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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why I want to move back to Tokyo

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hello I'm Jillian Northbrook from doing something a bit different

today a couple of days ago I got

chatting to someone about the

differences between living in Ireland

living in Tokyo its entrant in said tray

cetera and she very naturally asked me

do you miss Tokyo do you ever think you

will go back there and I said yes

actually I do miss Tokyo and probably

one day in the certainly not near future

maybe the distant future I may consider

moving back to Tokyo and she asked me a

very good question that actually made me

think quite a lot if you have Asperger's

she said how comes you find Tokyo a

comfortable place to be surely a crowded

chaotic city like Tokyo would be the

worst place for you to be in somewhere

like where you are now here in the

countryside in Ireland is much much more

appropriate and yes in a sense it is

much much more appropriate for somebody

like me here in the middle of nowhere in

Ireland but there is one problem around

here that I don't have in Tokyo and that

is because of the fact that it is quiet

and there are far fewer people you work

anonymity that you you'll wreck this

kind of sense of being anonymous and non

amenity and not none of mmmm I can't say

that at all whatever

whereas in Tokyo like you are just a

single person in a sea of people

and people don't pay attention to each

other because of this it's like you

you've reached this critical mess

whereby there are just so many people

that you simply acknowledge no one

whereas here for example if you're

walking down the road like the person is

gonna speak to you they're going to

acknowledge you they're going to say you

know hello or whatever and if you don't

engage in that kind of social pleasant

airy that I am people like me struggle

with so much then kind of it becomes

awkward and weird that is the challenge

with living somewhere like this not only

bad but

I guess it's a you know it's a part of

the culture and the personality of

people in in some in a country like

Ireland compared to somewhere like Japan

well I said Japan I mean Tokyo because

my experience of Japan is really 99%

Tokyo but example if you're going to a

shop in Tokyo there there's a very

strong sense of social convention you

know exactly what the person in the shop

whether on the till or you know helping

you with whatever you know what they're

gonna say you know how they're gonna

behave you know how they're gonna act

and there's this very strong sense of

your own personal feelings should be

kept inside they are personal to you and

there's no real place for them in the

average say shopping staff encounter

kind of situation in those situations

people again have a very structured

formalized way that they are expected to

behave and with things that they say in

the things that they do this makes

things very very very predictable which

is you know really really helpful for

somebody like me who struggles to pick

up on hints and the subtleties of social

interaction as well as somebody again

like myself who really needs routine

needs things to be the same finds change

difficult in general whereas somewhere

like here an island people are far more

erratic how they are gonna behave

depends on the person and on the day and

their mood and all kinds of different


so there you lose that sense of


whereas in in Japan in Tokyo I'd go into

say the post office and I know exactly

what the person's going to say and how

they're going to behave well here we

really don't know and I mean just to

give you an example of this there was a

while a while ago I went into a place

called a credit union where in town

where we live to exchange some yen that

we have left over into euros

they just did it for us no problem

whatsoever we then found some more yen

that we'd forgotten to take down there

and we went back same place different

day and they said no we don't do that

kind of exchange here and it was like

but wait a minute

yesterday yesterday we did it today you

don't and like different people

different way of doing things and one

person was fine to do it one person

didn't want to do it Annie it's that

level of unpredictability that makes

living somewhere like where I live now

very very stressful

even though stereotypically at least it

is the better environment for somebody

with autistic spectrum disorder because

it is quieter fewer people of a much

much karma a way of life but again it

lacks that predictability as well as

being an anonymous figure in a again a

sea of people as opposed to here anyway

an interesting conversation I fought on

an interesting a question and I guess

ready to an extent it all comes down to

cultural differences which of course is

an extremely important part of learning

speaking and living in a second language

I'm not living in my second language

right now but I certainly was and I was

in Japan and if you are living in

English as a second language and

struggling to do it well don't worry I

can help you head over to doing sign up for my free daily

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of course you'll also get invites to my

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desire a place on it right this is me

Julian Northbrook signing out from this

video bye bye

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