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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister

welcome to the one bitcoin show today is January the 1st 2018 strong hand long

term thinking all right thank you to the person who sent me some aetherium

classic very nice of you great way to start off 2018 with a tip check out the

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can get t-shirts cryptography tea trays or ledger nano crypto h2 you all calm

news is coming in here fast and furious I haven't changed a title a little bit

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meister alright so real quick here we are here on this channel we are very

much ahead of the curve that's that's the lesson you guys should get so many

people they don't know what a crypt of dividend is they don't know if you're if

you hold bitcoin you can get a fork and they don't know the first thing so they

have no idea about this z classic thing i've been talking about in to be private

they have no idea about be rhodium you guys are getting this news first you can

plan ahead and some people will never even find out about these things some

people are going to totally miss out on the be rhodium thing that deadline is

January 10th we'll get into that in a second and I know it can be confusing I

understand that and I'm going to give you links below in the notes section or

you can contact people that can help yeah the be rhodium people can help you

they're very responsive and they pride themselves on customer service I guess

of reaching out communication alright but Andy Hoffman has a tweet out that's

he's got a tweet storm out and it says at least do your due diligence trust me

nineteen fifty five percent of the world has not done it yet

but shortly will have have a happy new year from crypto gold and

best wishes okay I iced I read that because of his a point that people doing

their due-diligence most people out there have no clue about

this stuff just like I said so you guys are ahead when you listen to Andy when

you listen to me and some other people out there so just take your time make

sure you're doing the right thing when it comes to these crypt of dividends and

and and buying your Bitcoin too because again most people in the world are

buying Bitcoin right now you are you're Ernie you're getting it for free won't

steam it you're getting it for free by turning your cryptid ands into Bitcoin

and you're getting it for free by pounding that like button down that like

button no you don't get cryptocurrency for free by pounding a like button will

you do on steam it though you do it if you upload my videos you do get a little

teeny bit of steam sometimes look into that stuff alright join steam steam it

is good do never buy steam though and we're going to talk about that in a

second so this be rhodium crypto dividend a Bitcoin which is an airdrop

you have to register your Bitcoin address is your public Bitcoin addresses

and sign of the trance sign them on your tresor or your leisure or whatever

you've got and that's not easy I know a first one you can't do it if you have it

on the exchange you could do it at blockchain got info actually but it's

different in every place you know how you sign these things and many people

haven't signed before and verified and all that good stuff so I implore you I

encourage you to check out the links below to the B rhodium twitter account

to their community section on their webpage and contact them if you have

questions they are responsive it was again I have not of all the crypt of

dividends I have talked about but which isn't I mean I've talked about quite a

few most of them have not happened only the B gold in the B cash one it seems

like this one is the one that I get the most questions about and it's partially

because I think people are frustrated with all the other ones that you have to

wait for the treasurer to split them or your ledger but with this you don't you

don't have to worry about splitting but you do have to worry about signing and

typing in your your public address into their website registering at their

website so as far as I can tell I because I did this already before I left

I'm in San Diego now as a few you know but before I left Baltimore I registered

by my Bitcoin dresses that have balances so I can get 10 B rhodium for every

Bitcoin that I have and yeah as far as I know there's this is not risky at all

you know there might be an issue of they'll know your Bitcoin address will

be associated with a B rhodium address now I mean if you care about that kind

of thing there's a privacy issue but in terms of losing your Bitcoin no there's

there's no risk in this by signing and so again I have done it already it's

very similar to what I did with bit core this is very similar to the big core the

