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hello hello everybody my name is Steve Ford welcome to your English lesson

today I have a great lesson talking about some things that probably they

never taught you at school when you are learning English that native speakers

use you want to know well I'm happy to teach you so stay tuned so my first one

for today that I mentioned in a video many years ago is you probably learned

in school that you can say do you have and have you got so do you have a

passport have you got a passport but there's another way that native speakers

use it informally and they use it all the time

so maybe you recognize this guy oh did you hear that what else do we got what

else do we got I'll play that once again it's mm-hmm what else do we got so as

you can see it's used a lot by native speakers it's not what else do we have

or what else have we got it's what else what else do we got if

you go to you glish you can also find this is a great tool that you can use

called you glish do you got question mark and I'm gonna select US English and

let's see what we can find oh look at them all what do you say yeah

what do you got and look at this this is this is at the White House what do you

got okay let's go to the next ones one and she said you got any experience do

you got I'm 30 George Tenet the DCI so what do you got I said why do you got oh

my gosh so ramit what do you got to say about that so isn't this wrong do you

got oh my god it is used in speaking but not in writing so

as I said let's check out you glitch to see how many people use it and as you

could see many people even at higher levels use do you God is native speakers

like to use any ways to change the topic or end the conversation yeah they say

anyway so you can imagine they're they're here and they're there having a

drink and yes I think so anyways here's hoping we can get

together for a drink next week - well anyways I thought we should say anyway

and you should say that but we often say anyways in when we're speaking and we

don't even think about it we just say anyways anyways so that's another one

this is another one I am exercising since January ok so really you shouldn't

a lot of people will use that native speakers will use that to say hey I'm

exercising since January sounds right yeah I'm exercising since

January no it's not right but native speakers use it all the time what I can

say is that native speakers use it and it doesn't sound bad a lot of people use

it it's not grammatically correct it's only used in speaking by him exercising

since last month yeah I'm exercising since last month you're going to hear

that a lot you're going to hear a lot of native speakers use that maybe you will

be shocked to hear that but it's ok you don't want to use that in your writing

you can use that definitely in your speaking so I am exercising since last

month used in speaking but in writing should be I have been exercising so just

be careful this is something that you have to keep in mind there's one way of

speaking and another way of right then we have this one here it's uh

lovely lovely pizza and it's did you finish yet

did you finish yet and you're like well wait a minute I learned in school that

it should be have you finished yet not did you finish yet what what is this no

Americans use this all the time did you finish yet used all the time in

speaking in writing that G should not be there it should be have you finished yet

so be careful with that a lot of people have asked me about that and native

speakers use that and they will never teach that in school so probably these

are all new to you and it's good to be prepared I try to eat healthy but

sometimes I like to pig out so 99.9% of native speakers will say I try to eat

healthy that's that's actually incorrect and native speakers will use it mm-hmm

she likes to she likes to pig out there mmm all native speakers say it this way

but really they should say healthily healthily but it's just too hard to say

it's it's it's too hard to say I eat healthily healthily No so is this easier

for us to say I like to eat healthy here is the last one that Natives all native

speakers will use that is okay I'm liking or I'm loving my new phone

I'm liking or I'm loving my new phone so people use that all the time there's the

McDonald's commercial I'm lighting it but really here's here's my little

explanation verbs that Express opinion like love think should be in the simple

form for example I like I love my new phone and not I'm liking or I'm loving

my new phone think you can use when you're

giving your opinion so you could say you know I I think the the phone is nice and

you wouldn't say I'm thinking the phone is nice no doesn't work so that's

something to think about all of those examples that I gave you

people use and they use them comfortably they don't use them thinking that it's

incorrect but I hope that this gives you a better idea of how native speakers use

certain parts of the language and it's grammatically incorrect but it's used by

so many people that it's accepted if you have any comments and questions about

what I was talking about today maybe you have some other ones you would like to

check with me you can leave them in the comments below this video I will be on

youtube live next Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

you can follow me on my social networks and I hope to see you in our next lesson

bye for now everybody

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