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Hey, I'm Grump

I'm not so Grump

and we're the Game Grumps!

-Hello and welcome to game grumps! -Hey, it's game grumps time. What is this game Arin? This is - do we play as cargo?

-We get to watch these two dudes have a conversation while we shimmy and rustle. -Yeah, I'm a box pick me up and place me

-This is called a way out Dan

-Okay -People have been really looking forward to us playing this game

-Really? -Because it is a cooperative game

*gasp* I love that

Were you and I are going to play as two

Criminals-oh wait what-who have been arrested and put in jail?

And I think the idea is we're breaking out of jail? or we've already broken out of jail and we're trying to escape

Being put back in jail. Oh my god. I don't know we're like the all mad male Bonnie and Clyde. That's is a blind play through

We're Clyde and Clyde

Um, so go ahead and hit X to join. Oh, I'm Egofaptor, and I'm Aynahlfeesting.

Which still hasn't been banned yet, no, and it still has not stopped being funny to me what that guy looks like Harlan Williams, on the right

I'm Somebody's bitch!

Smoker doing that must be for you

I'm not smart because I am

But I do get shit done, I never wrote a book yeah and argue with that

So fuck you good talk

We're really a bunch of well the guards are yeah, which one do you want to be?

I want to be the guy who gets shit done. I want to get the guy who's

named Vincent

I'm confident short tempered and a joker oh

Okay, so we're I guess we're being flown to a jail or something well. You're in for fraud embezzlement and murder

Oh, sweet, and I'm in for armed robbery assault and grand theft, so I've killed someone, but you have not that's cool well

You're rational disciplined and reserved not quite reserved enough not to kill somebody

I'm a disciplined killer. He was probably a dick and you're 43. I rationally murdered that man

I really thought it through

All right, well, that's me. Well here read your background. Oh, that's important. after earning a college degree in financing

and marrying my high-school sweet heart side his voice

His voices

I said although the job in making

Promises of easy money ended up shattering my whole life when I got drawn into the world of organized crime Wow okay?


Was brought up in an orphanage and turned into crime in early in my life that how he talks know when stealing a famous diamond

Everything went horribly wrong now. Yeah, I must give out the prison and set things right for my son my wife

That's a tough one to put in the soft J and for myself

Is that?

Like Eastern European was that I don't know I don't know what it is Caruso

Italian okay great hit X

No, not Circle. This is hard hit X. I tell you

It's starting

Thank you Arin

So yeah, just the hands gently touch I

Was happening so fast? Yeah, sorry, I'm okay okay with it I?

Know I've been wanted for murder, but you're the one who killed the walls around my heart

You're wanted for murder, but now you're wanted for me

Okay, what is it loading? I don't know but that

Loading their axe the circle within circle is kind of hypnotized. I know like when it lines up

ray I do that sometimes when like I

I compare my when I'm stopped at a stoplight and like the blinker the turn signal on my car is

Occasionally matches up with the blinker yes guy in front of me. Yeah, I'm like it's almost there again

And then it starts going like

Thank God, I thought I was the only one who does that and then it's like perfectly off-centered and you're like it's like a beat

This reminds me of one of the horror games we play it, but I can't remember what?

Dread out no more recent than that. What was the one where dread in?

Mmm-hmm and Brett Oh get the let out what I was bred uh?

Shit oh

You know what it might have been a game. We lost the footage of what was it

What was the one where like you're you're walking through the hallways of like I'd abandon high school or some shit like that

That was dread oh no no and not a high school. I guess it was an insane asylum

We played it around the time of Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 creepy one that you play it with the virtual reality

Resident Evil 7 yes, no it wasn't actually never mind never mind

Sand sound it's funny because the fans can't even help if we lost yeah

Yeah, yeah, I just remember like you open a door and then crazy shit happens. You're having flashbacks

You're crawling at one point and like someone jumps out at you say, please help me blue

It's not like dread. Oh no

It's your wife, and you crashed in a plane or something and you find the pilot all eviscerated and up on a cross


Was it like straight out to stop fucking with me? Dude. You know this game. I don't know it all right well

We'll figure it out later. So you and I are in different parts of the world no shit. Yeah, so like

Should just be wandering around doing stuff. Yeah. Yeah, I just just explore weird

All right, I'm going I'm going

Jesus so like oh shit, we're co-exist fighting

We're coexisting in the same world right now. Oh, okay. There's gonna be like moments where like while we're working together

You'll be like distracting someone and I'll like be doing something else. That's crazy. Yeah, right like it's cool. God. I love my mutton chops

What do you?

