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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nancy Zhou - Developing future ready learners

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I am from online English department of

tal which is the largest company in

China focused on after-school training

when we first to talk about this topic

is because Daniel and Helen and Kristy

when we talk about how we're gonna apply

to the excellence of materials into into

tell but I told them that there's no

specific textbooks from Cambridge

process that could be adjusted to our


so Daniel asked you why why you cannot

use we have the newest edition of the

textbooks and run can't you use it I

explain the very young learners

especially three years old four years

old they are actually learning English

online in front of the computer so after

they after we talk about what what we're

doing and after they review the product

actually we we very proudly a customer

eyes the newest version of little steps

that's a newest textbooks for the very

young girl earners I guess so yeah

thanks for for them thanks Daniel and

Helen and Christy so I'm very proud to

share what we're doing now online so

when we talk about future ready learners

actually we want to talk about a future

ready learning styles so what kind of

learning what kind of ways of learning I

mean this is actually the kids learning

in front of the computer and you may ask

a lot of questions of teachers teaching

in front of the camera in front of the

crane and the kids are learning in front

of the computer and that they do not see

each other then how could we process our

teaching and this is the the Chinese

Kate oh who is three years old

learning I'm going to show that he as

she is

Tsing and a trio the new words good job

so it's quite I'm not sure whether it's

a 10 seconds or 15 seconds so there

might be some terms I should explain

first one is largest to go class

actually the teacher is teaching around

the thousands of kids in front of the

computer and it's not like the way we're

thinking in our brain that it is a kind

of a lecture actually it is not it is a

highly interactive class how actually I

explain later

actually we have the other two teachers

helping us not only the real teachers

who is teaching but also the AI teacher

and the our tutor so it's a kind of new

learning model I'm guessing but when we

talk about a teacher is teaching

thousands of students then the parents

may ask will the teacher know if my kids

you know they're not focused on the

class and if he improved himself could

the teacher actually you know encourage

him how could the teacher know what's

going on you know in front of thousand

thousands of students and also the girl

is learning with an iPhone with a phone

and it is a recorded a lesson before it

is a live lesson actually it is live and

next one so the teacher one teacher is

teaching there kind of two screens in

front of him so one is for the cost

where the other one is for the

spontaneous collect data collecting for

example the teacher sent out the H five

interactive exercises the correct answer

would be a at the same time

and the computer the AI will tell the

teacher how many percentage of the

students chose B and how many to see and

will the teacher need to explain it

again or not actually that's what we're

doing so this is the teacher with who is

that teaching this is a kind of

exercises so uh-huh yeah

besides AI actually for many years I

still remember my English teacher they

asked me to think if I am the customer

if you are the shop assistant so what's

the conversation is going you think

about with context and then you make the

dialogue actually it's hard it's easy

for adults but it's hard for children

especially young learners so actually

this is our teacher actually kind of

performing this lesson the curriculum

developer writing about the script and

the teacher will perform it follow the

teaching procedure but but at the same

time he needs to pay very attention to

this position he's standing because if

the pumpking is falling in this way and

why I'm a jester if the teacher show in

that direction while the pumpkin will be

falling on the ground so actually this

is badness of what the teachers doing

and that is the students version and

when students take in a class that the

teacher is teaching in that way but

that's the students sights so actually a

lot of people will ask a lot of it

parents will ask is that recordable

lesson no it is the live lesson

so the other thing would be if you

really teach the communication if you

teach a language so when you teach

thousands of kids a communicative


how could you guarantee that he knows

how to communicate and whether the

students answers you or not actually

this time AI helps us so

the AI technology actually we call it AI

teacher and first it performs a function

of sound recognition and so after the

instruction of the teacher follow me and

actually the the teacher will not hear

exactly sound from thousands of the

students but a ID'd according to the

standard pronunciation and the AI

function well first a recognition and

then do the assessments and give the

feedback to the students and so even

when thousand students is listening and

for the correction each of them are

different for example if the teacher

asked the students please read after me

I have a book maybe some student

pronounce I wrongly maybe some others

pronounce have wrongly so hey I will

give them very specific feedback about

their pronunciation so I'm guessing this

is a quite example about AI implemented

into the classroom and so this is the

speech recognition technology actually

when it press the button and the read

about it so the score will be coming all

right and why we're doing this actually

mmm it might be not the ideal way of

learning language but actually you know

we have a large population in China

especially you know we have a third

layer four layer kids and it's it's

quite expensive to have the native

speaker teacher to talk one versus one

so we actually made the best kind of

equality teaching and class affordable

for most to children in China actually

when when they heard about it the way of

learning they were wow it's it's it's

it's it's you know and talk about this

the parents won't believe well that the

students will actually love this kind of

class actually they do it's not a lie

lecture it's a highly interactive kind

of a class so I'm guessing this is a

very fresh idea of the AI technology

implemented into the classroom so this

is the last demo that I show this is the

part of the demo class from the teacher

let's share it actually all all of the

things are live lessons not recorded

magic funtime magic fun time here we go

here we go let's go on a journey let's

go on a journey here's our show here's

our show hello everyone

I've teacher Shane and it's time for

class let's go see our friend Tom for my

magic I need you to say Tom's house

Tom's house great now let's go to Tom's

house so it must be the transition to

the other pictures so actually the

students in this class for the 30

minutes class average time of speaking

of the speaking time from the students

would be 8 minutes counting the they are

saying yes no each sound it calculated

into eight minutes of speaking together

with the teacher actually the teacher

will not know whether you've read it or

not but actually they're encouraged to

the students and they are seeing the

data coming from the students eyes they

know how many of them for example we

have 800 students 700 of them have

already speak spoken and a 100 and each

name will be presented on the other

screen so actually the teacher just

don't know who is who but he knows the

most a percentage of the ste

the behavior so I'm guessing this is

quite quite new idea but I'm sure I

could be the very good example of the AI

technology so if you are interested

about this AI function or thing you can

talk to me later we can discuss it thank

you thank you



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