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Coincidence or a casual encounter does not exist

Message of the higher light realm

We all know it. You're walking in a city of more than half a million citizens with several department stores, each consisting of more than five floors and dozens of departments,

each consisting of more than five floors and dozens of departments. Still, you encounter each other 'by chance' on the same floor, at the same department in that particular store.

We asked the light realm how it works energetically with such a 'casual' encounter:

Hello dear people, welcome to the realm of enlightened beings.

With this encounter, we have really accomplished something today and it's wonderful that our intuitive fibers have been connected so well to you.

Hereby we indicate that we are so interwoven into your Being, that we may influence your thoughts, mood and needs. Therefore, we can make you change your orientation.

Now you will ask yourself, why took it place in that particular store instead or a cozy lunchroom? That is not our choice though - the choice is yours. Let us explain this.

there are moments when you choose. For example, your girlfriend opts not to go home straightaway.

At the same time you, Inge, decide to go shopping, having some pillows in your mind.

In such a way we can bring your energy fields together. So it's not the case that we are driving you to change your mind, but it's more that we are bringing your energy fields into line.

You were drawn towards one another whilst making your choices.

What we do, is influencing the choices so that the energy fields get in line to meet each other. And that's a wonderful process, for that's where we are working on the whole day.

We will give an example of choice or influence.

For example, take your girlfriend who decides not to go home. At the moment she arrives at school she changes plan.

She gets, as you call it, a hunch. The hunch is that she might intends to buy some stuff for the kids rooms in town.

At that time she was in tune with us and decided not to go home, allowing us to convey some thoughts. This requires some alignment and that is the part where we influence your choices.

We bring you in mind some ideas, a hunch or memories or sometimes a very strong need for someone.

In the mean time we also activate themagnetic fieldbetween both of you. It is so that you as human being can be attracted to something, as you call it yourself sometimes.

You get the feeling you have to go somewhere or you get attracted to something, but you can't explain why. That's the process that takes place on an energy level.

So there is the influencing that goes on in your head through inspirations, thoughts, desires and wishes at that moment in time.

Another thing is that we tune your polars. Thus there is some kind of active magnetic effect, whereby you intuitively are drawn towards each other.

That makes for example that your girlfriend just came down the stairs, when you were waiting at the cash register, instead of remaining upstairs.

So on an unconsciousness level, there is a magnetic field resonating in the background. So actually there are some more elements involved in this process, but I will discuss them later.

There is a magnetic field, which you can activate and deactivate.

If the human being we're working with, needs rest, we can deactivate the magnetic field.

Without something bad happens in your live, you leave each other alone because something else needs to be done or because you have to do something else.

We can influence the magnetic field with polars. To speak in your language: the choice for the plus or the minus is decisive.

But to be receptive like that you need to be calm, have no worries and no emotional problems and a flexible mind. In other words, a mind that is willing to go along on the flow of the day.

A rigid mind is a fixed mind. Although we can inspire,

Although we can inspire, if someone always sticks to his own pattern of what he thinks he has to do, our influence will be minimal.

These people are hard to reach for us, but we have your dreams for that.

The reason that we have done so much to bring you together, is to tell you about the importance of the soul network.

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