Stay strong

Stay strong

Oh shit, hey

Well, I'm sorry. I it's just that you're a pussy

I'll talk to you Adam Scott

How's it goin towards staying away from the toilet alcohol

Yeah, it's jail

How come you get the wussies and I get the pussies

What an excellent question I

Want to sign this so we be moving towards each other or something?

I don't even know just gathering every are relative to each other. It's a good point

You got it I?

Mean whoa get a little friendly?

Did he touch your junk yeah, I believe he did he touched my little Caruso's dude. That is you should sue for that curry

This much

Larry yeah, what's the matter? You dude? That's racist you. Can't say that

Hey, don't hey hey hey hey uncool dude eh-eh-eh-eh eh-eh-eh-eh, I'm not a pussy

I'm sitting down right now vagina well, okay

Do they give you this much free range in prison you can just trot around places guess so I got it one dress sick

Dude, check me out

All right, are you fuckin jealous right now boobs jail. I put on a show?

Hey, bud, let's let's talk. I want to talk I want to talk to you

You just want to talk to you

Can I go in your office, what are you doing here? What's go?

Damn son yes

Wow turn around you are sick

Yo, I am thi, si si oh geez I want that thick sock dude. That's actually an unfortunate kind of

Well, you know like you're having a nice relaxing shower

Is cold relax, that's my penis, did you see the penis I missed it?

I do I have a beefy guy in my face though this came a dick in it well congratulations

It's your dream. Come true boy. There's some dicks down there

Yeah, but not like true dicks

Not the best kind of dicks. Why would they why did I get a dog dude?

Are youse down there hold on? Oh? Can you watch me? Oh yeah there? Yeah wow?

I'm looking at your naked butt from the second floor, and you don't know about it. Well. Just like real life

I'm covering my penis to make it easier on the editors

Any questions oh is this your pretty?

What's your name?

Hmm I've never been asked that before kill him oh geez

You just got visited again daddy again

Well what else you doing let's walk around

Dude I've never been able to control a naked man like this before well. Hey hey, how's it going, buddy? Hey?

How are you? What's the weave button? What's the way, but now? What do we've uh?

There's a wave function. Yeah, I can look at you hello

Like look at look at me on your screen

Wow I feel so I feel so um that's interesting I feel so freed

And little we're clothing or anything

Stop no inmates, okay

It's kind of unfortunate cuz like everybody in here gets to see me naked, but I don't get to see everyone else naked

That's not fair

You wanna hang out no no what you don't look free should I go upstairs?

Going buttcheeks yes, please

Good luck with you freedom in there

Hey, I'm free

dude, you should rip off all your clothes this fucking dope I

I would love to what we're the Helaman I have to talk to fucking other prisoners

Sick I hope he's nude

Nude attained

Gross yeah, what about over here. I want it. Well where the hell am I supposed to go with my Oh more. There's more of

Chill out I'm just a prisoner

Thanks, man, I'll do the toilet sick. I like put my hand on the wall like here Foley Hina

Can you feel my warmth through the wall

Mi 49008 mi 49

Well you got dressed fast amen shirt first bold move

shirt shirt on dick out is a great way to walk around them, and I like to let the berries I

Like to let people see the cash and prizes before uh before I the showcase showdown Hangul with the bangle, ooh

Oh, my god. Are we gonna meet finally are we gonna meet?

Is he the naked guy from this door

It's the same guy you just said you saw before he's got some sweet Dee s. L's yeah well alright

Then maybe I'll head over is it visit me is that yeah of course. It's you

Find your place of interest or am I canceling oh sitting down?

Wait what's Oh? Nearby points of interest oh?

Oh, it's you there, you are up there where oh?

I'm at a jog in a light jar weary Wow being in jail really puts you in shape

Boy I wish I could be in jail every day you can

you are

What you want new fish um Oh?

What's going on here it's none of your business now get out of here

Okay, bye, I can't believe you talked to me looking for trouble no

Unless your name's trouble

Okay, and you know what next time on game grumps will meet

We kiss

Sometimes, I love you so much

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