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- Pisces?

Do you like fish?

- I like to eat fish.

- Dope, Pisces it is.


Yeah, so I'm a student and I'm currently studying

earth and space sciences with minors in philosophy

and physics, call me a space scientist, you can call me

a planetary scientist, one of the two.

- I think it's like a load of crap, frankly.

I know my astrological sign.

It's a Virgo, I don't know what it means at all.

What does Virgo mean, someone?

- Okay.


- Sure.

Oh my god.


I have so many.

- What does this stuff mean on your shirt?

- Oh, part of the rebellion, Star Wars.

- Okay, nice, so you're a bit of a nerd.

Do you get along with people easily?

- No.


- Are you close with your family?

- A little bit, yeah.

- Okay, are any of these questions

actually pointing me closer to your sign?

- Uh, probably not.


- God damn it.

What's your favorite animal?

- Arachnids, I like spiders.

- I'm gonna give you Scorpio then.

Because it's a scorpion.

- Because it's a scorpion, and it's an arachnid.

- Yeah it is an arachnid.

A lot of people get that wrong.

- How long have you had glasses?

- Since about sixth grade.

- Yeah, why are you opposed to astrology?

Isn't that your major?


- God damn it.

There's a big difference between astrology and astronomy.

Which is basically just a bunch of old people

just sitting around looking at the stars

a couple thousand years ago.

That kinda looks like a lion, I guess.

- Wouldn't we call those people astronomers?

- Yes and no, but that was like, early astronomy,

and they got everything wrong anyway.

I'm gonna go with Aquarius, 'cause it has water,

and you said you liked the rain.

- I love the rain.

- Hello, so I'm actually on your side of things.

I don't believe in astrology either.

- Thank god.

I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Sagittarius, I don't know why, I'm just gonna go with it

'cause it was not the one on the top.

- Thank you.

- Hello. - Hello.

- Did I give away Leo yet?

Oh, I could.

I could go with Leo, 'cause of the mane.

For lion, do you like that one?

- Yeah.

(group laughing)

- Thank you.

- Hello. - Hello.

- Welcome, do you like to fish?

- Hell no.

- Okay, Pisces is out.


Can someone help me?

Am I allowed to get help from the crowd?

What's your favorite kind of weather?

- I'm a Caribbean girl, so I'ma say sun.

I like summer.

- Okay, dope.

You're feisty, I like it.

I like Taurus, for the bull,

'cause bulls are typically feisty.

- Okay, I'll take that, thank you.

- Hi. - Hello.

- I'm diggin' the dragons,

none of these are dragon related, though, so that sucks.

Why the broken heart necklace?

- I feel a lot.

- You feel a lot?


You're a very emotive person?

- Yes.

- I'm sure that goes with one of these,

but I don't which one.

I got that.

Okay, we'll see.

Okay, got this.

It's gonna be Gemini, slash Gemin-ee.

- Ooh.

- No, was that wrong?

That was a reaction that told me it was wrong!

We're gonna go with it anyway.

- She said she feels a lot,

and I looked at my phone

and it said Gemini, they have gentle affectionate--

- Gemin-ee?

- No, Gemin-ee is how it's actually pronounced!

It's Gemin-ee.

- Is it Gemin-ee?

- [Tyler] It's Gemin-ee.

- [Girl] Such a scientist.

- Okay.

- Hello, welcome.

What do you like to do in your free time?

- I draw with my friends a lot.

- What kind of stuff do you typically draw?

- Monsters, mostly.

- My phone said that Cancer had artistic connotations,

slash likes and hobbies, so I'm gonna go with that.

- Thank you.

- Are you wearing colored contacts?

- What do you think?

- Yes?

Hmm, that doesn't help at all.


- What do you have left?

- I have Pisces, Aries, Libra, Virgo, and Capricorn.

So we're gonna go with Virgo, 'cause I'm a Virgo

and you seem like a dope person, and I'm dope.

I'm pretty sure I am eight for eight right now.

- Hello - Hi.

- You seem really excited about this.

Are you really into astrology?

- Like, for dating and stuff.

- So you base relationships off

of whether you're a compatible sign?

- Well, kind of, I mean, it's kind of fun,

like when I go on Tinder dates

sometimes I'll try to figure out what they are.

I'm not like,

crazily go and see if we're compatible,

not that that's the best analysis, but it's just fun.

- So I'm a Virgo. - Yeah.

- Does that tell you anything about me?

Do you know the different, like-

- I only choose the signs that I wanna be with, though.

- Okay, so it's not a Virgo? - Kinda.

- Why?

- Why?

Because you're not like, I don't know.

I like fiery and passionate and like, really intense

and having fun and I don't deal

with earth or air or water, oh, that's all of them.


You're literally just gonna pick up a random one?

- Yeah. - There we go.

'Cause I don't know what's happening.

- Perfect.

- Bye.

- Okay, I have a question for you.

So you don't believe in astrology.

Would you agree though, that it's silly to say

something isn't real if you can't prove that it is

or that you can't prove that it isn't?

- So basically you're asking me if I'm agnostic

towards this kind of stuff.

Because you can't necessarily prove it,

there's no reason to put any faith in it.

- Okay, agree to disagree.

- Pisces, do you like fish?

- I like to eat fish.

- Dope, Pisces it is. (group laughing)

We have Capricorn, and Aries.

- Okay.

- So, what is Capricorn?

- It's a goat, with a fish tail.

- Oh, that's weird.


- I'm saying it, just a little bit.

