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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Tui Wheel of Misfortune

Difficulty: 0

Well, well, well, hello and welcome to Westpac Stadium

for Hurricanes verses the Cheetahs.

Tonight a few lucky punters are about to win big.

If one mate takes one for the team then all the lads will win a VIP Tui experience.

Feast your eyes.

This is, the Wheel of Misfortune.

We've been fishing, and we've found a pretty awesome foursome.

Three's a crowd.

We've got the high five.

Now, fellas, how long have you known each other?

Oh we go way back, old school mates, old school mates, uni days.

Ahhhh, honestly, I've known them for too long.

Too long yeah.

Well, what I wanna know is who is the best mate of them all?

Who's gonna put their hand up tonight and volunteer,

to win big with Tui?


Straight into it.

Ill do it.


Get around him!

Yeah, alright!


Here it is,

spin that wheel.

Spin that wheel Joshua!

Here we go!



This is nothing new for himnothing new.

There we go.

Enjoy the beers, enjoy the view -

maybe not you horse.

Fellas, go and enjoy the night in the Tui Corporate Box.

VIP Tui Experience Horse.

It's all good stuff


Welcome a few of the Canes into the building.


Thanks mate, I like your work.

This here is a bit of a signed jumper.

Oh hell yeah!

Mate, how are you going in the straight jacket tonight?

Err, I'm struggling but we're getting there.

Slowly but surely.

Beers hard to drink?

Ah, nah not when you've got your lads helping you out.

You gotta love your mates eh..yeah.

You sneaked a peek?

I've tried to mate, to be honest, it been, been pretty average.

He's sacrificed for you lads, um, what an experience.

Lucky that you're not the onein the cone.

He's done very well, and we're very proud of him.

How are you going to repay James for all he's done tonight?

Mate ah, you know, I don't know what we're gonna do

but he's done us a real solid tonight, James has been a real trooper.

Um, never been to the box before so um, cheers to Tui, cheers to you.



Well, what a perfect evening, here in the Tui corporate box, with

a great Canes victory.

Too right. Success on and off the field,

and especially with our Wheel of Misfortune.

They did no crime, but they did the time.

Here's to great mates, and thanks to Tui.

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