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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: since until

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Hello I'm Nick Shepherd welcome!

this is video number two in a set of two

about these five prepositions: from, for, to, since, until

what's a preposition?

Well, these are all prepositions; this is just a selection.

Video number one was about from, to and for . . .

. . . there's a link to that video at the end.

This is video number two,

and it's about since and until.

In video number one we started with a little story

and here it is again.

two people talking about a place

where he likes to stay

In this video we're interested in the second part

of this conversation

and here is a calendar

to show when this happened.

Today's date is July the 15th.

He's been here since June the first

and the word 'since' means she's talking

about the period of time which finishes now - today.

When we use 'since' the time begins in the past and finishes now in the present -

and he's been here since June 1st.

Today is July 15th.

Here's another example:

this is our house.

and that's our dog

her name is Ottie

I'm still living here

Ottie is still with us - and I'm still making the video

so all of these events share the same feature

they started at a moment in the past

and continued to the present time like this

okay that's 'since' now let's look at 'until'.

here's the end of that conversation again,

which means he will be in the house all the time

up to September the 20th.

'Since' is the moment when something started

'Until' is for something going on

up to when it finishes

here are some examples

I'll be working on this video until I finish it

that means I'll be working for a period of time

and there will be an end to this

'Until' is not tied to the present

it can describe any period any time

the Romans lived in Britain until 350

of the Christian era when they left

until means all the time up to

so if I say when I'm working I can say

that's okay but you cannot say

I'll finish work until 6.

What? You're continuously finishing all the time until 6?

I don't think so

so you have to say I won't finish until 6

or I'll finish at 6 that's okay

OK now it's your turn

here are five sentences

you have to put 'since' or 'until' into one of the gaps in each sentence

you have ten seconds to think about it you can pause the video if you like

OK here are the answers

Kevin lived with his parents until he was 21 years old.

The EU has been in existence since 1993.

I'll wait here until you arrive if you want me to.

The population has grown fast since the 19th century.

I haven't eaten anything since 8 o'clock this morning.

So, that's it for today.

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thank you to Caroline for the illustrations to Hugo for technical support

and thanks for watching!

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