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What happened? What happened?

You know what Rashid hit me,

and he is threatening me that he will snatch my child.

What are you saying?

She is lying, nothing like that happened.

Hey, is he mad, that he will hit her?

I am telling the truth, the truth, he hit me, he pulled my hair,

he slapped me on my face,

I just said that give me some money to shop for Sana.

He didnt listen to me, he started hitting me.

He gave all the money to that woman, he has nothing for his wife and daughter.

He started hitting me.

What are you saying? Nothing like this happened.

She is lying. She is such a big liar.

She is not lying, you are.

I would have considered it a lie, if I had not known your actions.

Dont you dare raise your hand on Ifrah after today.

What is going on?

What could happen, he broke my jaw.

For the first time, because of this girl, papa has raised his hand at me.

See what he did, everything is ruined.

Hey, Mr. Mukhtar, what do you do?

you are raising your hand on your young child that too because of this girl.

Why dont you believe my son, after all?

I am telling the truth.

I am telling the truth, aunt doesnt like me at all.

Jawad, tell him what aunt said?

What? What? What? What did I say?

You blamed me and Jawad, she was saying

Look Ifrah, please forget it, that was a misunderstanding.

Ifrah, forgive Rashid and his mother.

Trust me, no one will mistreat you, nor will anyone talk against you.



apologize to Ifrah.

Why should I apologize?

I feel everyone has lost his mind!



Why should he apologize?

You be quiet.

This is the limit.

You dont worry,

everything will be fine, we are with you.

Yes, uncle.


I am really sorry for whatever happened with you.

Brother Rashid shouldnt have done this, and I apologize to you for that.

Thank you Jawad, your care is my protection.

I dont understand why you people are doing this.

What dont you understand?

I understand everything well, why you are doing this.

I understand everything.

No matter what it is, brother Rashid, I didnt expect this from you.

And I didnt expect this from you.


Mama, ask him,

he left his brother, his real brother, his blood relation and taking her side.

Why? why are you doing it? Tell me.


you are not doing right by doubting Jawad.

Doubting is a different story, I have full belief in this.

Whatever he is doing, its because she is asking him to.

Earlier, papa was her sympathizer, his sympathies have crossed the limit.

You are saying something wrong, I am telling you.

Hey, what wrong did I say?

Its clear, you loved her, you wanted to marry her.

Now suddenly your love is showing its colors and this will happen.

Mama, do you hear him?

You hear what he is saying.

I sacrificed my love for him and Sana and he is doubting me.

Brother Rashid, I am telling you for the last time,

I respect Ifrah as your wife,

as my sister in law.

You respect her, and you are disrespecting your brother.

Where did your brothers respect go? You forgot your brothers respect.

I respect her, I sacrificed. You did a favor on me.

listen, I am telling you,

you are my brother, I love you, that is why I am telling you nicely,

I shouldnt see you with her, dont go near her.

Make him understand.

Thats it mama.

I cannot live here any further.

Dont be mad,

Rashid is emotional, you be smart.

How can I be smart? Did you not hear what he said?

There is just one solution for this problem, that I get you married.

I will talk to Nadra.

Once you get married, Rashids doubts will end automatically.

Mama Thats it.

Dont talk about leaving the home, I have told you.

Now go upstairs. Go.



What happened? Are you okay?

Nothing, I got a little cut.

Is the wound deep?

You wound me and then ask me if it is too deep.

Anyway, you go from here,

if your ill-mannered brother comes, he will create a scene for no reason.

Ifrah, whatever happened, I am really embarrassed.

What can I do?

I don't want your embarrassment.

My sister's life is ruined, and she died.

My life is ruined, and you are just embarrassed.

Leave, please.

You don't worry,

as soon as I get married, I will leave from here, so that,

the superstition and doubt brother Rashid has, is removed.

Please put a bandage on it.

Yes, how are you Nadra?

Yes, I am fine, you tell me.


I am fine. listen,

me and Mukhtar want to come to your house to fix the engagement and wedding date.

Yes, this is good. Come over.

I also want to fulfill this responsibility.

Okay, we will come then.


Okay, Urooj was telling me, you went to meet a friend.

Yes, I went.

You dont know her.

What do you mean, I dont know?

I know all your friends. Where did you go?

Yes, Nargis,

she is not from school and college, that is why.

I went to meet Sabbirs friends wife.

I went to her place.

Oh, okay.

Listen, when you come for the proposal, do bring the children along.

No, no, only me and Mukhtar will come.

The boys are at work, and I dont want to bring Ifrah.

Why? what happened now?

