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Okay, we're gonna learn how to do Jacob's Ladder

The first thing you do is begin with a string that's the right length,

and depending on how tall you are, it'll matter how long your string is.

A good guide is to take the string and wrap around from your elbow

to your hand

about two-and-a-half times. Take that

and tie the ends together

and trim off the ends

and you should have a nice circle.

Start with the string across both of your palms

in the open position

over your thumb and pinky.

Use your pointer finger to pick up the string from each of your palms

This position is called open A.


drop the thumb strings.

Reach underneath with your thumbs and you're gonna pick up the last string with

your thumbs.

Just the last string

Now with both of your thumbs, reach over the first string and pick up the

second string.

Then drop

the pinky strings

It should look like that.

With your pinky fingers reach over the last string and pick up the very next


Now drop the thumb some strings.

Now you have what's called cat's whiskers.

Keep going, you'll get there. With your thumbs, go over over the first two strains of the cactus

the first two strings and pickup the third one.

Try not to pull too tight. You want a little tension but not too tight.

The next step is tricky. Be sure to watch carefully.

Using your right hand lift the string from the outside

of your left hand pointer finger and place it over the left thumb

Now you've got two strings over your thumb.

Take the bottom string

and lift it forward over your thumb.

Now repeat that on your right hand

Take the string from your forefinger put it over your thumb

Take the bottom string

the other way over the thumb.

You should now have one string over your thumb.

Very carefully you'll notice you have made two triangles right here next to

your thumbs.

This is the part where most people mess-up.

The string that I'm touching right now is the one that's going to be on my

pointer finger in a minute

Very carefully I'm going to drop my pinkies

turn my hands to face away from me

while letting the string that's on the back of my pointers slide off.

This will be the new string on my pointers. I'm going to do this very slowly.

Drop the pinky

and at the same time

turn your hands away letting that outer string slip off

And there you have Jacob's ladder!

When undoing Jacob's ladder it's easy to get the string tangled

The easiest way to undo this

it's too lay it down

take the two

top and bottom strings

and pull them apart and you'll have the loop back

and that's how you make Jacob's ladder!

If you practice you'll be able to do it pretty quickly

Drop the thumb

pick up the last one

Go over the first pick up the next

drop the pinky

go over the last and pick up the next

drop the thumb

go over two

make the triangle

Put this in here, drop the pinkeys. Let that slide off of your pointer

and there you have it.

Jacob's Ladder!

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