Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Maria & Liam look for quokkas on Rottnest Island, Perth – On the go with EF #107

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Hi guys!

Were still down under in the beautiful city of Perth.

The weather is just amazing today. We should go explore, Liam.

Thats a very good idea. Now were going to go take a boat ride

outside to Rottnest Island, which is just outside Perth.

Lets go!

Guys, were on Rottnest Island and we got these really cool bikes to cycle around on!

Yeah, so were going to bike around the whole island, I guess!

Yeah, look.

Were going to be going all the way around here and hopefully well get to see some nice scenery.

Amazing scenery, yes. How long do you think it will take?

They said about 3-5 hours. Okay. Thats a lot of time to enjoy the views.

Lets go check it out, right? Yeah.

Im not so good at cycling by the way, just so everybody knows.

So, what are your hopes for today?

Well, Im looking forward to seeing some nice scenery,

which we can already see now, some beaches, but most of all, the quokkas.

Oh, yes, the quokkas.

Guys, the quokka is an animal that you can only find here in Western Australia,

and apparently this island is full of them.

And theyre supposed to be the happiest animals in the world.

I know, and theyre apparently really cute. They look like mini kangaroos.

I hope we see hundreds of them. Yeah, lets see. They should be here somewhere.

Yes. Lets go find quokkas.

Oh wow, look! Theres a trail. Should we go over there?

Yeah, lets go. He can bike. Im not doing that.

It was harder than I thought. I think Ill have to park the bike here.

Shall we? I overestimated myself. Yeah, lets go.

I wonder what were going to see on the other side here.

I know. This is exciting. Its like suspense, suspense!

Exactly. Its building and building. Wow.

Okay, this is really pretty. Thats a really nice view.

Its like out of a movie. You walk up and theres a beautiful sea.


I can actually see, over there, a silhouette of the city.

Do you see that? You can see the skyline from here.

Yeah, that must be Perth. Yeah.

I could stay here. I could, too. I could get used to this.

The beach here is quite nice. Theres a lot of nice white sand.

I know. Its a bit small, though.

Should we go try to find another one? Yeah.

Lets go.

By the way, the temperature is perfect. I know. Its amazing.

Its so nice. We have the best weather here in all of Australia.


Where are these quokkas? Quokka, quokka!

Look here, though. Does that look like quokka poo to you?

Yeah, probably. I dont know who else might poo here.

Yeah, thats a fair point.

Do you know what I heard? The hunters can touch the poo,

feel how warm it is, and theyre supposed to be able to tell by that how far away the animal is.

Really? Do you want to try?

No, Im good, thanks. I was just about to ask you. No. Quokka, quokka, where are you?

I think we can find some, dont you think? Lets try. Quokka!

Oh my gosh! What?

Oh my gosh. What? What? Oh.

When I see them I feel like theyre on me.

Oh dear. Theyre actually massive, though. Do you think you can go look?

You go first. Ill go first.

Look at this web!

Its actually huge. This is actually insane. Have you ever seen anything like it before?

No! And I dont want to see it!

Lets take a step closer, slowly, but mind your feet.

Im being very careful with insects in Australia, you know.

Holy moly, guacamole. Theyre so big.

Look at that. Yeah, that one is really big.

When it move, I feel like its on me. I swear, I feel like its on me.

That must be unpleasant.

Im looking up and down at the same time just to make sure that theres nothing on my feet.

Look, it came. Its eating.

Imagine having one of those in your house. No! Stop. Dont put that idea in my head.

I dont want any spiders in my house. They can stay in the nature.

I can stay in my house. Well all respect the distance.

Can we please go?

Yeah. I guess its enough time by the spiders. Lets go.

Just make sure theres nothing on you. Yeah, good point, actually.

Now Im going to cycle very fast.

You look like youre wobbling a bit from side to side. Hows it going?

Its going fine. I think Im getting much better, but as long as were going down the hill,

I need to keep the brake on, so I dont speed too much.

And your saddle is quite low, I see.

Its a safety technique. A safety technique?

Yes, because then I can make sure that my feet can touch the ground if I need to brake.

So, you brake like this? Yep.

I see. Very interesting biking techniques here.

You focus on biking and Ill tell you what I see, right?

Sounds good. Wow. Look at that.

Thats a really nice view, right? Oh my gosh, this is beautiful.

Look over there. It looks like a light house. It is the light house.

Should we go check it out? Yeah. Lets go.

Oh, it feels so good to walk and not to cycle sometimes.

Yeah. Hold on a second. The lighthouse is there.


Shouldnt there be a way there? Oh my gosh, youre right.

I think we took the wrong way. What are we going to do?

I mean, we could go back.

Or we could skip the lighthouse and go look for quokkas.

I like the sound of that. Lets do that. Lets go look for quokkas.

It is pretty, though. It looks like a picture from a book.

Thats true. Quokka! Quokka!

Didnt they say its supposed to be full of quokkas?

Yeah, thats what they told us. And that theyre very friendly.

Maybe they dont like us. Maybe not. Quokka!

I know theyre here somewhere. Oh my gosh.

We found a quokka. Thats so cute. Oh my gosh.

Guys. Is that the quokka?

Yes, theres the quokka. Oh, there.

It looks like a mini kangaroo. Oh, it jumps like a kangaroo.

Its like a big rat and a small kangaroo at the same time.

Oh, its so cute. I think shes smelling food. Shes trying to find food. Shes sniffing.

Its just kindly rejecting us. Please like us! Please like us. Were very likeable.

Thats very cute. Its got a tail like a rat.

Thats actually where this island got its name from. Rottnest.


Yeah, because they thought they were some type of rat,

but I think theyre way cuter than rats. Theyre way cuter than rats with big eyes.

Should we give it a name? Yes, what should we name it?

Maybe something neutral. Mary? No, Im kidding.

I would say Alex, then it can be both. Alex. It could be Alex.

Why are you trying to sound like a duck? Im trying to attract it.

Maybe like a horse. Where did you meet a horse that sounds like that?

But thats what you do to horses, right? I dont know what that is.


Im sorry, but we dont actually have any food. We get fined if we feed you. 150 dollars.

Those are called the happiest animals on earth.

Apparently, there are three things when it comes to quokkas.

Number one: you cant feed them, cant pet them, and you can never hurt a quokka.

Who would hurt a quokka though? I dont know.

Theyre so cute. I know.

Should we go find some more? Yeah. Lets go find one that likes me.

Yeah. The trees. They look like broccoli.

Oh my gosh, youre right. They do look like broccoli.

Mmmm. Its making me hungry.

There are quokkas everywhere. Look! Theres a quokka, and there. Quokkas everywhere!

Theres an even smaller one over there. Theres a baby quokka! So cute.

In the beginning, it was like we couldnt find any.

We were really struggling to find any quokkas, but now theyre all over the place.

I know. I guess people are right. It is a quokka island.

And now its beach time!

Oh my gosh. This is so nice!

Lets sit here, take a rest, and enjoy the view before heading back to the boat.

Its a well-deserved rest.

Guys, what a day weve had!

We cycled around, there was so much beautiful scenery, and the quokkas!

And the spiders, too. Dont forget the spiders. Yeah, I wont.

Yeah, they were a bit scary. What do you guys find to be more scary?

The spiders or the snakes? Or maybe you dont find either of them scary?

Leave a comment below and the best one can win this keychain.

A locally produced keychain.

Make sure to come and watch the next episode where Liam is going to play the didgeridoo.

Indeed. See you then! Bye!

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