first part of their airdrop they had a few months ago but again I know a lot of

people are new to this and you wouldn't understand you want to get freak with

the dividends and turn them in the Bitcoin that is awesome and yeah I hope

hopefully it gets hyped up and

as Anthony hoppin state says they're going for the exclusivity play because

there's only going to be two point 1 million B rhodium ever produced let me

tell you something if this ends up being point 1 percent of a Bitcoin I think I

think that's all that's a lot to ask to tell you the truth what's a Bitcoin at

is let's say a Bitcoin is 13,000 now so 1% is 130 13 dollars would be 0.1% of a

Bitcoin that would be amazing that would be a mate because a big core

is over $13 right now now I don't remember what be rhodium is exactly

supposed to do here again the guys are great the guys are nice they can explain

you know they're what they're proposing why they think their coin is so awesome

I mean again Andy likes it because it's exclude there's only two point 1 million

because my exclusivity playing I forgot the words he says now whatever all right

so that's enough B rhodium talk contact them their links are below and yeah I I

wish them the best because I'm gonna get a lot of freebie rhodium I mean 10 B

rhodium for every Bitcoin oh yeah please be valued at 13 dollars that would be

totally awesome if it's valued at $1 30 I'd be happy it's bad it's free free is

free is what we say here don't complain about free free is free okay what else

do I have right here okay Happy New Year yes Happy New Year oh

yeah for you those of you in the channel can ask your questions if you do the

super chat if you ask us to because otherwise I can't see it I see Russell's

in there though I see his picture I think that's Russell that's in there hey

man what's up good job on this weekend Bitcoin again this week at Bitcoin is

linked to below there's a wild time it was and we've got another one coming up

on Friday I'm I don't know any of the guests yet because I am just way behind

on a mailing everyone back so yeah be patient everyone I want to get back to

everyone eventually I'm getting your emails and your tweets and all that good

stuff okay bebe rhodium we talked about that

okay as someone brought this up let's say you have a thousand Bitcoin when

Bitcoin goes down by a thousand dollars in a day which it is done lately that

person loses on paper a million dollars worth of value now of course this person

if they have a thousand Bitcoin they already value their wealth in Bitcoin I

can almost guarantee you but now I do I do not have a deficit but I hope to one

day that would be great that would be great to have a thousand

Bitcoin I hope to really seriously but so if a person if it goes down by by a

thousand dollars in it in a day you have a thousand of them that's a million

dollars in valuable paper whoo but they have the strongest hand these people do

you think they sell any of their Bitcoin when that happens

heck no they don't that's how they became rich in the first place

the rich get richer because they have the strongest of hands they don't panic

they're like so what I wants a million dollars a little paper today I don't

value my wealth in dollars anyway I valued in Bitcoin I still have the same

amount of Bitcoin let it go down another thousand dollars my hand is strong I'm

thinking twenty twenty-two think about those people because a lot of you a lot

of people out there 80 percenters in particular they like to blame the rich

think the bridge got lucky day who's got that's not luck when you have a strong

hand and you don't panic when it goes down by a thousand and you keep your big

point and in fact the not only do they keep their big point they get you know

they're waiting around they're playing around they're gonna get 10,000 free of

beer eat rhodium after January the 10th so I mean they're just getting richer by

having strong hands so that there is a lesson in strong handedness the rich get

richer they have the strongest of hands because they have the strongest of hands

and just hey man you work on the strength of your hand you're gonna get

richer and you're gonna know how to pound that like button even harder it's

so steamed that the price of steam just doubled like today I don't know why it

probably I hope it's because they're Smart Media tokens are coming out soon

that Ned is promoting and so I linked to their smart media token link below for

me I don't care why it's pumping what I

care is that my power down because I power down

I'm getting my 34 steam in a couple in a few days and I hope it's still worth $6

then so I'll turn it into Bitcoin into Oh $200 worth of Bitcoin real quick or

something like that will someone just do super set because again steaming is cool

I'd like the steam it's site I could care less about steam back dollars and

Steam never pay for them earn them earn them and turn them into Bitcoin still to

this very day you can go on the esteemeth site and people are like no

man use your steam back dollars to buy steam and probably now they're like oh

and to do that now would be absolutely ridiculous

again just it's about acquiring more Bitcoin the strong hand Bitcoin thousand

airs whatever you want to call them they're not buying steam and steam back

dollars I will tell you that and Patrick Ulrich who has a very nice last name by

the way I've got a friend with that last name if he's watching Congrats on your

steam it post from this episode currently sitting at 267 dollars or 1.9

percent of a big point thanks well yes Thank You Patrick for notifying everyone

that in mind yeah that again you can watch this video right now live on steam

it and it has been uploaded by a great guy over there

I mean he's like my steamin patron the Joe hint files is that his name anyway

you can look if you go to the post he voted then a bunch of other people

all voted so keep on uploading in people you'll earn too and comment on it it's

very popular right now I've got a really popular post because

of this video on Steam it right now that's the cool thing about steam it

hey I can't guarantee you're gonna get two hundred sixty-seven dollars from one

post but how many and they're like I have like nineteen hundred almost

nineteen hundred followers on there now so I'm it's growing you you can but you

guys too can do this also you've all of you have great content maybe you have

yoga content I don't know I mean yeah I know someone who's got Yoga content he

hidden his wife should post their Yoga content on there right now especially if

you're hey if you're a woman you should be posting on steam it these are so few

women on there and just because you're a women all the woman the white nights and

stuff will will upload you to try to get your attention and stuff hey man that's

just luck so take advantage of the situation someone just gave me two bucks

being Kings Loco daeun Happy New Year bro yeah bro happy 2018 yeah I walked

around the Gaslamp District last night here in San Diego yeah I'm not the

biggest New Year's Eve fan in the world I don't drink anymore so it was it was

cool there were drunks falling down people really could not it's Amateur

Night it is Amateur Night but they're little

to come lay back here with New Year's not too crazy you know Baltimore it's a

little crazier I guess it's because the cold and everything you know

California's laid-back their laid-back here so I love the weather you're

touring today I went on a run today fabulous as they say fabulous

alright so ok finally there is a lot of altcoin crypto noise going around I mean

it's like the majority of people in the space were not around in jalaja

literally a half a year ago I heard the same exact things that oh

why is the Bitcoin dominance falling oh this the altcoins you're about to take

over it's so important to get into these altcoins with their advanced technology

it is deja vu all over again or anything anyone watching the show been around for

more than six months or only twenty only twenty percent of you

I've been eighty percent of people now haven't been around from one six it

seems like that sometimes at least it is just ignore the trip there noise people

it is just like July again and it's it's it's ridiculous that the cycle is that

short that we just hear the same nonsense that we were hearing six months

ago and so it's a little different this time but it's the it to the base when

you go down to the base of it all it's just nonsense it's just noise and it's

just the same old same old from July and

Bitcoin is at $13,000 people okay and I'm sure I supposed to be worried about

your fifth tier altcoin I mean look use some logic here be a holder again go

back to my story that the a thousandaire the Bitcoin a thousandaire he doesn't

give a darn about about this he's strong handing it all the way to the bag pound

that like button and just like me I'm strong handing it all the way to that

2020 or 2024 Bank I'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the

disrupt meister long-term thinking remember to subscribe this channel like

this video share this video do check out the new section below and i'll talk to

you guys in the chat right now bye

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