What do I tell you what happens in this home.

This Ifrah is really ill-mannered and fighting type.

She misbehaves with me, with Rashid, dont ask me.

You too treat her with leniency.

She is not worth being lenient to.

Ill-mannered parents, spoiled child.

Listen, dont mind but you dont let anyone go.

she is the daughter in law of the home, treat her with love.

I dont understand you Nadra,

why are you being so caring for Ifrah?

No, nothing like that.


whatever I say is for your betterment.

Okay, when you come, bring her along.

She is your elder daughter in law, she will feel bad.

Okay fine, I will think about it otherwise.





Good news.

Nargis and Mukhtar are coming to fix your wedding date.



Call your parents and inform them.

There is no point,

I have not been in touch with them for four years.

Then what will I say to Nargis why your parents are not coming?

Tell them that they are unwell, they cannot travel.

You are too much Urooj, I have lied so much for you.

Anyway, you be happy, I am such an aunt.

You know aunt, you too are benefiting a lot because of me.

What benefit?

I know everything about what is going on between you and uncle Fayaz.

There is nothing like that.

If you dont want to tell me, then dont.

I know where the matter has progressed to,

I accept you, you accept me

Your guess is really useless.

My guess is never wrong

and you are in a hurry to marry me because after my marriage, you will marry uncle Fayaz.

You can tell me, I am your friend, not aunt and niece.

Right now, tell me,

what should we prepare for the guests, madam Razia will leave by 7 pm.

You dont worry, we will order food from outside.

Yes, fine.

You get ready, I will also get ready.

Be ready in the evening.


We have to go to Nadras home to fix Jawads wedding date.

If I dont go, then?

Even I want the same,

I am saying because of Mukhtar, he wants that you come along

or else a cheap and ill-mannered girl

Aunt, look at yourself for once.

What do you mean?

A lot of cheap and ill-mannered people are also present in your family.

I didnt realize that Afia brought you up so badly.

You were ill-mannered and short tempered,

but I didnt know you would be cheap too, I didnt think about this.

It would be better that you worry about your mothers upbringing instead of focusing on my mothers upbringing.


What nonsense is this?

You ask your sister what nonsense is this?

Aunt Nadra.

Where does she go nowadays, what does she have her eyes on?

What do you mean? What do you want to say?

It would be better if you ask your sister the meaning of this nonsense.


Why should I not ask you? You tell me.

Hey, tell your sister to leave my father alone,

she is going crazy after his wealth and money.

She goes to our home regularly.

Yesterday, she presented her proposal to papa.

This is the limit.

Papa respects you.

Tell your sister that I will never make her my mother,

she will fall on her face.

Do let me know what time we have to go in the evening.

The man who took away everything from us,

the daughter of whom ruined Rashids life,

Nadra wants to marry him?

She will make a joke out of me.

Nadra doesnt care about her age, nor about my position.

I will have to stop her.



What happened? Dont we have to go to Nadras home?

And tell Nadra to call Uroojs parents, we need to talk to them in reality.

What happened? Are you worried?

Nadra called,

she is not well, she has asked us not to come.

What happened suddenly?

She has an upset stomach.

You rest, I will go find out how she is.

Should I come along?

No, no,

if you go,

she will get into useless formalities.

I will go myself.


Uncle, dont we have to go to aunt Nadras home?

No, she is not well, Nargis went alone.

There is no point in going.

Okay, no problem. Should I make you tea?

I will have green tea.

Nargis is always late.


Hello, aunt Nadra.

Yes, how are you?

And listen, when are you people coming home, I am waiting.

Oh God, what do I tell you, there is a big issue.

God be kind. What?

Aunt found out that I was trying to marry you to my father.


What can I do? I was talking on the phone, she overheard.

What do I tell you, she insulted me so much, she said so much to my father,

God forbid. What is my fault in this?

I just wanted that my father would get a beautiful,

great personality, nice, caring life partner and I would get my mother.

But what can I do now? Aunt is not ready to hear anything.


Then what?

Then what?

We had to come to your home to fix Jawad and Uroojs wedding.


So, she left alone. She was so angry.

I dont know what truths and lies will she say about me when she comes there.

I am really scared.

What if, your and my papas wedding is canceled and

she also says no for Jawad and Uroojs wedding.

You dont worry.

She is my sister.

I know well how to handle Nargis.



what are you doing?

What am I doing?

What is going on between you and Fayaz?

The same thing that went on between you and Mukhtar.

If you have forgotten then should I remind you?

Hey, why are you bringing me and Mukhtar in this?

Just like Mukhtar came, his family came with my proposal.