- Aries; courageous, determined, confident,

enthusiastic, optimistic, honest and passionate.

So we'll go with Aries.

- Alright.

- I'm not even gonna look at the other one.

- Not even gonna look.

Alright, I can dig it.

- Hello, so you're going to be Capricorn.

- I guess so.

- So you have that ocean wave tattoo,

and supposedly this has a tail,

so those two things go together.

- Am I a mermaid?

- Yes.

- Oh yeah, sure I'll take it.

- I know I got 'em all wrong.


I'm actually gonna swap you with Pisces

just because of the wave.

- Cool.

- [Tyler] That's more wave-related.

(dramatic music)

- Yeah!

- You done fucked up.

Yeah, I'm Aquarius.

From what I've been told, or my understanding,

Aquarians are very artistic, imaginative, open-minded people

I'm kind of the artist, the martial-artist, at least.

Well, thank you for guessing.

- I am a Cancer, what Cancer means to me: loyal,

we're in touch with our emotions,

some people can see that as a bad thing.

But it doesn't have to be as sensitive,

it's just that we can use it in many different relations.

- How do you use it?

- Again, intuitive.

- Nice.

- You got me right!

Of course, that's gonna happen,

the two non-believers.

- Wait, what was your reasoning again?

- I don't even remember.

I'm pretty sure I just picked it.

Maybe the stars were giving me some energy

and it just transmitted.

I honestly don't remember.

So you're not a lion?

- No, not today.

- Damn.

- I'm a Libra, not a Leo.

- Libra, cooperative, diplomatic, you like harmony,

gentleness, sharing with others and the outdoors.

Do you think that's a fitting description of you?

- I mean, some, like it's hit and miss,

but I think that's par for the course.

- What's the point of this shit.

It's just all hit and miss.

I match up with half of these, half of the time.

Aries, welcome back.

- You weren't that far off.

- No, they both have horns.

- I'm actually at the cusp.

- Wait, are they right next to each other?

Taurus and Aries right next to each other?

- I'm at the cusp--

- And I got y'all backwards right?

So I basically got it right.


- You're not religious?

- No. - No.

- I grew up Christian though.

And then I realized that it was kinda crap, too.

And I feel like that's the same thing with the zodiac.

- I think you see it when you believe it, for sure.

- That sounds like pseudo-science.

It works as long as you believe in it,

but once you stop believing in it, it just goes away.

- Pisces we're really, we're dreamers,

we're very empathetic, we're the oldest sign in the zodiac.

- Wait, what?

How do you have the oldest sign in the zodiac?

- So there's 12.

So we're the twelfth, which means we kind of

have understanding of everyone before us.

They all came before, Pisces is the last.

- But then how is Pisces the oldest if it came last?

Wouldn't that make you the youngest?


- Well we're the twelfth.

- Virgos! - Virgo, dope.

- You guessed Cancer, which is actually

my favorite sign in other people.

- Okay, interesting.

Why is Cancer your favorite sign in other people?

- Well it just kind of worked out that way,

I just met a lot of people that I liked

and they were all Cancers, so I was like,

I guess I like Cancers.

- They all have the same personalities?

- I do think that there's that Cancer quality

of being very openly emotional

and that's something that I really vibe with.

Cool, thank you.

- I'm Capricorn and you guessed me wrong.

- What makes you a Capricorn other than your birthday?

- Half hopeless romantic, but the other half

is just realistic, so very opposite,

but it works for me.

Thanks for guessing.

- Me!

- So you're Leo.

What did I guess you as?

- Libra.

- Okay, they both start with L.

Why are you a Leo?

- Why am I a Leo?

I think I'm your atypical Leo.

I'm very friendly, extrovert, outgoing.

- You said you were atypical, so?

- What is atypical, no?

- The opposite of typical.

Not your typical Leo.

- No, I am a Leo.

I'm typical, typical, typical Leo.

I just say words sometimes

and hope everything works out.

- That makes sense.

- We don't have a filter.

We like being the center of attention.

That's my favorite thing.

Like, on dates, it's mostly just like dating myself

and at the end I'm like, what's your name again?

We were talking all about me.

- I hope you have fun with your future Tinder dates

and find a love that Sagittarius (mumbles)

Do you have a twin?

- Do I have a twin?

I do not have a twin.

- What does Gemini mean, other than having a twin?

- The one I hear a lot now in my adult life is flaky.

'Cause apparently we can't make up our mind.

We're attracted to intelligence, we like to communicate.

I think that's the big thing is we're the communicators.

Yeah, that's what it means to be a Gemini.

- Alright, thank you.

- I'm actually very much a Taurus, good and bad.

The good stuff is I'm very nurturing.

I love to take care of people.

But on the bad side of it is I'm very stubborn.

- Do you like that the day you were born determined

your future personality?

- I don't know if necessarily I like it,

but I do believe in it.

- Hi. - Okay, Scorpio.

So your wave deceived me.

- We are very extreme people.

We're really intense, we're really passionate.

We're also pretty mysterious.

I don't think I'm really mysterious,

but apparently we are.

- Well I feel like I've heard passionate, loyal,

extroverted, and a few of those other ones

used to describe a lot, like half of the other ones.

- Oh for sure, yeah.

But we're also very extreme.

So when I'm sad, I'm really sad,

but when I'm super happy, I'm super happy.

There's no medium for us.

- There's no middle ground?

That just sounds stressful.

- Oh it is. - Way too much.

- I learned that astrology is definitely bullshit.


Confirmed, moving on.



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