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Friends greetings pass now passport it was a little hard but thanks to the girl next to me

Allah was very helpful in this regard. because most people don't know english here

I do not understand the person who knows or I don't know there was some confusion

I bought my passport and tickets now they signed one transfer contract

16 hours from Bangkok airport there is a paper like this first here

I'll pass Bangkok If God allows Right When Salim lands I will wait 12 hours there

I'll probably spend the night there After waiting there, I will go to hope

5 hours tomorrow at 9 o'clock in the morning After waiting there for 12 hours to Istanbul

If Allah allows Istanbul I will go Right after Salim right there

I will wait one more night and then I will go to Mersin I hope my path is long

If nothing goes wrong with Allah, I hope on Wednesday at home I'll be good. Let's see today Monday

You are entrusted to God to see for now bye bye Let me show you here for the last time

mostly everybody doesn't wear masks in general Currently Krabi Airport

mostly no one wears a mask, no problem here there may be a problem in Bangkok

Let's see you Bye bye

We are on the plane Good luck

Now we get on the plane

hello friends now on the plane I got on to show you the last time

Let's see if you get up with the good I shoot a short video, I hope, 1 hour

They gave food on the plane before 5 hours I traveled, did not give water, not food

i love this thailand country

now we are going down

Captain Slow, you will kill us

Friends I just came to bangkok airport here Because the measures have been slightly increased

So because the virus is more here I will generally try not to remove the mask

A little bit more cautious than where I came from Now I'm going to use a sink because

now I will wash my hand, I touched the bus and a few places

go since says thank you cops us waiting Now I'm going to check up See you later

Looking at the plane, Oman I don't know if Air is such a car, it is free or not.

these cars vip special people are not for me

Come on, I'm one of those checks we'll look after him because I'm here 12 hours

Now there was a check virus scan and our bag checked

the section of the plane I will board next I'm going right, but tomorrow morning plane

I will go to the place to move let me wait if i find or can't find internet

i have a little money there i will buy an internet package come on bye bye bye

everybody has taken more precautions here now everybody wearing a mask

I'm taking a secret, you see

Everyone has a mask on his face We were entrusted to God where I came from.

see wearing masks

Did you see that I drew to tell you the seriousness of the event?

Greetings, friends, the time has come, now it is 6 o'clock, now it is 9.15 there is now oman Air first from bangkok

it will take 6 hours to go to muscata the second one ends, from muscat to Istanbul

it takes a total of 5 hours to go 2 planes take 11 hours but on the Oman Air plane

hours have changed or another situation I don't know there.

Greetings friends Now I came to put my phone on charge now I'm wearing it in Power banki

This system is a good system in such a Turkey nothing There is only one socket turned around here

how nice there is not a single socket five or six sockets Very good very useful

Greetings friends now we are going to the plane out of control I passed the entrance of the plane, see you on the plane in this way

friends now I got on the plane the view of the plane like this

now we're leaving, I'm getting off the plane right now

Business class

Like Internet Cafe

bye bye

thank you bye bye

I landed at the Muscat airport, now I went to the lavatory, I came to myself a little now 12:00

I have another plane 5 hours from here I hope I will go to Istanbul now where

I have to learn where the plane is taking off after that A little bit I need to rest I'm so tired

How good is a good road it is very tiring

Of course ours will be a surprise

Nobody knows I'm going to Turkey now From ocean to Turkey will take 5 hours flight

I'll be there at 12am when I get off the plane then from there to Sabiha Gökçen airport

I will go because I have another plane in the morning we constantly get up and down in such a situation

I'm going to board the plane right now I hope we will go to Istanbul with good luck

If I can find the way, is a minute wrong? I came from behind a Turkish girl, I don't want to get lost, but

girl in the toilet was going :)

This is the last situation

Greetings friends now we have come to Istanbul thank goodness to the airport see you when i go i hope

too cold too

Friends greetings now to Istanbul I got off I will go out at the airport and go to Sabiha Gökçen. I'm gonna get a little tired but I'm in a good mood

Come on well look, i'm in a place like this now to see you

now to Sabiha Gökçen airport I came, the weather was very cold, I was cold

I am cold I am cold I will go through control here see you later friends

It is raining Now we get on the plane

Greetings friends I have come to Mersin now, thank God this Pegasus has finished me I died from fear, I don't understand what kind of plane

Now let me show you a little bit now you were standing i will go to my father

where I am, where my father works I hope the closer camera will be on record

Now I was going to my dad's bus left me somewhere else near my home

Nobody knows that I'm coming moment

Hello Sister


Thank God I'm safe Mommy is so cold

friends My mother is crying now, let me have something to eat and see you later, I hope to Allah you are entrusted, take care of yourself

i came to my house

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