Remember how much mama said that dont come in front of the guests,

but you came in front of the guests with your beauty, you did magic.

What happened?

Mukhtars family chose you.

What did I get?

That poor Sabir.


for all these years you had this anger in you that why you didnt get married to Mukhtar.

Now I understand.

And to take revenge for that you want to marry Fayaz.

There was no anger, I was matching your tone.

Leave it. Leave it.

You used to say its good that you got rid of Mukhtar and you didnt want to marry him.

You used to lie, right?

Think what you want, Nargis, I am not answerable to you.

One thing is decided,

you couldnt marry Mukhtar, but now, I will not let you marry Fayaz.

Why wont you let it happen?

Tell me, what is the issue? I am your sister.

Hey, what is wrong with you Nadra?

Why are you getting me and yourself insulted.

Dont you know Ifrah?

She was saying so many things to me.

she was saying that your sister is hitting on my father.

I couldnt say a word out of embarrassment.

Stop this drama.

I know well that poor Ifrah said nothing, you are saying all this.


What are you saying? Since when did she become helpless?

You have no idea what she is doing.

Is she not helpless? Both she and Samra are helpless.

Forgive me, but the way you have treated them, I am sadly a part of it too.

I know everything.

Oh wow Nadra,

you are taking that girls side, poor, helpless girl, you are raising your voice for her.

Hey, Fayazs magic has gone to your head, that you dont understand anything,

what you are doing, what you are thinking and what you are going to do.

Stop it Nargis, a marriage is legal.

You can marry at any time and with anyone.

What is your problem?

Hey, so you just found my daughter in laws father?

Why do you forget that he is not only your daughter in laws father,

but also your brother in law.

And why do you forget that I dont like him as my brother in law,

and neither as my daughter in laws father.

Then try making him your sisters husband, you might like him.

Oh, come to your senses. Ifrah is doing all this on purpose.

She is making a joke out of your lacking and helplessness.

She wants to insult us.

Ifrah has nothing to do with it.

You are insulting me here, right now.

If I marry Fayaz, what is your problem.

Tell me, what is your problem? How long will you snatch my right?

Stop it. Why do you hate me so much?

Aunty, what happened? Is everything fine?

Ask your aunt.

And hear one thing clearly,

if you get married, then from my end, Urooj and Jawads proposal is over.

Dont do it, if you dont want to. Do what is in your heart.

Aunt Be quiet.

Hear one thing before you go,

I will marry Fayaz, no matter what. Do what you want.

She will break relations, damn it!

What is wrong with you aunt?

I dont understand what sort of a sister she is.

She should be happy with my marriage.

Be quiet!

Man, I went to Peshawar to meet mama and papa for a bit,

you disappeared and you sold the shop and sat at uncle Mukhtars factory.

What do I tell you, I had a loss and

Yes, I know what happened with you.

Dont hide it from me.

You know man, I am really sad.

Man, you were the real lover of Pari,

at least she shouldnt have done this with me.

Dont take her name. dont take her name.

I had no idea she would turn out to be like this.

she ruined me, she robbed me.

Okay, leave all this, you used to love her, right?

Hey, no love, I hate this word.

She was acting with me.

Everyone used me, Ifrah, Pari and even Samrah. Everyone.

One minute,

did everyone use you or you used everyone?

No, what do you want to say? What do you want to say?

Look, as far as Pari is concerned,

even if Pari used you, then you too used her.

To get a chance in the film industry, I mean.

To become a hero,

you used to make promises of love to her

and you too robbed her so even if she robbed you, then let it go, you are even. ,

You dont make me lose my mind for no reason.

Sit here.

You tell me this, are you my friend or her?

I am your friend, I worry for you, I want that your mood is fixed.

You know I cannot see you sad.

Anyway, what had to happen, happened.

Leave everything, tell me how is sister in law?

Dont take her name in front of me either.

Everyone has made me go mad.

I selected a torment for me myself.

You know, you be careful.

If a woman has a doubt on something,

and she believes it like faith,

then a man cannot save himself from her.

You understand this.

Okay. Okay.

Here, finish this.

You should have asked me earlier.

What was aunt Nargis saying?

You heard everything.

But why?

What problem does she have with mine and Jawads proposal?

I will tell you.

She feels that she will break this relation,

I will take out the thought of marrying Fayaz from my heart.

Why? dont I have a heart? Dont I have feelings?

And what about my heart? What about my feelings?

Jawad started liking me, and I started liking Jawad.

How can you be selfish?

I am being selfish?

You are the limit Urooj.

