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Hello and welcome back Im Aakash and you are watching Learnex

Are you going for a job interview?

Or soon your job interview is going to come

and that's why you clicked on this video and you are thinking that

in a job interview what questions

can the interviewer ask me

Now there is no way to find that out

Unless and until have any of your friends

has gone for the same interview

and he will tell you that all these questions will be asked.

But there is no guarantee that

the same questions will be asked by the interviewer.

Look there are some

common questions in a job interview

which the interviewer generally asks, for example, “tell me something about yourself

and this is usually the first question

of a job interview

But today we are not talking about

this question. On this, I have already

made a video. You will find

the link somewhere here or

down in the description, you must watch that video.

Today we are going to talk

about an important job interview question and this

may be your second question for

any job interview, this is a very important question.

For example

Why do you want to work here?”

Why do you want to work here

in this company?

Or this may be asked in a different way

Why should we hire you?” which means

what is so special about you

that can make us appoint you for this job?”

or you may be asked,

What interests you about this job role?”

What you find interesting in this role

that you have applied for this job?”

More or less all three questions mean the same,

but the ways of asking

it is different. So whenever,

you are preparing for these questions,

you need to keep some things

in mind.

At the end of this video I shall give you some sample answers

but before that we need to understand that

why this question is asked?

while answering, this what all things you need to keep in mind

what all things you should never say

so like I said, it is important question

and most of the candidates

do not pay any attention in preparing this question.

They just prepare forTell me something about yourself

orHow to negotiate the salarythese kind of questions.

But this question

can make or break your interview.

After your answer to this question,

the interviewer will decide whether to offer you

the job or to reject you.

So as I told you earlier, lets first understand why this question is asked

In short the interviewer wants to know that

if he hires you then for

how many days or

for how many months you will survive

this he wants to make sure

He wants to know that you really

have any knowledge about the Company?

Or you just walked-in for the interview.

Or he wants to know, do you understand

the challenges about the job role?

He just want to make sure that

you are the right candidate for the job or no.

Are you the perfect fit for the position,

this is what he wants to know through this question

While answering this question

what you shouldnt say,

My friend works here

and this is a very good company, thats why

I would like to work here”, or

I want to work here because

you give good Diwali Bonus”, or

My girlfriend /wife

works here and we can commute together

orThe company pays 20 days paid holiday”,

thats why, orhere we get free coffee and food,

thats why I want to work here.”

These all things could be possible,

thats what you wish to work here

but while answering

you should never mention any of these things

If you said any of these things,

the interviewer would clearly understand

that you are not at all serious about this job,

you are not serious about your career

and the interview will end then and there

So friends lets now understand

how to prepare for this question.

Firstly, know about the

companys products and services.

It is important to know what

the company specializes in.

For example, HDFC Bank,

its in banking, but apart from

banking what are the products and services,

what is the specialization of this bank,

this you need to have an idea about.

What is the company history?

How did the company grow in the market,

this information you should be handy with.

What do you like the most

about the company?

As I mentioned HDFC Bank,

so you can say, HDFC is the safest bank in Asia,

this is the specialty of the company.

You need to tell them,

How do you see your career growing in the company”.

In short what you need to do is,

your answer should align with

how fit you are for this job.

You need to tell them that more than

75% of your skills match the job requirement.

So whenever you are preparing for the answer

you need to keep these important points in mind.

So friends now I shall give you some sample answers, the first one

is for a fresher, how to answer if you are a fresher,

I first found your company several years ago

when I was in college and I was inspired.”

The way you market yourself

to younger audience, I can relate to.”

I have been following your job opening

since my last year in college, and

I always wanted to join your excellent team

I am now ready to join your team,

and use my skills and learn

from your talented team.”

Ive also heard that your company has allocated education fund

for young graduates to study further

It would be a great opportunity for me to study further and work here."

So what you are conveying with these answers,

you said, you know about the company

and you are following the company for a long time.

You know about the products and services of the company.

You are impressed, how the company

connects with the young crowd

You also said, you are open

to work in a team,

and the most interesting thing that

you are interested in the education fund

that the company has allotted for young graduates.

So these points are enough

to impress an interviewer.

Now friends lets look at sample answer2.

To be honest, before I applied for this opportunity,

I must admit that I didnt know

much about your company

But then I did some research about your company

and need to say that Im impressed by your work

in this field.”

Im interested in getting more involved

in the marketing side as I read

that the market for your products and services

is growing,

you and answer like this if you are an experienced candidate

but if you are a fresher you can say, “As a fresher

in this field, I am ready to learn and grow. I know

I can bring a lot of value to the team and

would be a great team player.”

Now what have you covered in this answers,

you have shown your honesty.

Sometimes speaking the truth

is very beneficial

You said, you had no knowledge about the company

but you put in some efforts to know about the company,

this is how you can answer with honesty.

This will definitely impress the interviewer.

So friends lets look at some sample answers related to IT field,

you can say, “I know about your software

for many years and I am impressed

with the innovation your company had made in the industry.”

I would love to be a part

of this innovative team

and use my programming skills to help the company

innovate and bring fresh ideas to the table.”

To bring fresh ideas to the tablemeans

to present a new idea.

With this answer

you are telling the interviewer,

that you have a good knowledge about their software products and services.

You believe in their products,

you also said,

how the company will grow with your new ideas.

This answer will surely impress the interviewer.

So friends I hope this video

is helpful to you

All the sample answers I have told you,

dont just copy-paste them, all the points that I have told you

use them and make your best answer,

okay? Write in the comments,

how did you like the video,

and also if you want me to make another video on thejob interview question’,

mention that as well in the comments.

I will see you soon

with a new video, until then

please take care of yourself and

all the best for your next job interview,

go and crack it.

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