Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GIANT SLIME STRESS BALL DIY!

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*Gurgles* ew sick *gurgles* ew *gurgles* ew

Ah! Good day everyone! And welcome to today's video.

Where I am going make a giant slime stress ball.

You guys really liked it when i did the orbeez one so i'm back with a giant old balloon.

ready to blow this up, put some slime in it, and squeeze it so much oh i cant wait

I ordered on amazon three big things of

Elmer's glue so this is what we're going

to use to create the slime just Elmer's

glue and scarf liquid starch I've made

slime for my channel so nothing new

there but it's always fun it's like a

science experiment so without further

ado let's get on with the video

alright so first things first I'm just

going to dump

oh this is actually really satisfying to

see it just like who

well hello this isn't really a

satisfying word

oh my gosh this is literally so much

glue we're going to come home

oh my gosh this is like a lot of glue I

haven't really thought this through very

much i'm going to get this in the

balloon I'm starting to feel like what

like put it in the balloon but now that

you want to see all the magic place

whole me crap i don't even know if this

is figuring out this bowl might be too

small but on there's a bucket of for you

okay well our next we're going to add

our food coloring also i'm making this

glitter stress ball

I didn't mention that before but can be


each blue is going to be different color

so the first one is going to be a


ok so I'm just gonna squirt a little in

like a little past Delta that looks blue

does not love turquoise at all actually

if i get a spoon to mix this around I

was gonna use my hand but look at social

ok so when you don't have a tablespoon

just use a paint Russian so I'm just

going to try mixing this are oh wow okay

yeah just totally works but my gosh

that's so fucking pretty

wow that is magical

oh my god i'm obsessed with this o.o

could take a while to make that I feel

like you need to add more food coloring

it's just completely getting dissolved

in the the white space

okay you know what time to add more get

on in there I'm gonna do it in the

center to Wow

Oh magical by the way this is not like

turquoise that all the way turquoises i

guess just like a light later blue i

don't know i was the feel like you can

make some like are out of this it's all

going to the sides though

okay well i'm just going to continue

mixing this and let's hola I will be

right back

ok my arm is tired and I have been

trying to hold myself back from trying

to taste this because it looks so good

but I figured since I'm not done getting

into the color I want I still need that

glitter and so I don't waste time and

straight i'm just going to add a whole

thing oh my gosh just exploded

I'm just going to add the whole thing of

glitter and how it looks like magic dust

and this is getting better and better

second okay i'm going to add some more

blue in just around here so excited to

see what happens with the glitter now

cool oh this looks like magic Colby oh

my gosh wow ok this is cool i'm obsessed

I really excited to see what the other

three colors and of looking like because

this is cool

Josh cook the glitters literally being

swallowed away

where's the glitter I don't know it's in

there somewhere though

oh ok well that is it for the turquoise

now it's time to add the borax is it now

it's liquid starch think so maybe all

right let's force them and I honestly

don't even know what the measurement

will be just because there's really so

much glue

oh yeah it starts turning to slide oh my

gosh you know what I should've done i

should have you know what it's not too

late it's never too late

ok so what I'm going to do I'm going to

make this for a little bit and then I'm

just gonna put it in the balloon and

then I'll add this to it laughs so it's

like this is a lot in alternate just

like in the

okay well let me just keep start this

around put a good amount of the borax

and I'm proud of myself

look at this is cool ok well let's on

sick Rose all right now time for the fun

part so i have filled up a balloon with

air and I think this is gonna be the

best way to get the slime in I have no

idea we're going to try it out together

we have a final slide it definitely was

a marrow

that's it

ok well the air all dreamed out of it

but ok ok so the funnel is now on the

balloon and i'm just going to pinch it

so no air comes out and now I can start

scooping in some of the slime get on in


oh it's real thick this complicated you

know what i think i'm just going to use

my hands my hands almost real

okay well next time we now know we will

put the borax and after make the slide

inside of ok get in there

oh my god so now slide slowly looking

everywhere so definitely I thought this

is going to work out and totally

different way we might have to think of

a different idea

the different pro okay so sad news you

can put slime in the balloon it's just

not gonna happen

so what I am going to do I'm going to

put the glue directly into the balloon

then do it that way but at least you got

to see how slime has made how it looks

so I guess let's do it that way

ok so trying to I filled it up again and

now we're just going to directly for

flew into the ball and then at the food

coloring and then at the frickin liquid

starch so here we go again

let's try this really work

oh wow ok balloon might be a little too


who cares bigger is better Wow get-go in

squeeze it

oh my gosh yeah this balloon is

definitely real big

haha ok it's completely emptied out it's

all in there at the bottom all more sick

ok now it's time for the second one

let's try this ok now unfortunately we

don't have three bowling war between you


there's no way to get that loading

ok so it's completely filled up with


oh ok and you let some arrow anything

about this is very difficult to do by


I just have to say okay so now I'm going

to add food coloring into the stress

ball so i think i'm just going to do a

green color i wanted to do three colors

inside but it's just not gonna work out

it's just gonna make up weird ugly color

probably so there I was going to be fun

hard to do with blue fingers okay it's


we're dropping in droplets of green


ok ok there we go

so much die ok that's in there green

swirl it around

oh wow it's cool

oh dude this looks so cool it's just

blew right now I still need to add

starts to make its slime but it looks

pretty cool

ok time to start I like getting a

workout from this is real intense

turning to slide please

you now it's a gigolo stop 00 turn into

life turn into sign that it's my google

you know we reach my hand in there or

something and mix this up maybe I just

shake it really hard but like okay so

now i'm just gonna let the air out

helping in my proper a little little air

marshal let all the air out all the air

oh wow whoa who whoa this looks so

freaking cool

oh my gosh it looks like a marble like a

green marble back time to tie it up and

be done with this Giants rest ball and

you've provided me plenty of stress my

God look at jiggle around

ok you know we need a massage her she

needs to exchange for color around a

little bit

come on girls that color

she has a white side to her she also has

a greenside best of all worlds and

actually squeezing the balloon I think

this is helping ok well the stress ball

has made in like I said stressed me out

quite a bit making it doesn't turn into

what i thought it was gonna be but i'm

slowly lose my stress because of this

ball it turned into like I kind of like

a marble II got a candle to Seoul for

having Oh like I'm green marbles and

things but i don't know i think it's

pretty cool it's nice and jiggly and


oh ok well this is now my new best


I'm going to take you everywhere mr. let

me know if you guys enjoyed today's

video please give it a big ol thumbs up

and help me know in the comments what

you want me to do next in a DIY always

risky the real risky ok that's it takes

you all tomorrow

I later

oh my god she's actually quite it when