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So what do you wanna do when you're down there?

Well, some things, not only are Mayan ruins very special and

unique to the area, but we have these [FOREIGN] and

underwater cave systems which are beautiful for snorkeling and diving.

And since I moved to the Riviera Maya to do just that diving and

underwater caves, I know some nice little spots where you can go with or

without a guide to go and snorkel in these [FOREIGN].

Some of the other great places to go, zip-lining.

Oh, I just recently went on a great zip-lining trip and it was wonderful fun.

And I remember zip-lining in the old days where it was a little rickety and

stuff and I was nervous, but I found a great operation that was super safe,

had all the equipment.

And also made it a whole lot of fun, and it's perfect for families and

kids of all ages.

They even had zip lining for some of the older people too, so it was great.

So you didn't have to be overly fit to be zipping around on the lines.

Some of the other wonderful things, activities you can do, Xel-Ha,

Xcaret, and Rio Secreto are all eco parks.

Each with their own attractions and features.

Lovely places to go, especially if you're a family.

And for people who are looking for a little romance and

that, you can go out and go sailing.

Going out on a big catamaran or champagne moonlight cruise.

Those are easily had.

No matter where you're staying, and we can help set those up for you.

So just check our website,

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