that?

Look closely.

That's her name.


"Angela Darmody."

- That's my last name. - Of course it is.

I want to make a picture.


There we go. Hop up.

- What are you drawing? - A horse.

Very nice.

You know, she drew me once, your mother.

A long time ago.

Gillian: What was?

- Gillian. - What was a long time ago?

Mm, the war.

Is that a suitable topic?

- What are you boys doing? - Making a picture,

like my mother.

She painted that one.

I'm your mother now, remember?


Well, come with Mama. It's time for bed.

Good night.

( distant laughter )

- ( bell jingles ) - Dean: We're closed.

- Even for me? - Al.

I thought Torrio had you on a leash.

Well, he left town and I chewed through it.

- ( vase shatters ) - Whoops.

You really wanna do this?

Sorry, I-- I couldn't hear you.

( door opens, bell jingles )

Hey-o, Tommy! Where the fuck you been?

- I beg-- - Shut your yap and look smart.

We got company.

Now, what were you saying?

- Watch your step, Deanie. - This is my joint, Al,

on the north side of town.

Unless you want a taste of what's in that suitcase there...

I'd watch my own step, I was you.

Come on.

( glass crunches )

( bell jingles )

( locks clicking )


That was beautiful!

I don't know who you are, mister, but you just made a pal.

I'm George Mueller with the Faraday Electric Iron Company.

- Dean O'Banion. Hey, you married? - I am.

Yeah? How about this?

I'm gonna make you a swell bouquet

to take home to Mrs. Mueller, huh?

( laughs )

- What, is it irons you're selling? - Yes, sir.

- They'll save you hours of-- - Eh, give me two dozen. How's that?


yes, sir.

- Thank you. - Well, you're a good man, Mueller.

You got a nice poker face.

Hey, you ever want a real job,

just ask around about Deanie O'Banion.

- ( music playing ) - Two dozen?

Two dozen.

3,000 years ago

King Tut, he reigned, you know

He must have traveled greatly in his time

For in his tomb out there was gold and silverware

From big hotels of every land and clime

While going through his royal robes

They found up in his sleeve

The first fig leaf that Adam gave to Eve

In old King Tut-Tut-Tut-ankhamun's day

Beneath the tropic skies, King Tut-Tut was very wise

Now old King Tut-Tut-Tut was always gay

Cleopatra, she sat upon his knee

Pat-- that's where she sat

The girls would dance for him and every move a treat

They'd move and move and move

But never move their feet

A thousand girls would dance each day

With lots of hip-hip-hip hooray!

In old King Tut-Tut-Tut-Tut-Tut-Tut

King Tutty's day

3,000 years ago, in history we know

King Tutankhamun ruled a mighty land

He ruled for many years

Amid laughter, song, and tears

He made a record that will always stand

They opened up his tomb the other day

And jumped with glee...

How's about them "Nefertitties"?

That Cantor-- luckiest Yid alive.

Miss Kent is no typical chorine.

You speak from experience?

I speak as her landlord, Mr. Yale.

The second luckiest Yid alive.

Apartment house of mine on West 57th.

A tenant.

Now Remus has heard everything.

You can tell Remus it happens to be true.

Gyp, you made it.

How was the trip down?

Flat tire. You believe it?

Near Tabor Heights, by any chance?

Spent the last eight hours washing grease off my hands.

Aren't you gonna introduce us to your date?

Of course. Where are my manners?

Scruffy, meet Charlie Luciano.

What's that?

She says you remind her of her brother.

- In your case, that's a compliment. - ( men chuckle )

Gyp Rosetti, meet George Remus.

A pleasure.

A little whiskey to warm you up?

This one's got ice water in his veins.

Take a lot more than whiskey.

Take a lot more than that whiskey.

Remus has the good stuff.

Speaking of which, we need to talk.

Getting a lot of demand for rum, and that stuff--

Cleopatra requests your presence.

That's okay. I wasn't really interested in finishing my thought.

Relax, Gyp.

It's a party.

( fanfare plays )

A toast from our host!

( applause )

Stir the eggnog, raise the toddy.

Happy New Year, everybody.

- ( all cheering ) - Happy New Year!

