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Put those crafting scissors down?


I said, put those scissors down!


Because this is your scrapbooking subconscious,

telling you to try a new technique.

And that is



Scrapbooking is the best way

to capture memories and

make them last a lifetime

But how do you get started without spending a fortune?

Pages for the Ages is here to help you out!

Hi! I'm Jennifer Neumann

from Pages for the Ages Scrapbooking

and today were talking about the tearing technique.

Now, tearing paper is a very simple

and beautiful technique which

I use on many of my premade scrapbooking templates

which you can find at my shop online.

The idea behind tearing paper

rather than cutting it,

is that it's creates a very layered,

very textured, and soft look.

I usually associate tearing with pastel colors,

photographs that I find very beautiful, peaceful, and serene.

Now, today I'm going to teach you

3 different ways which we can incorporate the tearing technique

into our scrapbooking pages.

And, I actually just thought of a really great acronym

which will help us remember those ways.

So, first, B stands for Borders,

E for Embellishments,

and, P for Photo Mats

which spells "BEP" ...


that's actually not very helpful.

Um...showing you the technique

is much easier than explaining it

so let's get going!

Here I have an example

of how I used the tearing technique

to create a border around a scrapbook page.

Now, as you can see,

I tore the paper right along here.

This patterned paper has

something called a "white core"

and that means when you rip it,

you receive this additional color.

I really like the layering effect

and what it does for this page.

As you can see,

it kind of draws the eye

to the center of the page

and this is the main focus

is that picture right there.

Now what would this have looked like

if we had not used the tearing technique?

I have an example of that.

Try to imagine that this is a straight-edged square.

It has a completely different feel to it.

I don't feel that it is as interesting.

It's much more rigid feeling

and it looks more like a portrait.

So, I really appreciate the tearing technique

and how it gives this scrapbook page

a very soft look.

Here we have an exmaple

of how I used tearing

to create an embellishment.

This page can be found in my shop online.

As you can see, the tearing was done right here.

It was a combination of tearing

as well as cutting with a regular scissors.

Let me explain how that was done.

I chose a piece of patterned paper to begin with

and started with a straight edge.

I went ahead and tore the paper.

And now I have that nice, white core showing.

Then, I used a scissors to create a wave look.

We'll cut it off right there.

Now, embellishments like these

can be added anywhere on a page

to give the page additional character.

Now I'm going to show you

how to use tearing technique to create a photo mat.

As you can see,

I've chosen the background pieces of paper for my new scrapbook page

and I've chosen the photo that I want to be the main..uh..

center and focus of the page.

Now, by itself this page looks pretty simple

and so we want to add a few embellishments

such as a photo mat so that we

draw more attention to this photo.

I've chosen these three sheets of

scrap paper to create my photo mat.

I chose these colors based on the fact

that there's already a lot of blue on this page

and so I want to draw out some of the accent colors

such as the white, the pink, and the tan.

When you create your photo mat,

you can have your photograph in the center of that mat.

However, for this particular demo,

I'm going to try something where I have the photo a little off-center

and what that will do is create two tabs

over here where I can do some journaling,

maybe write her name

or a special phrase that I connect with the photo.

So, let's go ahead and get started.

All we need are our hands to get started tearing.

Have you checked out our shop yet?

There you have it.

We've found 3 great ways to use our tearing technique

with our borders, embellishments, and photo mats.

Now, in all of my demonstrations today I tore the paper by hand.

Creative Memories does sell a tool for this process.

It's called the Wavy Tearing Tool.

I personally would like to save my $10,

but if there's anyone out there

who has tried this tool

and would recommend it,

let us know in the comments below.

I'm Jennifer Neumann

from Pages for the Ages Scrapbooking.

Thanks for joining us

and we look forward to seeing you next time.

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