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When you look at the night sky

you can see a bright planet

It is the second planet from the Sunthe Venus

For many years,

the ancient people believed that some alien demons are living under the clouds of the Venus.

But we have learnt recently that it is highly impossible because of the high temperature in the Venus.

Let me present you some of the interesting facts about this planet.

Venus has many fascinating features

The Venus and the Earth are always considered as twin planets

This is because of their almost equal size and the little distance between them

Though they are similar in these two characteristics,

both the Earth and the Venus are completely different planets in other aspects

Do you know what impresses more?

It is a fact that one day in Venus is longer than its one year

Before reading the explanation

just think about this possibility for a moment

The reason behind this bizarre fact is the rotation of the Venus.

Venus takes about 243 Earth days to rotate on its axis

But Earth takes just 24 hours to complete one rotation

Also Venus takes 225 days to complete one revolution around the Sun

Thus, one day on Venus is longer than its one year

Isnt it surprising? Post your comments below.

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