To Nucky and Margaret Thompson!

- All: Hear, hear! - ( fanfare plays )

Who ate the last of the sardines?

I saw a stray cat go by.

Oh, there's liverwurst there as well.

Hank: Say, Georgie boy! How's tricks?

I made 24 sales.

- You don't say. - That's quite a haul.

Ralph: Not for a closer like George.

- Every no is one step closer to a yes. - Hank: It certainly is.

Ralph: Except you're a day late and a dollar short.

Yeah, $500 to be precise.

Phil there is the big winner.

I've got the order slips.

Two dozen irons. That puts me ahead by seven.

That's swell, George, and you'll certainly get your commission,

but the contest is over.

You missed the tally.

10:00 p.m., you said.

- Phil: You don't know onions. - Ralph: Onions?

Must be all the sawdust between those cauliflowers.

Woman: Phil, stop.

The deadline was 9:00, George.

You said 10:00 p.m., Mr. Gulliver.

It's after hours. Call me Scotty.

I'm sure it was 10:00.

Now, George, you know there's a city ordinance

that says you can't peddle goods after 9:00.

What? No, I wasn't aware.

Well, sure. Disturbing the peace.

That's why the deadline was nine bells.

My wife and I were going to use the prize money to buy a house.

Oh, come on, now. Don't be shot to pieces.

- Have a drink. - I don't consume alcohol.

Well, me? I'm gonna get slopped.

( music playing )

With no sleep and nearly 30 hours in the air.

Can you imagine soaring through the sky like a bird?


30 hours to myself is all the freedom I'd need.

Ma'am, I'm told we're low on champagne.

Thank you. I'll have the bar restocked.

Already New Year's back home.

Give my best to Katy.

Oh, Mrs. Thompson, what a spectacular affair.

As a rule, parties bore me, but not this one.

I'm so glad you're enjoying yourselves.

Oh, we are, very much.

Dr. Landau, the woman who came in today--

As I said, I'm sorry you had to see that.

Female patient. Very sad.


I was speaking with one of the doctors.

- Oh. - He thought it might be a good idea

if the hospital offered some kind of instruction for women--

health instruction, prenatal care.

Oh, really? Which doctor was that?

I-- I don't recall his name.

Older gentleman.

His point was the entire situation could have been prevented.

Excuse me?

How's everyone doing?

- Sweeten those for you? - You might have to.

Your wife's just been lecturing me

on our hospital's complicity in a woman's miscarriage.

- No, I-- - Negligent, were we?

That's not what I meant.

I'm sure it wasn't.

Why are we talking shop on New Year's Eve?

- ( gong bangs ) - ( music playing )

Oh, look!

It's Howard Carter himself,

back from the Valley of the Kings

with New Year's baubles for all our guests.

Everyone, please come and partake of King Tut's treasure.

( guests gasp )

- A scarab brooch for you, Mrs. Landau? - Oh!

A tiepin for you, Doctor?

Why, it's beautiful.

Nucky: Step on up, everyone.

Please, help yourselves.

- These are real diamonds. - ( all gasp )

( music playing )

Richard, I was wondering if I might have a word.

Of course.

Do you like living here?


Then I'd appreciate if you'd stop filling Tommy's head

with stories about the past.

It's all very painful for him.

I understand.

I knew you would.

Are you going out this evening?

Yes. To meet a friend.

Well, enjoy yourself.

And let's look to the future.

Hold it right there.

I understand there's a game over at the Traymore.

Not if they hear you're coming.

In the mood, George?

Remus shuns gambling.

Look, another mummy.

My apologies, gentlemen.

- I trust you've been enjoying yourselves. - Mm.

We're getting real friendly.

I promised this Yid I'd stick it only halfway in.

As I was saying,

I'll do 500 cases a month of rum, plus--

I need to stop you.

I won't be selling you alcohol anymore.

- Things have changed. - How come?

It's not really your concern.

Exactly the kind of high-handed attitude that makes--

I've got friends in politics, highly placed friends.

As a favor to them and for my own peace of mind,

I prefer to simplify things.

Well, I got money, you got booze.

What could be simpler than that?