I spent my whole life alone, because of your uncle, I wasted my life.

Now that child, Ifrah,

if she thinks she can add colors to my life, then why does everyone have an issue?

So now you want an affair with Ifrahs father.

Be quiet.

Careful. With respect.

I am your aunt.

You people have affairs,

I want to marry him respectfully.

Then what about me?

Have I taken your responsibility?

I tried, I was not successful, what can I do?

So say that now you are worried for your own marriage.

Why would you care about me?

but this is not good aunt, you know I need Jawads support.

When Jawads mother doesnt agree, then what can I do?

should I force them?

Aunt, if you forget about this marriage, then aunt Nargis will agree.

I will now marry Fayaz.

I will talk to Jawad.

Why just Jawad?

Talk to Rashid and Mukhtar too, talk to whoever you want.

I will not change my decision,

nor will Nargis and Nargis children are in her control.

Bring tea.

Hello papa.


Did you not have to go to aunts home today?

Yes, child, we had to go,

but your aunt got unwell so she said no.

Nargis has gone to ask how she is and Ifrah went to Fayazs home.

Where did you go?

I went to my friend Azars home after office.


I wanted to discuss something with you.

Yes, go ahead.


I am thinking of shifting from here after marriage.

What do you mean?

Papa you see brother Rashids behavior,

I dont want that because of me, there are issues in his married life.

You leaving from here is not the problem to the solution.

Rashid will have to change his manners and behavior.

Papa, you are saying it like you dont know him,

he has been like this since childhood.

I know.

Rashid is so spoilt because of my mistakes.

Had I not been greedy and taken my brothers right, then maybe,

Rashid wouldnt have been like this.

He is suffering for my sins.

Papa, please, dont say that and blame yourself.

Look, if this was true,

then maybe I too would be like brother Rashid.

Its not like that, right?

Maybe God liked one of my good deeds,

that you are with me.

I am really worried for Rashid.

After marrying Ifrah, he had gotten fine.

his behavior had gotten better,

and he was paying attention at home and work in the factory, but

then he got involved with that film actress

Papa please,

no one can get fooled in todays times.

If a person is weak themselves,

then they can get ruined like this.

You are right.

We set ourselves free by blaming others.

But you dont talk about leaving,

I have high hopes from you.

You can make Rashid understand,

you can talk to him.

Papa, please, dont do

Please, dont talk about leaving.

It is difficult for an old man like me to take care of these matters,

I dont have the strength.

Dont worry,

I will not go anywhere.

Yes, yes man, that work will be done too.

We will do it.

Give me two to four days.

Give me your mobile and wallet. Give me your mobile and wallet.

What are you looking at? Give it.

Hurry up or I will shoot you.

Quiet. Absolutely quiet. Lets go. lets go.

Oh man.

What happened? They took everything?

Madam Ifrah, the car broke down, I dont know there is some issue.

I am unable to start it.

What happened? How long will it take?

Maam, I will check and tell you.

Maam, there is some issue in the engine, I cannot say much,

you call Mr. Rashid and ask him to come.

Rashids phone is off.

Why is he not answering his phone?

Pick up the phone.

Brother Karim,

what happened to the car?

Sir, there is an issue with the engine, the car is not starting.

Get the car serviced on time.

Sorry sir.



Come along.

Take it to the workshop and call me from there.


How was uncle Fayaz?


Ifrah, brother Rashid

I called your brother,

he didnt pick up,

I had to call you out of helplessness.

I couldnt come so late at night with a strange driver.

Ifrah, can I say something,

please dont mind, but you have changed a lot.

What has changed in me?

At least you were not that stiff and angry.

Time and situation changes people.

You should give a person a second chance,

you should give brother Rashid another chance.

What do you think? I didnt give you brother chances?

I gave him a lot of chances, he wasted them all.

Now I cannot tolerate it.

And I died the day when I found out

Found out what?

That Rashid killed my sister.

Please Ifrah, brother Rashid can be anything, but not a killer.

I knew you wouldnt agree, he is your brother.

But the one who left this world, she was my sister,

she was killed by Rashid without a reason, I will not leave Rashid now.

Ifrah, whatever that was, it was an accident.

and Rashid planned that accident.

I know he is your brother, why would you speak against him.

That is why I didnt say anything to uncle either.

I will not say anything to anyone, because I cannot convince anyone,

but I can convince myself.

Yes, I will do what I have to, myself.

Pick up the phone, she cannot wait.

Urooj, I will call you back, please. Dont call again and again.

Hey, where are you going, you have driven ahead.

Both of them are together at this hour.

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