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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tom Holland FANBOYS Over This Male Singer!

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Justin Bieber has been getting candid about his personal life in his YouTube docuseries

Seasonsand Tom Holland just revealed that hes a huge fan of the series.

Tom said that hesgratefulfor Justin and the docuseries.

Whats up?

Its Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and for the past few weeks, weve all been

watching Justin open up about the most intimate and darkest parts of his life in his YouTube

series Seasons.

Justin talks about everything from his drug-use history, to his health, to his anxiety, and

even to his relationships.

And while we wish the series could go on forever, the finale episode just aired.

Obviously fans loved every minute of the series and have taken to social media to talk about

the finale.

One person tweeted saying quote, “Thank you for sharing your story with us through

the docuseries... we truly appreciate it and enjoyed each episode of the seasons... keep

doing what you love to do!!!

Cant wait to see you back performing on stage!!!


Another said quote, “loved this episode so much, thank you for sharing seasons docuseries

with us and letting us into part of your world.

proud of you

And another wrote quote, “this was such a beautiful way to end seasons #JustinbieberSeasons

But I want to know what you all thought about the finale episode...

Did you enjoy it as much as these fans did?

Get the conversation going down in the comments below.

And fans werent the only ones proud of Justin for this series, celebs were also loving

how real and vulnerable he was.

Tom Holland had a particularly positive review of the series.

Biebs shared a clip on Instagram of Tom talking about Seasons during an interview with MTV.

Tom continued on and said quote, “Im just really happy that hes happy.

He just seems so happy and it just made me really happy.”

And along with the clip on IG Justin wrote quote, “Thanks for showing love @tomholland2013.

We all go through it.”

To which Tom replied and said quote, “Appreciate you mate

Asset: screenshot

And clearly fans stan this friendship because Toms comment has thousands upon thousands

of likes.

But Tom wasnt the only celeb supporting Justin.

The finale features multiple friends speaking about Justin including Billie Eilish, Quavo,

DJ Khaled, and Usher.

And fans are specifically obsessed with Billie and Justins friendship.

Billie revealed just how much she loves Justin and she honestly takes things to a whole new


Now thats taking your fandom to the extreme, but we see you Billie.

And so do their fans, they have taken to Twitter to share their love these two.

One person said quote, “Wtf I was not expecting Billie eilish to be in Seasons



And another said quote, “OMG IM CRYING.

FAVS @justinbieber @billieeilish

And we couldnt agree more, we need more collabs between these two.

But as for now, Justins series absolutely killed it on YouTube.

Earlier this month, it broke records as the most-watched original on YouTube.

It got over 33 million views just a week after its premiere.

And while YouTube paid upwards of $20 million for the 10-part Bieber docuseries, making

it YouTubes most expensive content acquisition to date, it seems like it was well worth it.

But I want to know what you guys think about all of this.

What did you think about Seasons?

Did you catch all the episodes yet?

And what do you think about the celeb reactions to it?

Let me know down in the comments below.

And while were talking about Justins Seasons, click over here if you need a little

recap on what he opened up about in the series.

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And we have some more exciting news for you!

Since we are talking about some of your favorite musicians, we wanted to be the first to tell

you that Clevver Music is coming back in March 2020 so stay tuned for that!

Thank you for watching Im Emile Ennis Jr. and Ill see ya next time!

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