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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bosch Security - Giuseppe Romeo describing PRAESENSA at ISE

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The interesting thing is that this system

will allow our system integrators

to propose new, innovative and for sure more efficient solutions.

I think it will help us to get an easy integration with complex systems like the ones of metro railways.

Today we are managing several metro railways projects and I think an audio platform so performant in terms of security and diagnostic

is really a plus to propose to our System Integrators. This is something I found very interesting.

One thing I really like is the user interface of the server that is very intuitive.

It is a true user-friendly interface.

Quite different if compared with the interfaces I usually see in this kind of systems.

It is especially helpful for control room operators that can easily manage the system.

It is really innovative.

The Description of Bosch Security - Giuseppe Romeo describing PRAESENSA at ISE