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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: IS THIS FAREWELL!? | Portal 2 Co-Op #6 (END)

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Jack: Can you build up enough speed through one portal?

Bob: No, no, no, no

Bob: Put your light blue portal right here.

Jack: Yeah, that's what I'm saying.

Jack: If you just keep running

Bob: Yeah

Bob: And then switch it-

Bob: I'm gonna run towards your light blue,

Bob: So at some point,

Bob: Switch your dark blue over to the launch pad

Bob: And then I'll do the same thing for you from down there.

Jack: Okay, go!

Bob: Cause I can stand over there.

Jack: I got 'cha

Bob: Yeah, I'm building up speed. This is good!

Bob: Alright, don't kill me!

Bob: AAAH!

Jack: Well... I didnt- uh..

Jack: Okayyy...

Jack: It's okayyyyy, you're fine!

Bob: That thing I said about don't kill me? It was pertaining to that...

Jack: Well, I didn't. The spikes did!

Bob: Alright.

Bob: Portal me, brah!

Bob: And then, like, time it or something.

Jack: K

Jack: They're slamming!

Bob: Whaoh no!

Jack: Did you do it?

Bob: Yeah, I'm over here

Jack: Yay!

Bob: Alright, get yourself up there and I'll do the same sh*t for you

Jack: Okay

Bob: Um, actually you have to be on this side

Bob: cause I can't see both the walls on that side.

Jack: Okay

Jack: Okay, I need to- Okay. Okay, I'm up here now.

Jack: Okay

Bob: Okay

Bob: And I do that, and that!

I mean- THAT and that.

Jack: Okay, and then you need your portal over on that side.

Okay, WE GOT THIS! We got this! We got this. Okay



Bob: Oh! That's not the timing...

Jack: No...

Bob: Alright.

Jack: Okay


Jack: GOOOO!

Bob: Go, friend!

Jack: Yes!

Jack: We did it! B: Ah, yes!

Bob: Yes

Jack: God, you almost got crushed again

Jack: F*ck yeah!

Jack: Look, it's a block!

Jack: We got the block, Bob!

Jack: Yeah! Sit in there, ya fat b*tch.

Jack: (Singing) We - are - the - bestest - friends

that - ever - solve - puzz - les

Bob: Woah, hey! There's a cube! Hey!

Jack: I got it!

Bob: I got it J: Hey!

Jack: F*ck. Fff... man..

Jack: But it was me who was gonna cube-

Wait, how the f*ck do we use that?

Jack: What if I go over here, away from you, forever?

Now I am the one- Okayyy...

Bob: Hi

Jack: Now I am the one who is down here.

Bob: So, what am I supposed-

-I'm gonna stay back here-

What am I suppose to do with this?

Jack: We're suppose to put a goop over there, and it goops all of this!

Bob: Blegh! Blegh!

Jack: Oh God!

Jack: Ah, what is wrong-

Eh, you need to drink more water, man.

Bob: Is that not the right color?

Jack: Go again!

Bob: FLELELELEAH (Barf sounds)

Jack: BLUUUAHHHH! (More barf sounds)

Jack: So what if-

Jack: Portal there, and portal there- okay

Jack: Can you get me down there again? Hehehe

Bob: I guess

Jack: Thanks

Bob: You need this cube with you, or something?

Jack: No, cause it'll disappear on that-


Bob: See ya!

Jack: Uh oh.

Uh oh

Bob: HA!

Bob: Here, I got you, friend

Jack: OH GO- AAH!

Bob: (Laughing)

Bob: Alright, so I need to- I need to set up the portals once you're over there, too

Jack: Yeah, cause I forgot that once I go through the force field they disappear

Bob: Go over there! Go over there

Jack: (laughing) I got it, shut up!

Bob: *laughs*

Bob: I like how you were just stuck standing there


Bob: There you go

Jack: Oh god, oh god, oh AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob: Oh no, theres a thingy

Bob: Oh, goodness me, oh dear...

Jack: So we need to plan ahead. (Chuckles)

Bob: Wait (x10), I'm having a think. Wait, Wait.

Jack: I don't know. It sounds like you're hurting yourself.

Bob: (Groans)

Bob: Hang on Hang on, I got you.

Bob: Cash me outside, how bout dah.

Jack: NO I don't want to cash you outside.

Bob: How bout Dah Cash Me outside.

Jack: What are you doing?

Bob: Uhhh I got an Idea, I got an Idea, I got an Idea.

Jack: Ok. Does it solve our Problem?

Bob: It involves, it involves doing this.

Bob: Check that out. Cool, Nailed it.

Bob: Then it involves doing this.

Jack: AHHHHH I get 'Cha.

Jack: That's Clever.

Bob: You're like Huuuuup. Then you're like HUUUUUUUUp no not like this bitch.

Bob: And then you're like Fuck you!

Bob: Ummm hang on. I can do this.

Bob: You run and jump and then im gonna portal you down here and you are gonna fly up in the air and you grab the cube and you use the laser to shoot all the guys.

Jack: Ok. But you gotta put me but you gotta put me like that one and that one then.

Bob: Yeah that's what i'm gonnna do. I'm gonna switch it so you bounce back and forth.

Jack: (intense breathing) Lord,Lord above, bless me on this (Stutter)

Bob: This is almost definitely probably gonna work.

Bob: Ok so you gotta catch that cube when you are coming down here.

Bob: Alright, now use that laser to kill those bitches.

Jack: Ok

Bob: That one is gone. (x2)

Jack: Ok (Laughing) This is fun!!

Bob: I can't believe this is f*cking working.

Jack: This Is Awesome! Booshck!

Bob: are they all dead? There you go, last one last one

Jack: Yea! Ok now what?

Bob: Then you're gonna come over here

Jack: Oh God (x3)

Jack: Uggh!

Jack: Just give me a second, Blegh!

Bob: No you're fine-you're fine

Bob: You're fine good job buddy

Bob: You know what, I think you did a good job.

Jack: I like how when you go to hug me, It's still me hugging you.

Bob: Yeah I don't really want to hug you but I'm trying to encourage you a little bit

Jack: It's a very one-sided friendship

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