That I sell to one buyer only.

Effective immediately, I'll be exporting exclusively

from Atlantic City to Mr. Rothstein.

If you'd like, you can buy directly from him.

At a 50% markup.

You could always buy from Brooklyn.

Bill Lovett, Peg-Leg Lonergan.

Those Paddies won't sell to Italians.

Sorry, boys.

New Year, new rules.

See, that makes sense.

Chink I know, runs a laundry--

tells me '23 is the Year of the Pig.

This is a business decision, Mr. Rosetti.

I come all the way down here, put up with car trouble...

We all got the same news.

Yeah, but we ain't all in the same fuckin' boat.

I'm gettin' squeezed on all sides here--

- ( speaks Italian ) - No, fuck you, Frank.

Your fuckin' rat-hole bar and your warehouse in Canarsie?

I don't see you doing me any favors, amico.

And you-- you smug kike midget,

creeping around like a fucking dentist with the ether.

Why don't you watch your fuckin' step--

Why don't you go sit in the corner, short pants?

And then there's you--

a fuckin' breadstick in a bow tie.

You pasty-faced, cocksucking--

You must be tired, Mr. Rosetti.

That can make a man irritable.

- You need some rest. - I need 500 cases of rum.

You and your men-- my guests at the Ritz.

What, you think I can't float my own hotel room?

I'm making a goodwill gesture.

Accept it or not.

- How about I make one, too? - You'll not do it here.

I'll shit you out like yesterday's sausage, you bog-trotting prick.

You're making my decision very easy.

( guests laughing )

Nobody here can take a joke.

Guests: 10, nine, eight,

seven, six...

- ( dog yelping ) - ...five, four, three,

two, one...

- Happy New Year! - ( party favors rattling )

( music playing )

Look, it's Father Time!

Here come the New Year's babies!

( horn squawking )

Thanks for a lovely evening.

For your kids.

- ( music playing ) - ( speaking Yiddish )


( muffled chatter )

I thought he was sleeping through the night.

Sometimes he's hungry still.

How's Abigail's cold?


I lost.

This year will be more lucky.

These flowers are for you.

Nucky: Thank you for coming.

Margaret: Always lovely to see you.


we made it-- 1923.

It's hard to believe, isn't it?

In some ways I wish the world would slow down.

Hmm, you have the right attitude, dear.

- Nucky: Good night now. - Margaret: Good night.

- How dare you? - I beg your pardon?

Don't ever drag me into a situation like that again.

- What situation? - Your issues, whatever your cause is this time.

- My name is on that hospital. - As is mine.

And it's not to provide you with a bully pulpit.

You come and go as you please and I do all that's required of me.

Everything you do is because I paid for it.

Don't pretend you don't enjoy playing the benefactor.

You made me a benefactor by giving that land away.

I had no ch--

Is it New Year's yet?

Yes, dear.

Could you not sleep?

Tips for the staff.

The bishop's office called.

They need an answer regarding the St. Gregory award.

- When is it? - A week from Tuesday.

I'll think about it.

Happy New Year.

( speaking Yiddish )

( car approaches )

( car horn honks )

Maybe I come later.

( Emma screaming )

( distant dogs barking )

( screaming continues )

( clock ticking softly )

Why, Miss Kent.

- Surprised? - I'm shocked.

What happened to Cleopatra?

I'd say she flipped her wig.

Enjoy yourself tonight?

I've never had so much fun

pretending I didn't know someone.

( chuckles )

The only place I can truly rest my head.

Well, you're not resting yet.

( laughs )

( birds squawking )

( engine buzzing )

Man: Here she comes! Wave to her! Wave!

( music playing )

They say don't change the old for the new

But I found out that this will never do

When you grow old, you don't last long

You're here today and then tomorrow you're gone

I loved a man for many years gone by

I thought his love for me would never die

He made some changes that would never do

From now on I'm gonna make some changes, too

There'll be a change in the weather

A change in the sea

From now on there'll be a change in me

My walk will be different

My talk and my name

There's nothing 'bout me gonna be the same

'Cause nobody wants you when you're old and gray

There'll be some changes made today

There'll be some changes made.

The Description of Resolution