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Guys! I have no idea what Bao's thinking...

He ties Channy up like this.

Then, leave Channy on this skateboard.


In my hometown, we're having a feast in memory of my grandfather's death anniversary.

Therefore, I'm currently at my hometown.

Here is a bridge where is....

It's a place where my father lived here 40 years ago.

Bridge's still here today.

I used to study in this school.

Do you remember its name?

It's Phuoc Tuy school in the same commune.

I studied here when I was in 5th grade. It's just one year of studying here.

I moved to Saigon for next grade.

What? It's "kindergarten" written there. What do you mean by "5th grade"?

No, it was actually a primary school.

- Primary school? - Yes, now it's changed into kindergarten school.

Tet's coming guys so flowers are here and there.

Obviously, flower are yellow. Its name is "tree of gold". (aka silver trumpet tree)

In other ways, it looks like a jingling bell.

So beautiful and adorable.

Hello, Mr. Tu.

You're all fine?


Look at Banana. You look so handsome.


Do I look bad on video?

I only see you in video, now in person.

You mean this Banana guy?

So handsome.

Dad... Dad?

Where's my Dad?

Tomb-sweeping day's coming.

Now I'm coming to visit my grandfather's grave.

Guys! Proudly introduce to you.... This is my hometown specialty. Fish toilet.

You'll definitely see this toilet in hometown.

Your poop will be....

fallen into water.

Cool, right?

Hello my friend.


*Why're you filming me?

These are cows. Bull's right there.

He's horns.

Yes, he has horns.

iPhone included.

And perfume too.

FIY, this is cassava.

It brings up many branches like this.

It's a bit unpleasant but if we dig up, there are a lot of cassavas down there.


This is a dried cassava.

It's very dried....

Ew... It's soft.


Now your Pro. Banana's crossing this small bridge.

Hey! Not Pro. Banana.

It's so difficult Dad.

*Look dangerous....

It looks extremely dangerous guys...


I think it's okay, right?

Yes.... He just does this once.

We sit in this place, pooping out and fish will eat our "products".

Take some paper, clean and throw trash here.

So this toilet is very environment-friendly.

It's a feeling of Yomost.

I lived in my hometown but that's the first time I've been in that toilet.

Fish toilet.

I'm getting back to Saigon.

Everybody's performing fan-dancing.

Ranger helmet. I'm going to troll Bao with this.

Open the door.



Suck your smiling.

Son! The Morphin Times are coming for you.

Kill the Wibu!! Oops....

Kill the monster.

That's hurt!!!!



That's hurt!!!!

I don't care....

Wibu monster.

Wake up!!!


Your head's big.

Monster! Transform!!!

You'll never sleep in peace.

We need hand-fan. I'll be the kitchen God.

This Kitchen God's a bit expensive.

It's time for review. Bao's waxing his leg.

- I don't want to... - Find more waxing video in his channel.

Sound good!!!

And this one?

I've done on his leg. His leg was much hairy.

Just a little bit remaining.

Bao, it looks damn good.

Indeed... I can see how good it is.

Son? How do you think about Bao leg after waxing?

He's crying...

He's finding pens and get blind....

Bao! This is most stupid decision that you've made in your life.

I didn't make it by myself....

You have to pay for what you deal.

Luckily, your eyebrows are still fine.

I intended to do so.

Just a small way like this.

Son, if Bao's channel reaches 100.000 subscribers, he'll wax his hair and eyebrows.

How about waxing everything on his body?

Get in bro?

Wax every single strands on your body.

Hey hold on!!!

What're you doing Mazk?

Let's go!!

- I think we should go home. - Yes, let's go home.


Guys... I don't know what Bao's thinking but he ties Channy up like this.

Then, he leaves Channy on this skateboard.

Move on!!

Skateboard's damn rough.

Yes, that's good.

Move to its right. Yeah.

He's shaking like a fish.

That's pretty high speed.

It looks like we're torturing him. He's our slave.

Honestly, we're torturing him.

Let's cut to the chase. What are you treating me today?

Any food in District 4?

Basket clam noodles. 20.000 only. Superb delicious.

Yummy? Why are you rich in food knowledge?

I always find food outside. You can think that I never eat at home.

I think that you've eaten a lot but you don't look fat.

That's a trick.

What's that trick?

I don't drink milk tea and climb up escalator.

Twice or three times a day. We live on the 2nd floor. We have to walk.

Wow! 2nd floor?

Dammit! It's up to 2nd floor.

Your flat's pretty higher than the ground.

Guys! I'm back to my company now.

Yummy invites me to join in a food. What's it called?

Garbage rice with grilled pork.

It sounds strange, right? Garbage rice!!!

Now we're walking there and try that food out.

This is recording in Xom Chieu market.

Here we go! Garbage rice with grilled pork.

- That's dirty. - Next to a garbage.

You're saying non-sense. I see it's written "Com Tam 73".

But it's famous with Garbage rice.

What's the most delicious one served here?

Last time I tried here was 3-layered pork. That's delicious one.

Bin, what do you want to eat?

Ribs and omelette are good though.

You drived here from District 8, didn't you?

Our job's done after 11 PM and we come here for food.

They're open through night, right?


God... You're eating too fast.

I'm so hungry guys.

How many times have you been here?

This is the second time. I still pick 3-layered pork.

Honestly, they leave food so much. As much as rice amount.

Rice's lesser.

Yes. It seems that we're eating food, not rice. One food-only serving can be enough for two people.

It's really good.

Okay guys! I'm done.

My dish (ribs and omelette) costs 65.000.

I can say that it's pretty good.

Next time, Yummy and Hiha will bring me to the most expensive restaurant of this food in Saigon.

It's around 200.000 for a dish.

I don't know how they eat that dish.

We share together. Each eats half of it.

They're so rich guys.

I'll film that later. Now bye bye!!!

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Honestly... I'm too full to walk now.

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